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  1. That was on the main page of the LoopTalk fourms. That may mean preorder boxes, but, due to the lack of actually stating the word "pre-order", I'm going to be pessimistic and assume we are getting the shaft.
  2. Apparently Guitar Center already has boxed versions of FL6 for sale... us online people have to wait another week or so.
  3. 'FL6 (coming end of 2005)' This is coming straight from the FL newsletter. So...I would assume perhaps a week before X-mas? Or sometime inbetween. All I know is that that is teasing the shit out of me, seeing as there's only 4 weeks left in 2005. I'm stoked.
  4. Fuck Arek, it was hard to hear that you were going. I dont want you to do anything you cant handle though. If you need a break, everyone will understand and step up (at least I believe they would).
  5. Well duh ichi, everyone gets better, especially in the time you've had your song done (upwards of a month?). All you can do is be sure that what you made is solid and good work, and the best you could do at the time. I'm sure it rocks anyways, so i wouldnt worry about it.
  6. Present a good WIP and it's all yours my friend You see, KFC is giving you a chance because he knows he sucks.
  7. I say keep the animation. Arek brought up a very good point, you cant rush project. Despite wanting to get the finished product out the door, I think that the product should be somewhat groundbreaking in terms of OCR site projects. I want this to be one ot remember.
  8. Ha! No problem USA, your an asset to any project! Oh, and i read the sunday news, and, should us Remixers get in touch with the artists that are doing the same chapters as we are so they can go off of that? Just curious.
  9. Keep up the good work G-man. I can feel this project moving along. Keep it up guys!
  10. The sampler is not going to be included. It'll be a separate plugin you can buy, much like Sytrus or Simsynth. It'll be worth it of course. Ah damn, that kinda takes the fun away, I was already planning on buying a sampler (Kontakt probably) so that ruins my fun. Ah well...
  11. Well, on a bit of a happier note, I pretty much just finished my song. Still has a few weird notes and the production needs to be tightened and all that polishing stuff, but, besides that, its done. {Link Removed) Tell me what ya think.
  12. Anyone know when it's supposed to be released? I'm giddy with excitement, especially for the sampler and multiband compressor.
  13. Ummm... Ditto? Seriously Arek, please dont worry. You're probably one of the best project organizers around these parts, and if you have to take leave because of your health, by all means do so. Dont feel at all bad or worried about the project, we all understand and just want you to get better. To your health Ross
  14. Because Hadyn, as Snapple, or Undercoat, or whatever he's going by now so accurately put, "The people of project chaos do not owe anyone shit". That's all the need to know until it comes out.
  15. I'm just posting to say that if I can keep working like I am, I should be done in the next few days. I just need to clean up the arrangment, make it flow better, then actually do something to the production. Should be a good track. Expect something soon (hopefully).
  16. Well, it could be many different things. If I'm not mistaken, it's a coat. And, not only is it a coat, it's a coat that goes UNDER another coat. What's more, it would probably be thinner than the coat it is under... but then what do I know?
  17. STFU about the bacon. You dont get the bacon. Dont ask again. ... Seriously. EDIT: Oh, and, I just read the sunday news, and, are we still supposed to express our opinion of dropping the boss music alltogether or was that the issue we previously resolved?
  18. Hey, I keep getting kicked off Mirc (gotta work some bugs out), but, myself and SOC breifly talked about fading our songs into everyone elses, like, to emphasize the storybook feel. Tell me what ya guys think.
  19. Reusing the boss much actually sounds like a good idea to me, and, I'm sure it would up the quality of the rest of the songs seeing as how everyone would spend more time on those and less time worrying about how to mix a boss theme. Just my two cents.
  20. Yeah, I took the PSAT too. It was... enthralling, to say the least. Surprisingly easy (considering I took it last year), but, even more boring and pointless.
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