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  1. Oh, I thought that was specific to Soraya's mix, not in general. My bad.
  2. Yeah, that's a good question. I mean, I can make it as long or short as you need it, dont get me wrong, I'd just like to know if YOU have any preferance, seeing as I'm aiming for about 3:30 ish right now (give or take a few seconds). HAH! I don't have this problem. I get 100% free artistic liscense. -chth Bitch. EDIT: AREK!!! How long do you need the song man?
  3. Yeah, that's a good question. I mean, I can make it as long or short as you need it, dont get me wrong, I'd just like to know if YOU have any preferance, seeing as I'm aiming for about 3:30 ish right now (give or take a few seconds).
  4. Zircon, I'm not arguing the fact that most cant really tell as to whether they're listening to Hardware or Software. Really, I was talking more in regards to my own experience, and, I should have explained that in my first post. MY EARS are the ones that I was refferning to, not yours or the listeners of the blind listening test. I use both Hardware and Software, and, if I made a basic square wave patch on 3xOsc and on my SH-32, I definately can hear a difference. There might be more technical cabooble that I'm not looking into, and, I claim to be no pro, just sayin. But, in regards to guitar or piano or other such instruments, there STILL is a line. Natural instruments just havent reached a level (In my opinion) where they can be TOTALLY emulated by software. They can come DAMN close, dont get me wrong, but, they just arent there. Why do you think big budget movies use live orchestras for they're scores. It's the sound. They would probably save alot of money and time if they used sample library's, but, the take the trouble to record a live orchestra. Again, lack of technical kabobbles, just going on a more touchy feely kinda basis here.
  5. Nice Fruity XY controller skin sig Chth. Oh, and, just checking in really. Still working away.
  6. Exactly. You can argue technicalities all you'd like, but, unfortunately, a sequencer doesnt have an "add emotion" feature yet.
  7. Gotta disagree with you, again. The latest guitar libraries are so expressive and filled with perfomance nuances processed in real time with stuff like self-generating harmonic feedback (and so forth), that you'd be extremely hard pressed to tell the difference between samples and the real thing. I think KFC is probably refering to that "thing". Not the technical aspects of how expressive or how much harmonic feedback a sample library can self generate, but, that something that you can just TELL made it come from a human, and not a sequencer. It's like Hardware and Software Synthesizers. I dont know about most people, and, the technical aspects will PROBABLY disagree with me, but, Hardware definately has a warmth and a more bold tone than Software does. Now, granted, the line is always blurring, as you say zircon, the addition of effects and new audio technologies are making the line smaller and smaller, but, the fact is bro, it's still there.
  8. Well, I've been through about 10 crappy starts on Team India now, and, still have nothing to show. Soccer season is about to start, which means, I'll have no time on top of other projects and so forth. I'm really sorry to do this, but, I have to drop this project. Sorry everyone, I know this project needs support, but, I cant give mine at the moment. All my apologies.
  9. So, when you say WIP deadline, you mean like... first WIPs? Something to show we have the feel and direction right? Just curious.
  10. Well, I'm gonna be gone for a week, so, I figured I would post another WIP just so you know I'm still here and progressing (not so much progressing though). I might restart the whole thing, I dunno. This is still really rough and crappy. The part with the gated strings is just an idea, just seeing if it fit the mood at all, I'm just really into some sweet automated gating. Rapture In the Aqualiss (crappy WIP ReMix) Tell me what you think, and, see you all in a week.
  11. www.kvraudio.com Go there, do your search thing, find what you want. They have a MASSIVE collection of VST and VSTi instruments, among pretty much everything else. Also, a good one to search for would be either for 4font's pianos or Plugsound Free (both have nice Pianos and I believe some nice EP's). Happy Hunting!
  12. Hey, it may not matter all that much at this point in the project, but, what are your rules for exposing our WIPs at this point? For example, VGmix, WIP boards, ect. Just curious. P.S., when your like... locked in, what does that mean? Does that mean your WIP doesnt suck?
  13. I figured I might as well make a crappy WIP to at least see if I could get the Childrens book feel down. Mind you, this took me 30 minutes while listening to a bunch of friends watch family guy, so, this isnt EXACTLY my best work. http://www.remix.herograw.com/LordMaestro/RaptureintheAqualiss.mp3 Tell me if I'm good on the style. I'll bring in the melody more, but, if you listen to the chimes, the first two measures of the melody IS there. Thanks for listening.
  14. Good news is I've started. Might still be a few days before I have anything worthy of your ears, but, it's started. Kinda like laid back pop.
  15. I find that the mood is half the problem with remixing this. Dont get me wrong, I'll do it good ( ) but, I ususally like to make laid back ambient grooves, where here I'm gonna have to go really happy go lucky and... yeah. It's good to know I have time before a first deadline is even set. I'll probably have a WIP before that happens.
  16. Hey, I've been just laying out the melody from the .rsn (havent made any substantial progress YET. ), and, a few questions came to mind. Firstly, do you have any deadlines planned (first wip, final deadlines, ect.), and, are there deadlines for the writers? As I move into writing my song, I would like to see what the writer writing chapter 2 (or whatever Grape Garden is in) will be writing so I can push my song toward the feel of that chapter. Sorry if these are idiodic questions. I'll have a WIP probably within the next week or imediately after (just really busy this week). Thanks.
  17. God, I hate to be a chthonic, but, since he dropped Grape Garden, do you mind if I pick it up and drop my current track? (I feel like an ass, but, the other song is just, odd for me, and, this is the one I liked in the first place). Thanks.
  18. Ok, I'm gonna sign on for dynablade area 3. I've been listening, and I really think I could do something cool and experimental with it. Dont worry, Children friendly experimental.
  20. Wow, just noticed this. I'm thinking of picking up a track, but, only after I finish up a few other projects. I'm listening to the tracks now. EDIT: My involvement is PENDING. I'm still not sure I'll have time, but, I'd like to try team India (track 7). I'm gonna ask around for interest too. I'll keep ya'll posted. EDIT #2: Yeah, put me down for team india. I'm in. I kinda plan on doing an Oceans 11/Italian Job/The bourne Identity kinda film style song. The jazzy ones. I'll get started pretty soon, just gonna finish up a few other things.
  21. Morse, you are a jazz/funk/house/techno god! Reminds me of a mellow Jamiroquai song minus the vocals.
  22. Really awesome guys. I mean, really awesome. I heard a few songs before the release (a long time ago, nobody leaked songs ), and I'm nearly done downloading/seeding the torrent. I cant wait.
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