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  1. Ok, I was curious about this, but, I got an idea for my song to add a small bridge section consistiong of music from another song out of Kirby Superstar. Now, the song IS NOT on the list on the front page, and would only really be a cameo in the song. Just wanted to make sure this would fly. Its the song in the gourmet race level (stages 1 and 3). Is this cool?
  2. Yeah, I've just started working on it again (I'm super busy) but, like, yeah. I might be a few days late. Not too many, but a few. Just lettin ya guys know.
  3. Ok, KFC, I've talked to you about my situation with my song, and, I've almost got it there (between comuter crashes ). Hadyn, I'll send you my write up as soon as I can get some time, and as soon as I get my harddrive to stop being an asshole. No worries, I'm almost there. Sorry for any troubles guys, and drop me a PM or AIM if you need me.
  4. New storybook WIP is lookin pretty nice! Keep dat shit up!
  5. Well, I registered my E-mail address at MSN, so I could use MSN messenger (I have trillian), thinking that I could better communicate with the rest of this project. It's not really working at the moment, but, you can try me if you'd like, just warning you that if I dont respond, that is why. And, my track is nearly completed KFC. I just need to write the ending and master it. Get me on AIM. EDIT - Scratch that. My song IS done. I'm still gonna do some tweaks KFC told me to do, but, otherwise, if anybody wants to PM me or get me on AIM and help me out, I'd be very appreciative. Thanks.
  6. It's like... sorta presented by OCR, I guess... But, regardless, Im excited to see how its looking (I wanst on the project when you first showed it). And yeah, after I finish the arrangement of my track, I'd love to write something up for you.
  7. On another unrelated note, it's good to be back on the project. That being said, I'm redoing my song from scratch, and, I have a cool WIP going. If anyone from the project wants to help a brotha out and listen to my WIP, just PM me or AIM me. It would be appreciated, as well as help make sure this project is just that much more of a success. Thanks!
  8. Just thought I'd say hey. Oh, and, does this mean that I cant send my revised version of my song to anyone not on the project?
  9. *lol* I'm the friend of everyone You can be my friend as well. Oh, and, arek, check your PMs.
  10. Reason? o.O Anyway, I think having whipped up a piece in 2 days is not slow at all Oh, and great to hear that Arek is getting better. I wish the best for him! Oh yeah, and my personal tip for you, Arek: Use crystalline salt (It's got an orange-tanned colour) instead of refined one. Refined one is absolutely not good, especially with your problems. YEAH! Reason?! Anyways, I should be finished (compositionally anyways) with my song rather quickly, just need some inspiration. /check in
  11. I saw it. I read it. I loved it. You can show it to the public if you want, but I say that is pure gold you got there Hehe, thanks! But naaw, I won't show it to the public before the storybook is released...I want people to be surprised (and yeah, I think maybe three or four people got my 90% WIP, so it'll be fine) What about us cool project people?
  12. OOOOOO! Update! I'm still gonna work with the mastering (it sounds thin to my ears), and, I know that hi hat pattern is repetitive as sin (I'll fix it. ). Othwise, here's 2 minutes of kirby mixed goodness! http://www.remix.herograw.com/LordMaestro/GrapeGardenV4.mp3 Tell me if I suck.
  13. I really could use some really rich shaker sounds. Timpani and other ethnic percussion would be nice too. I'm getting Kontakt asap, but, until then, I need some percussion to tide me over. Oh, and, if anybody knows of any, it would be best if these samples were .wavs and not soundfonts (I like to process each sample seperately, that's not as easy with a soundfont). Thanks.
  14. Yeah, I know I've already got my WIP in, but, I've got about another minute upon other improvements. I've just been too lazy to upload the update. I'll get it up soon.
  15. Yeah, using the Disk Recording feature using the mixer. I could explain it myself, but, I'd probably only confuse you. Just search for "disk recording" in FL's help menu. That should explain it much better than I could.
  16. It's a sampler with all the features that a sampler should have, quite simply. Reason's NN-XT, Logic's EXS-24, Kontakt, Gigastudio, Halion, Machfive.. all have similar functionality. It'll basically be like those programs, minus the kick ass sample library (unless FL decides to include kick ass samples with V6. ). The filters though... those excite me.
  17. Wow, this excites me. I just hope that the Multiband and the Direct Wave come free. They sound awesome.
  18. I'm torrenting it now. I'm excited. EDIT: My excitement died a little when I saw the size. It's fuckin huge. But, the torrent is going... very slowly.
  19. Quoted for great justice. HOMG!!!! IT's MONDAY!!! And, I havent listened to any of Doom 2's stuff, but, I'd be interested.
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