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  1. I totally want The Girl who Stole the Star. Please. A Vet should totally get on that with me. EDIT: I forgot to ask a few questions I have. First, seeing as the Radical Dreamers and Chrono Cross soundtracks are so similar, I was thinking having like a second "bonus" album or just bonus tracks of songs only in Chrono Cross would make fans happy. I dunno, just an idea. And second, what's the story on medleys? Are you completely counting them out, or what?
  2. Hellz yeah! That's about all I have to say that's relevant at this point.
  3. I personally like the tails image. But the package as a whole is pretty awesome man. Good work.
  4. Well the new one looks pretty badass man. I really like it.
  5. Congrats bro. It really can only help.
  6. Quoted for emphasis. Nobody with a postcount under 100000000 can type the words "release" or "date" again. If they do... Snapps will have passionate sex with your dog.
  7. Basically the only thing the judges here could have a problem with is a slight lack of frog's theme. But in all reality, this song is wayyyy too good to change too much. If it doesnt pass the interpretations standards, then so what. It would be cool to see this on the site, but not if it compromises the awesomeness that this track is.
  8. Could also just torrent. Easier than radipshare (probably faster, too, if my past rapidshare experience is correct), IMO. Noble Idea, but I honestly think that rapidshare is shit. If we WERE to go the route of free hosting, file front or something along those lines would probably be better.
  9. With Mac updating all it's systems with dual core technology, it seems unlikely that Cubase is the ONLY Daw that is supporting it, but you could be right. Maybe Logic or Digital Performer use both cores.
  10. OMG HADYN!!! That's badass dude. It's freakin sweet to hear that BG track I made in the background too. Cheers man.
  11. I plan in the nearest of futures to work very hard with original works (too much mixin). But, once I get a few more originals written, I plan on mixing FF6 - Relm's Theme FF6 - Magitek Factory FF6 - The Magic House Kingdom Hearts 2 - Passion (Main Theme Orchestral Version) Otherwise I just finished a KH2 mix (of Sacred Moon/Simple and Clean), which should be on the panel soon, and am working on a collab with KFC for the SD3 project. Yeap, that's it.
  12. That's the funniest thing I've read in a long time. I'm glad you've made that decision. Anyone who uses 128 kbps (for anything other than streaming) should be dragged out into the street and shot. Or having their dog vialated by a human version of a tasty cold beverage.
  13. Bumped for great justice. And yeah, this is awesome.
  14. I also have a 550. I bought it a few years ago to learn to play piano and kinda break into music production/keyboards. If you already know how to play piano well, the synth action keys will probably dissapoint you. I really dont like to play serious peices on it. However, as a midi controller, it works just as I'd want one too, and occasionally I'll sample some of it's pads or instruments, because some are quite good. So, basically, as a newbie board it's pretty good, but stepping up to something more... proficient is more reccomended.
  15. Hey guys, KFC just called me and confirmed that he has not yet died, but is just insanely busy. He said something about moving to cali, and having to get all that together on top of work and shit, and that he is almost done with all his tracks. So, basically, he's almost done and he's still dedicated to the project, albiet a little busy. I'm just the messanger.
  16. This has got to be one of the coolest ideas ever. Honestly, how it even got two NO's is mindboggling. The arrangement is just sheer awesomeness. Awesome man.
  17. Oh... we, could have... YES, we maybe did... We definately maybe made it a hip-hop track. It's a fo sho possibility. Don't like to give hints about the songs, eh? You'll just have to hear for yourself. OR WILL YOU? It's a possibility that he will definately maybe hear the song for himself.
  18. Oh... we, could have... YES, we maybe did... We definately maybe made it a hip-hop track. It's a fo sho possibility.
  19. Oh, so what do you want, a F***** cookie? STFU ... Just kiddin, happy birthday.
  20. Dude, I know you're the man in charge of this collab and I do not mean to get into subject I'm not supposed to, but... don't you think it's too late to bring in more people? I mean, you guys have been working on this for over a year and we are all so anxious to see what will come out. I don't know. What frightens me is that bringing more people in will delay the conclusion of the project in a good deal of months... Keep yo pants on brudda. Shits happinin.
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