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  1. Wow BogusRed. I never usually post anything about songs AFTER their posted, but, I had to at least say a few things about this song. This is my favorite song out of Final Fantasy 7 and not since Klutz's redition of the song have I loved the theme more. In fact, I think your arrangement (to me) is slightly superior to his. But anyways, Excellent playing, excellent recording, excellent arrangement. Wow.
  2. Haha, guess what effect I was using with the buzz effect adaptor? The wah wah coupled with an mda Ringmod pretty much caused most of the problems as far as I can see. Thanks chokey.
  3. Ok, here is something weird. When I first started a project in FL (version 5 if it matters) everything was fine. I saved it, closed the program, and went to do some work. I came back, opened the program, and everything opened fine, but, after a few attempts at opening different projects, one of two things would happen. A) My left speaker on my headphones would clip, and then be silent if I played back the song, leaving all audio to be put through one speaker. Everything but SAMPLES would play, but samples would make no noise, despite all volumes being up and no problems with effects or automation (I triple checked). VSTi's and Generators and such would be fine, but, samples (all .wav format) wouldnt play. The strange thing about these two occurances is NO error message appears. There seems to be no explination. Can anybody help me out? Thanks a million (this is frustrating because all these problems are happening for my ORC peice mostly, and deadlines a comin! )
  4. Alright, new thread and new fourm. Nice and clean.
  5. Riiiigghhhhhhhtttttt... This is a role reversal... Snap's being nice, and you're being an ass... Chill out! Swearing at mixers gives them motivation for one thing only: quitting. *Cough Cough* I think Haydn has a point here. Lookee Lookee.
  6. Don't know if I said it before but, screw you lot to try and throw a song in PRC direction, it's a good competition dont take fucking advantage of it. You should calm down. We not taking advantage of it, we are just suggesting a song for the competition (actually a very GOOD song) and an oportunity for the winner of this good competition to put the song in the project. I don't see anything wrong with it... For one it'd most likely have been mixed on OC anyways, then there is no suprise in the competition but to find "This week our royal asses have been hijacked by the S3+K project to do a song for them, looks like this week you won't be having any fun then, your work is already claimed" its dumb. I agree with Alex. I participate in just about every PRC for the fun and community of it, but if the other two projects who tried that have seen, each time they tried it, they only got about 3 songs, and with limited quality. Every other week we get about an average of 6 to 9. PRC isnt there to make songs for projects who cant recruit remixers for itself. Personally, I have no fun those weeks, and I dont think many people would even participate. For some of use Regulars to PRC, we look forward to each week having another song to practice our skill in, and have fun, not to have pressure of making a song for a project.
  7. Stepped away for awhile, and decided to play around with what I had a little more. http://www.remix.herograw.com/LordMaestro/AzureLakeV3.mp3 Still just a prototype, messing around and such. Lots of stuff I intend to change, but it would be cool to get some early opinions on it.
  8. Wow, I've definately been away awhile from this thread. Lots of controversy. Anyways, I hope to have a completed arrangement by mid next week. Just checking in I guess.
  9. Hmmm... I'm on vacation right now, but when I get back in a few days, I could try and dig some up, or maybe even record some on my PC at home. Not promising anything though. You could check www.findsounds.com. That's always a good site for samples. Oh, and I'm still searching for mags. Anyone?
  10. Dude, Azar, keep the head up. Even if Kajinka's makes it to the project, at least you made a new song right?
  11. Ok Sith, here's my WIP for the April 9th update. I would do more before then, but I'm going on spring break, so I dont really have any more time before I get back. I'll resume work once I get back. This WIP should be sufficient: Momentary Standstill
  12. Could anyone reccomend a good magazine that comes with sample CD's? I know of a few, but subscriptions to these are expensive, so If I could get any reccomendations, it would be appreciated. To me, the content of the magazine would be just as important as the quality of samples usually included. I just figured I'd post in this thread because my request is mainly focused on the samples. Thanks for any reccomendations.
  13. Trial Finale sucks. The only thing it's good for is printing sheet music. Isnt there like a 30 dollar Finale Notepad that adds all the midi support and stuff?
  14. Keep your head up Azar! Just keep working hard! Sky Sanctuary is a sweet song anyways. I'm excited to hear what you come up with.
  15. Hmm... Lucky for all of you, I got bored. Here's a quick prototype I whipped up in about an hour. Barely any mastering or nothin, just a WIP that is basically showing what style I'm going for. This isnt really the arrangement either. But a good prototype WIP thingie. Momentary Standstill I like everyone elses so far too. Havent heard something I havent liked yet.
  16. Steppin' on my toes eh.. Heh.. Well a chillout mix for a race zone is an interesting idea. Haha, yeah. I thought why not instead of making a crappy mix of a zone I HATE, make a good one of a zone I love? All I care is the best song get's on the project. I like yours thus far Rayza, BTW.
  17. Well, I'm officially dropping Mushroom hill, but I have Picked up Azure Lake zone, and have a cool, chill WIP that I'll post up in a day or two.
  18. GameBox, what do you use to mix with? What program I mean. Second, is this onoly supposed to be 19 seconds? And third, If you use FL, I think a collab would be in order. We could compete, but my song is coming along slightly similar to yours (I'll have mine up later though, very busy lately), so I think a collab would make this song teh sweet. AIM or PM me if interested or whateva.
  19. lol, well, sorry you had to drop, and hope you get better man! Likewise. Keep on keepin on. Also, not to sound antsy or "oo oo oo oo" but... what are the requirements for getting this in the site project fourm? I'm not saying I want it in there right away, just curious as to what those are.
  20. haha Hadyn, Clever title. Oh, and DJBren, I believe Sith only wants the counsole games covered here.
  21. Dont worry, you wont be dissapointed. Mushroom hill zone was always my favorite song on the soundtrack. That and Azure lake. But whatever. Sweet project sith. Good job running it too. If you need any help, let me know. I'll do anything I can fit in to help.
  22. I'm downloading the torrent now. It's at like... 83.9% ALMOST THERE!!! BTW, sith, I'd be up for a track in that project. Tell me when.
  23. I just sent you my pic and bio via PM. PM me back if you have any troubles.
  24. I'm pretty sure I'll have my Pic and Bio PMed to you by tomorrow Myth. Mix wise, It will be in by Jan. 17th. Checked In. Peace.
  25. I'll get my stuff in soon. Just need a day to sit down and get stuff done.
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