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  1. Talked to zircon. Misunderstanding. Drama extinguished. Carry on.
  2. I'm not talking about figuring exact progressions all at once using the root of the first chord. I'm talking about figuring ONE chord, exactly how to play on a piano, one at a time. I've had success using that method, and that's what the poster is asking, what we've had success using. Please don't discount my method just because you personally don't believe in it or use it.
  3. I just listen for the root note of the chord. After you know that, and figure what key the song is in, it's VERY easy to build the chords after that. Or you can use midis. That's easier.
  4. Yeah, I'm totally speaking for Hadyn when saying this, and could be wrong, but I think they'll be avaliable eventually for download off the site. They just wanted to focus on main project tunes first I believe.
  5. Wow, this is quite awesome. A very cool surprise. Thanks for the link zircon. I'm at 350kbs.
  6. Well, the intro is badass as hell, great use of the "chopped" sounding noise and the original audio clip, and a fantastic transition into the sub bass. You've just got a great groove and vibe going with this. Cant wait to listen to this for 5 minutes.
  7. Taucer, if you want a partner-in-crime, I'm in, mixin and otherwise.
  8. Hey, yeah, Prophet actually got with me a few days ago on this, and asked me to once again look at the project. I dont know which song exactly I'd want to mix, but I'm still looking. Just been very busy with classes and midterms and all that good stuff, so, yeah, I'm still with ya, it might just be awhile before I get anything concrete done.
  9. I would be on one so quick, I'd jump on half the tracks.
  10. I'm actually pretty interested in this, but, I do have a question. When we're talking cinematic, are we just talking Film Style music in general, or PURELY symphonic. I'm talking like... would it be ok to write music that is kinda... ES Posthumus-esque? Mostly orchestral plus maybe a slightly electronic beat with a few electronic elements? Film music in general seems to be moving in that direction, so, I figured the question needed to be asked. Either way I dont care, and will probably drop an audition.
  11. Damn this is cool/sexy/smooth. Great structure, despite being VERY minimal at times, it never feels empty, and flows from moment to moment with ease, with some trippy sounds to boot. Fantastic.
  12. http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-41133.html Nobody says it better than Garritan himself.
  13. Yes. Get that one. The Producer Edition. It's got sexy ass Compressor shits, with some drum shits, and some sexy mixer and sheet music shits.
  14. Haha, nah. I just say no Pro Tools because unless your planning to run a studio, the price is way to big for hobbyests like most of the people at this site. And... the M-Powered and that sucks, as I dont like the idea that you have to have an interface connected just to run the software. If you have the money / space for an HD system with multiple accel cards and interfaces though, then I say go for it. Otherwise, I say Sonar is teh secks.
  15. Basically, all the TC is going to get are answers like mine and this. Whenever you get into Cubase/Sonar/Logic range of sequencers, its all just personal preference and what works best for you, nab the demo for all mid-range sequencers you can and just see which workflow works best. Basically. As long as you dont get Pro Tools.
  16. Well that idea is just INSANE. There's no possible way that would ever work... ever.
  17. I've only just gotten it myself, so, I'm not that proficient with it, but, alot of patches have "red keys" at the bottom of the keyboard that switch between articulations on the fly. I dont know how to exactly "crossfade", but, I know that you can switch between articulations that way. Sorry, I may be of no help, as I'm just getting used to it as well.
  18. Don't make assumptions, or you might end up being disappointed. My point exactly.
  19. Those are your words... not ours. We will reveil nothing!
  20. hobo, I like the art with the blurred background. Of course, you'll have to alter the tracklist to match the new 3 disc list. But you knew that. Awesome stuff though. Bitchin.
  21. I just figured OCR1500 would get a week or two of solid exposure in that spotlight box, and then we'd slowly just kinda... slide in. But in a BIG BANG sorta way.
  22. Taucer, I just came up with something... IM me if you see this. EDIT: Oh, and I was just thinking that a fourm where we could post project WIPS would be a cool thing. One that is all password protected and shit.
  23. I wouldn't mind getting Girl who Stole the Stars. Yer Liek a vet er somethin right? Collab?
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