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  1. Sorry Will, that would be my bad! I went with what I thought sounded best coming out of my monitors and headphones, but I know how subjective mastering can be. Sorry that you didn't dig it...hope I didn't do too much damage to your track!
  2. Jordan, great stuff man! I don't know which I liked better, that spacey triplet ostinato part or the ending part starting from 2:57. The whole has a really polished, professional production and really interesting conceptualization/execution!
  3. Okay, the first time I heard this piece, I practically creamed my pants. Danimal really pushed it on this piece. I'm glad that bLiNd pushed to do a half electronic/half metal piece because, for me, Dan really nails it in the second half of the song. Really hope to see more of this type of experimentation from him in the future!
  4. Looks like all the players came together to create something...something I honestly never even imagined hearing. I mean...Pirate Metal? Too cool. Awesome concept and great execution!
  5. Hate to pick faves on a project like this, but I think Frank's mix might be my favorite HvV mix. It's just got so much goddamned character!
  6. This is one of my fave tracks in the project. Jimmy's professionalism really shows here...it's a polished, pitch-perfect mix. Awesome.
  7. I remember freaking out after hearing Chris' first WIP of this. Totally and utter insanity, which Chris somehow wrangles into a palpable, veritable song! Awesome stuff as usual!
  8. Couldn't be happier with the music that came out of this. Thanks to all those who were a part of this and made it happen!
  9. LOVED this. Totally infectious...great job, man!
  10. Wow, this piece really blew me away...and your midi programming is flat out amazing. If you ever need to get a live drum sound, shoot me a line. That said, keep 'em coming!
  11. Dude, this is awesome! This one's got this Andalusian flair Love it as usual...but we're talking about Frank here, so that's to be expected. Keep it up, man!
  12. As always, top notch stuff from Josh here. Loved the beat on this one--and the variations were perfect. Also really enjoyed that solo (although to be fair, who doesn't enjoy a JM solo?) Great mix, man...keep 'em coming!
  13. Wow, congrats on your 50th remix! What's even more insane is that Chris' musicality and inventiveness haven't diminished 1 iota from mix 1 all the way to mix 50. That aside, this one was definitely badass. I don't know how you did it, but it totally feels like I'm back in LA shooting alien baddies. Great stuff!
  14. Awesome work, Josh! I can see how difficult the original was to arrange, but--as always--that JM class shines through. Synth solo was probably my favorite part--either that or the buildup to the end. Great stuff!
  15. Man, the atmosphere on this mix is amazing. Great stuff! Congrats Chris on your first collab!
  16. One of my favorite Dhsu pieces! Thought this one was arranged especially smartly. Great stuff!
  17. HEROES and VILLAINS: You should have received project details in an email. Let me know if you haven't received it. Thanks!
  18. We have some pretty cool plans for this project. I'll be sending out a mass email to the entire team with details on timing, workflow, and long-term plans. Just waiting on The Guy to claim his track. Stay tuned, more to come!
  19. Yeah...I dunno if that's going to fly. Kind of defeats the whole purpose. Mustin, can you weigh in on this? What other heroes/villains don't have a clear theme?
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