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  1. hmm. I'd have to take a look around. I live in south-west australia which is the arid part, but I'm in the middle of a city. It depends on whether you'd want a landscape or just a small area. the landscape would be hard since it usually has a few shrubs in it. But a small area would be a piece of cake. I'll ask the girl when she next comes online, I haven't seen her in a little while. Edit: The closest arid area is Sturt, and that's a good 800km drive, so no I won't be able to go there.
  2. that's a good idea, Myth. Might do it that way, since my synths can transform into Larsecs piece easily. I'm still working on both, the bunny theme and E1M9.
  3. TO - ElectroCute Bunny I've updated this. I'm happy with where it's heading. The discrepancies are intentional too, it's not your speakers. Also Mythril, Since this is the last track of the lot, do you want it to finish a certain way? The way I currently have it, it fades in and out with a synth line, which is the easiest way to transitition a piece. I'll get in touch with Larsec and find out how he's ending his piece, we'll work something. I was thinking, are we going to have a bonus track at the end of the lot?
  4. Is the list order the order they should transition? If so, then this bunny piece will have to transition into Larsec's Victory piece. That should be fun.
  5. I've had a go at another piece on the list. The Bunny music (Episode 3 Outro): TO - ElectroCute Bunny DRP
  6. my host came back up. It's a little slow though, so be patient with the download. http://eof.servehttp.com/orichalcon/DRP_-_TO_-_Secrets_and_Lies_(E1M9).mp3 Edit: You'll need to paste the url in the browser.
  7. My host is down so I can't upload the latest version. Do we have a community host for this? Or do we have to find our own?
  8. Big-Mouthed Floating Thingies Packin' 80 Pounds Of Heavenly Joy. (Packin' 80 Pounds Of Heavenly Music? Packin' 21 Track Of Heavenly Joy?) This comic remains great.
  9. you need to hide demons and all sorts of things in the folds of the hand if you're going to do that. Make it clever.
  10. ACDC did a good version of E2M1... Big Guns
  11. Myth, can you change the title around to say 10th Dec 2004 rather than it's current format? It keeps confusing me since I naturally have the day followed by the month.
  12. Unique piece. Borderlines on rock and something unique. Nice guitarwork, the vocals are good at times, though I still cringe in a few areas. What's up with the rap though? Puts me off this piece. I guess you have to like that stuff. Background music is good without it. That guitar is just outstanding. So crisp and clear. Nice work.
  13. Always take the truckdrivers code, Arse. Backing up is an essential part of the work. I've lost my share of files before. While I was working on the Total War Soundtrack, my harddrive crashed and I lost every single file, including some finished. Luckily that just made me start over with experience so it turned out better. Now I back most of my essentials up. Since I know that losing everything isn't the end of the world, but it can sure put you back and make you feel like crap.
  14. Until he gets stabbed in the face by a woman who can't cook.
  15. Better do what he says. He has powers of the dead. Necrology.
  16. Here's my WIP. TO - Doom - Secrets and Lies E1M9 (DRP) The host may be slow, if that's the case, let me know and I'll find somewhere else to upload it.
  17. I'm working on this E1M9, at this rate I doubt I'll have anything for the text music to argue over, so at this point in time, I'd say that E1M9 will take my full attention.
  18. I'm planning on compiling a music WAD for it, even if it's only for myself, and only one remix for each song will fit.
  19. I don't know if there is any size or length limits to this project but in principal you could have 4 text music remixes since there are 4 episodes and the theme playes at the end of each one (Right? Can't remember for sure). So, given that they varied enough from eachother, wouldn't it be possible to include both TO's and my own (and Bart Klepta's if that is indeed the song he is working on)? My own has kind of an "The End" feel to it, so that could work as the last one... If this is actually going to be a soundtrack or music WAD, then there is only room for one text music theme, since there's only one space. unless someone knows how to reprogram it.
  20. I'd better claim E1M9 now as well. Not sure if I'll have anything for certain, just setting it aside so people know I'm working on something.
  21. hrmb, I wish you'd said this before I'd picked up the text music. The Imp Song is my favourite song from doom 1. I don't think I could do it justice. From what I've heard, Xel, your mix of it was sounding good.
  22. yes, but the episode 3 outro music is the music from the bunny scene. That's what Bart should have been working on. Anyway when it comes down to it, if there's more than one mix of the one theme, we'll vote on the best.
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