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  1. according to that site, suzumebachi had the text music. Bart Klepka had the bunny music (which was the end of episode 3)
  2. Put me down for The Text Music (episode outro) and cross me off E2M8
  3. Looks like he made quite a mess and didn't bother cleaning up. I don't care for this. It sounds alright in terms of arrangement, but it has annoying effects all over it that are unnecessary.
  4. Why not do a website up in the same format as the duckhunt one. Just rip the OCR format and list all the entries that way.
  5. Myth, can I get you to take a listen to the Cyberdemon Awaketh Track I have up at Soundclick? Tell me if it's good enough to I know whether or not you'll use it. If not, I could probably start again.
  6. Just love your work Mazedude. This is no different, in fact, I put it as your best remix on this site (Which is saying a lot considering how good your other mixes are.)
  7. I love it. Brings back that oldschool feel with the standard 4/4 beat. Nice work.
  8. yeah, it doesn't quite seem up to the feel that goes into other Sil pieces I've heard. Not to say I don't enjoy this. from about 1:20 - 1:40 was good. It just doesn't sound emotional enough in the areas it's supposed to. It all sounds like it's been compressed to one volume, there are no major peaks or anything. Granted around 2:40 has some nice quiet and then loud areas. Arrangement is outstanding though. Better than anything I could do. Congrats Sil. Edit: Love the highwind part. Couldn't be happier with it.
  9. Damn, you'd die if you had to DJ a radio station for 24 hours in a row.
  10. bugger, midnight for me, can't stay up for it.
  11. I've been listening again. This is amazing. I think I have a new list-topper. Congrats zircon and "unknown" Edit: I just found out what it reminds me of. It sounds like something out of edward scissorhands! (the first 2 minutes anyway.) Those slurring choir sounds are wonderful. Well done guys, seriously. Edit2: Karl just pointed out to me that djp already pointed out the resemblance to Edward Scissorhands in his review. That'll teach me to not read djp's reviews first.
  12. Karl can't spare a single second teaching people how to play, he needs all his time to make more of these beautiful remixes. I'd love to hear a nice long one of your piano remixes karl, but there was plenty in this to make up for its shortness.
  13. awesome work CapnHulk. I almost want that sig. (Black Anima)
  14. quite the mix of genre's. It started out slow, but got right into it at 2:00
  15. Congratulations Bladiator. Your first mix up on OCR! (I think) This has done incredibly well over at VGMix. It's a remarkable piece, I find myself humming it all the time. No nitpicks, a perfect recording.
  16. This isn't a graphics forum. Most of the people here are content to have shitty signatures as long as they made it. Look at Ramaniscence. His sig is full of crap, not very good photoshop work (at least not according to design standards) and yet he's had it for ages and keeps adding to it because he likes it.
  17. because most regulars make their own signatures and the newbies are the ones who need the sigs.
  18. These are the breaks, Scrub. For what it's worth you'll get a lot more requests and a better reception over here.
  19. Good show so far. Anyone who still wants to can catch the second half of the show right now! http://oc.ormgas.com/ocmain.php
  20. I wish I knew. Even [-Smoke-] doesn't know what happened to the first thread, and I'm sure the second ones disappearance is just as mysterious. I'm wondering if it has something to do with it not being posted in for 3-4 weeks, since that seems to be how long threads last in this forum. Maybe despite being a stickied thread, it still gets deleted due to inactivity. We'll just have to remember to reply to it every fortnight or so.
  21. This was the credits music, it's meant to sound really sad and DjRedlight did a magnificent job in capturing the emotion of this piece. The level music in doom is eerie, hardcore and sad all rolled into one. The credits music was always sad though. Remember the victory music from doom 1?
  22. I dunno if you're being sarcastic, Prot. I can't tell with you. Most of this piece sounds original to me. Still in my Top 1.
  23. Yes, I want to know how you got in. Did it involve breaking and entering? Edit: I missed VGF too, when will we see the playlist up?
  24. She's just saying "Fi-nal Fanta-sy, yeah final fantasy, Final Fan-tasy, yeah final fantasy."
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