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  1. The sound is the noise when the Spider Mastermind is powering up. Thanks for the comments everyone, I used Spectrasonics Stylus and Atmosphere to put together this piece, and a hell of a lot of time tweaking EQ, Distortion, Compression and LFO.
  2. I'm surprised I haven't commented on this one. But for christs sake, if you haven't listened to this yet there's something wrong with you or you're terminally ill and can't reach the computer. This remix is beautiful, that's all really. The distortion is perfect. Without a doubt this is my favourite mix on this site and has been since I first came here.
  3. I've been listening to this one for a few months. That main lead is amazing. The rest of the piece isn't too interesting, but that lead is just wonderful. I sit here replaying that part of the piece over and over manually. Kudos.
  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. For those of you who think the guitar was balanced wrong, or too loud. I actually have a second remastered version of this that I released on a soundtrack for a game earlier this month. If you really want to hear it (and some other guitar pieces that FIDGAF and I have come up with) you can download the soundtrack here: http://www.ioncross.com/freelancer/servermod/music/twmusic001.zip The Remastered version of this remix is music_bar_generic02.wav Glad to hear you like it.
  5. Thanks for the pimp on this one mate. Glad to see you like that piece. Just to capitalise on this, anyone that has Microsoft Freelancer, feel free to come on over and join our server with the Total War mod. Loads of fun, you choose your side of the four teams, one of the two pirate sides (Rogues and Hessians) and either Rheinland or Liberty. I'd love to see you there. (www.ioncross.com for more info) Apologies to LT for temporarily hi-jacking his thread. It's all yours again.
  6. The main instrument sounds a bit loud at times, like it could have benefitted from EQ'ing. It sounded so promising at the beginning, like it was going to build up to something special, but the contrasting notes just don't sound right to me. There were parts in the original of this piece that were very prominent, where all the instruments came together for a decisive powerful note, this mix has rejected that idea and taken away the charm from the original in my opinion.
  7. A bit delayed.. but.. You were supposed to head towards the yellow dot, blowing up the orange dots as you went along to get blue dots. Occasionally you'd be attacked by a green dot, but they were easy to take down with your white lines. The tunnel flight in that game was horrendous. You couldn't stop the ship, so you're constantly moving forward, and if you happen to hit the wall in the tunnel, well you're pretty much buggered, especially when you go through the tunnel wall and somehow end up back in the tunnel upside down, only to crash again. hehe, that was fun. Anyway, I still listen to this mix a lot. Kudos to the mixer. It's the dotty lead that captures me. And yes, the sex.mod filename is most amusing.
  8. Well I have a game soundtrack coming out very soon (a matter of a fortnight) and I'm hoping that LT will do me the honour of playing a few select pieces from it over a couple of weeks. That's pretty much original and designated to the OCR community.
  9. I like the whole piece. I still listen to this all the time (downloaded it a year or so ago.)
  10. It's alright, the drums I'm not a fan of. It gets good at 1:30 and on. Not your best stuff prot.
  11. Thanks for the comments LT. Nice to see my stuff being reviewed and recognised.
  12. ah this is tifa's theme isn't it? Yeah the beginning isn't too interesting, it's nice and mellow, but that brass instrument isn't great quality. oh no, theremin's journey! I hate that lead. (The whistling sound.) too much slur on it. This is well arranged, but it's boring to me. I've heard better arrangements of Tifa's theme. The piano arrangement off the soundtrack is great. Not my type of piece at all unfortunately.
  13. wow, a winning PRC entry finally got accepted! Congrats Blak_Omen. I think I voted for you on this one.
  14. Being the first megaman remix I've ever heard, I review this song as unbiased as there is possible. I love it, the singing style thing in there is perfect, along with the piano and flange-synth. This is a masterpiece, it just sounds in parts like it's missing something, like the main instrument isn't held down long enough. But I love it. As I said to a friend: "this is the kind of music you have playing while making love to a fine piece of cheese."
  15. If you like the piece, fine. This is a comment area, we're allowed to post our comment. I said it's nice, it's well arranged, but it doesn't jump out at me. That's valid.
  16. I agree that the instrumentation is nice and it's well composed. But it still doesn't really capture my attention as anything outstanding.
  17. Keep 'em coming djredlight. That's 2/2 you've pleased me to no end.
  18. I just don't really like the plucky guitar. That's all. I've had another listen, concentrating on the melody in the background. It's pretty good now that I've listened again. The guitar sounds alright, it's just the pluckiness that ruined it for me. The notes in this were originally strings and were meant to be smooth together. I can't stand things that play, then stop, then play, then stop, then play, then stop, instead of constantly playing. But listening to the percussion closely, it is pretty good. The ahh choir could have been a little better. Personally I don't really know how this one made it onto the site. It doesn't seem up to par with the other remixes, and I've seen some better stuff that didn't make it. It's good, but there's hardly any variation at all.
  19. Whether or not that guitar is real, it sounds awful. Not my type of piece at all. The percussions sounds like lots of clipping to me. Nah, I prefer the original.
  20. Sweet, a TV remix, I loved this game, I remixed two of the songs, but that was ages ago before I knew what I was doing. Wow this is really weird eh. It sounds like this is a remix of both the menu music and the first level music. Menu Music (Right Click and Save As) First Level Music (Right Click and Save As) At least, I couldn't pick up anything else. It's nicely done, but sounds too original for me.
  21. Hippity Hopday! Happity Bipday! Bippity Bopday! Whippidee doo! I threw you a party, but nobody came: Anyway I'll tune in next time. That's about 11 am my time.
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