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  1. I need to make sure I tune into this next time. I keep forgetting. It's at 10pm saturday in what timezone?
  2. Thankyou Mazedude. This might be able to help me understand how you make your music so damn good. /suckup
  3. That synth in the background is very nice indeed. I, personally, would have prefered it to be a little heavier, but that's just me, it's nice. I think I'll download the original to compare.
  4. I remember this piece. It's a nice re-arrangement. I don't have much else to say. It's basically mellow-techno bordering on ambience, and I love that style, relaxing to listen to. This would go well in the game as a replacement for the original.
  5. According to the front page, two Blak_Omen's worked on this piece. Can only mean it's twice as good. This has some great composition and playing. However I'm opposed to the whole speeding up and slowing down thing. I like a standard tempo, this throws me out. The lower keys don't seem to fit in some sections. But the actual tune is beautiful. I love fast chords. oh man, it's just such a pity about the lower keys. They're smashing the tune out of control around 2:30. So overall, good composition, great playing, lower keys are over powering, some area's are out of timing.
  6. I feel to bring out the emotion a little more the bongo drums could have had a bit of reverb added to them. The vocal samples are overused in my opinion, they're thrown everywhere, the actual latin translation of the lyrics is muddled beyond recognition. Which would be like taking a rap song by, say, eminem, and mixing the order of the words around. But the instrumentals and the electronic element in this piece are enjoyable to listen to. It just has too much confusion for me.
  7. It's nice, it sounds like some quality issues with the piano though unfortunately. But it's a really nice composition. I love this piece. I think the filtering job on the piano could have been better and brought out the higher frequencies of the piano. I'm not a fan of soft piano. The guitar is great, although I'm a fan of delay on acoustic guitars, which I think would have fit, this is fine as it is, maybe could have been a tad louder. Strings are ace. Perfect. Dark and brooding, then mysterious, then almost sad. They're perfect, and with that guitar over it, that's just beautiful. Well done. I still feel there could have been a delay on the guitar. The only majoy thing missing from this piece to me is some background ambience of some sort, it sounds a little shallow. But still this will be listened a lot. Nicely done Dev.
  8. Yay! Well done sephire. Good to see this piece up on OCR. Nothing to say except download, It's very well put together.
  9. This has a very distinct German Techno sound to it. It's wonderful. Very clear. The synth after 2:20 is great. The only problem I have with this is it's just not very heavy, needs something more in the background, that's how I love my doom mixes. But that's just personal preference, excellent work this is. Edit: KICK ASS ENDING. KICK! ASS! ENDING!!
  10. I'm listening to this again at a higher volume now. The only problem I can see is a little too much reverb. This is AMAZING. I love it! What was the original?
  11. I have to play FF6 me thinks. The drums are what I love in this, they're so creative and clear. Great for the mix. Especially the snare. But the melody is nice, very happy. I think it's great. It'll be one I listen to a lot. I can't tell any velocity issues, sounds fine to me, but then I have things turned down as others are sleeping in my residence. Ends too abruptly for me, that's my problem. Otherwise great work.
  12. It's nice to listen to. But I'm simply not a fan of the trumpet.
  13. hey I recognise a certain drumloop in there. I have that drumloop. Well made I have to say. Can't say I'm a fan of the jazz, but it fits. I like the way he's got a groove feeling going to this piece, it certainly makes me move around a bit and shuffle my feet. I also remember this one as a WIP, I have the original on here. The only thing I think that could have made this better, would have been some reverb on that synth at the end. Otherwise it's great. I still think the beginning strayed a little far from the original, but if the judges didn't think so, then who am I to judge. Great work, looking forward to more from aluminum.
  14. The trancey-technoey section is good. It's an interesting mix of genres which I think works. The introduction could have used more work. The soundfonts used there sounded a bit crappy to me. I love the rain effect though. It needed more effects and compressions over the piano and flute though. The strings needed a bit more reverb so the notes melded into each other rather than sounding so jumpy. The composition is good, the soundfonts are really what's letting this down for me.
  15. yes, the low brass is what I mean. It just sounds out of time. Like if this was the original timing (beat): 1 - - - 2 - - - 3 - - - 4 - - - 1 - - etc The brass sounds like it is here (indicated by X) 1 - X - 2 - X - 3 - X - 4 - X - 1 - X - etc everything else in the arrangement hits the beat exactly, this one seems to be offput. Throws it out of wack for me. It's my only nitpick with the song it's between 3:09-3:13 and 3:27-3:33.
  16. I still love this, had another listen, it's wonderful. I just can't get over that little delay on one of the instruments. I dunno what it is. it's at 3:08 and another section. It just throws the timing out. Sounds like a trumpet. Otherwise this is excellent. I want part two as well to complete the feeling.
  17. I'm not partialled to this remix. Medleys like this are hard to pull off, and I don't think Trace Dragon managed to pull it off very well. The samples are very basic. There is a severe lack of effects over this as well. The arrangement is good, which I understand is the reason this was accepted. Other than that It's not really special to me.
  18. The idea of a remix is to be different. This can include changing the score. Which means you're able to get away with little things like that as you can pass it off as a 'remixed note'
  19. I didn't mind it. At least the beginning. I didn't particularly understand why the author took a piece made to represent a bustling market scene, and turned it into a swamp piece. But the beginning works. I just love the piece. The original was the first video game music I ever heard. And thus defines the video game scene for me. From about 1:40-2:10 is alright. Then the delay effect overwhelms the theme a bit too much. After 3:00 I don't know what the hell happened, but it's possibly the worst distortion I've heard so far in a remix here.
  20. Alrighty then. I was just making sure it wasn't a problem with my copy.
  21. It does it to everything I use. Including the stuff that came with FLStudio.
  22. I have a problem regarding soundfonts/synths and generators. Whenever I save my work and close FLStudio and then reopen it, all my synths and generator settings have been reset and my soundfonts all play some kind of wierd noise rather than their respective fonts. I have to reload each sound font and redo their settings. It never bothered me before, but now I'm using more and more soundfonts, generators and synths in my work, it's becoming harder to remember all the settings and such. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or some way to stop this?
  23. I actually prefer this over safety in numbers. Orkybash did a great job with that piece, but it comes down to personal choice and opinion. I like this style of music more than safety in numbers. However I don't hesitate to say that safety in numbers was very much different to the original, where this one is very much the same.
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