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  1. Why doesn't anyone read the Prime 3 preview on the Wii. On the very bottom of the screen I remember clearly that said: Release date August 28th. Not 27th. Which sucks because I remember in E3 Nintendo said the 27th. In my GameStop wont come out until today in the afternoon, which I hope that means 12pm, since I wonr at 2:30 that wont leave me much time to play But at least I'll have it when I get back
  2. L.T.W.


    Oh yeah, the easiest way to start (and the way I did) is to listen to online radio stations. And the best one I can think of is 1.FM Club Trance stations is also good, but Club beats it IMO What I used to do was, checking the name of the song that was being played and buy it (if I liked it, of course) from iTunes (or which ever software of that kind you use). I hope this helps GL
  3. Something that gave me a little trouble until I discovered it was this: Remember to click on Match any, if not usually nothing will show up on the playlist.
  4. I really have a book that helped me a lot, but since the sun hasn't come out yet and my mom is asleep I don't wanna make much noise ASA my mother wakes up I'll look for it. Its a book about Dreamweaver 7 though, but I think its a good guide to learn the basics of Web design. My professor uses it in his class so I'm sure It'll help you out.
  5. The song in question is Twister By J. "00" Fleming In the song you can hear a guy saying stuff like "Because it is evil against evil" and stuff like that. Was this song used for a movie or something?
  6. Man, oh man! Andross FTW! He looks just like I remember him when I was little That quote is really funny IMO XD And the thing about special moves sounds cool. I suppose every character will have "a variety of hidden uses" for their moves.
  7. I really dunno what to say :S It looks weird, yet cool. I think I'd watch it.
  8. L.T.W.


    Above & Beyond These guys are absolutely incredible! They are a must. Then you can try: Lennox - Lennox EP Hes pretty cool and very mellow IMO And then last but not least: Olive Prime hes really good and I think a good starter. This 3 have enough music to get you started and I'm sure you'll enjoy 'em.
  9. From the LoZ, the Fairy song, the one you hear at the "enter name/ or select file", that song has been in every single Zelda I can think of.
  10. There ya go: OCRemixWiki Go down to the forums section
  11. I haven't heard that he was confirmed, could you or anyone please confirm this? I really hope that Sonic won't be in the game, I mean I like sonic games, but I'd hate to see him in this one. I think one game (The 2008 Olympics game) is more than enough.
  12. Oh man, This is so cool!! Yet this leaves Diddy/Dixie K.[ala IC] pair outta the picture.
  13. I think you are right: They look grey to me too.
  14. If that's true (which I really hope it'll be), then it will be awesome.
  15. Lol, I was gonna say something similar, cuz this pict looks pretty well made:
  16. Wow!, it totally blew my mind! I'd never expected a char like this! Awesome! as for your Q I suppose he would be either flying on top of a pokemon, or on the plane/ship from "Pokemon Snap", don't you think?
  17. You think so? :S I think its freaking SWEET!
  18. I was using Stumble a couple of mins ago, and I stumbled into this: Peanuts And I find it awesome. So I thought of sharing this awesomeness with y'all. What do you guys thing?
  19. I wonder... remember how Fox's reflector shield would hit players it they'd run into it? Would the Badge work the same?
  20. I hope Jigglypuff will be back, she(/he?) was my favorite character. I think it would suck greatly if she get erased.
  21. I knew that the stage w/ the big statues were FE related, I wonder how will the underground will look like though.
  22. Which IMO would suck, cuz its kinda unfair for slow chars or some other chars.
  23. ? I just think is absolutely hilarious
  24. Lol, you're right, Im also listening to the music I recently bought, and it wont fit in my iPod unless i delete some other songs So I wanna listen to it all before I decide what to put and what not to put in the iPod.
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