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  1. Would Speed Runs videos work? If so you could download them and play them with VLC Media Player (probably the best player ever, it plays everything I've thrown at it) or any other player that can take still shots out of the video. Anyways for speedruns go here I hope this helps.
  2. L.T.W.

    RPG Maker XP

    Thanks a lot, that was very useful.
  3. Do you guys think of the possibility of Nintendo adding songs (as in secret) from other games like the ones on the Musicians page? Maybe even like Golden Sun?
  4. zOMG!!!!!!!! This is like the best update EVER!!!!!!!!!!! This is gonna OWN!!!! Im so thrilled!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! There will be TONS of songs!!!!!! SWEEEEEEET!!!!!!! EDIT: I loled at this: "Look! Samus is evolving!"
  5. Oh man! In MP2 was so great. Im sad now D:
  6. First site that comes to mind: IGN EDIT: Specially if you are an IGN Insider.
  7. You're kidding, right?! You kill every enemy you touch.
  8. L.T.W.

    RPG Maker XP

    Well, I just wanted to know if any of you knows a good site with tons of sprites for RPGMXP? I tried googling and I had no luck, so I though about asking here. And, of course, if you just want to talk about this magnificent piece of software, I think this would be it.
  9. From my experience, its better if you play MP2 before trying MP3. 1. Because the controllers are totally different. and 2. Because you'll be missing a chunk of the story line. maybe even 3. Because that game is substantially harder, so MP3 will be a walk in the park compared to MP2. (from my experience)
  10. I truly hope the cape isn't gone, I used it all the time. And I'll miss Dr. Mario Anyways, this makes me think more than ever than Luigi will have his Vacuum cleaner from his GCN game. EDIT: Oh yeah, and the air stage its gonna rock, IMO.
  11. Yes, it did. I remember right after Samus' ship left at light speed, another ship, which I think is the Ice dude's ship, came to the screen and then sped to light speed too. Whether if it fallowed Samus or not is up to us to imagine.
  12. Indeed. That game was great on its time, and for me is as great as it ever was. For some reason I like this game better than C&C3 I don't know about anyone else, but I think the old C&C has something the other does not, I just cant explain it. Oh yeah and the music is just fantastic, something the C&C3 could really improve on.
  13. 1 question: The ship that appears at the end of the 100% ending is the same ship of the Ice Hunter (sorry I forgot his name), right?
  14. I finally found it!!!!!!!! Its from the 5th Element: Priest Vito Cornelius: Because it is evil, absolutely evil. President Lindberg: One more reason to shoot first. Priest Vito Cornelius: Evil begets evil, Mr. President. Shooting will only make it stronger. EDIT: The other line he uses is this one: Mondoshawan: Priest, you and those before you ... But war is coming And there is 1 more, but I cant get it.
  15. My God its taking forever to load a minute long vid I think I'll check back tomorrow.
  16. I always thought why wouldn't they implement the speed booster in Prime series, and then I thought that it would be very complicated to do so. Thinking that you'd need very long corridors and stuff, it would not have worked so well. And personally I don't think they'll remake the Original Metroid in 3D if they made a remake already. And about SM, it would be hard to translate it to 3D, but I think it could work.
  17. Don't you guys think that the game developers will remove the knee from Brawl? I'm sure they didn't mean to make the knee THAT powerful. I assume they'll remove it or make it less powerful.
  18. Or Phazon, Well, couldn't she have called her ship to the spot in where she was, I could see the sky from there, but to escape w/o a worm hole thats a hard one. Well, Samus always has tricks under her sleeve, doesn't she?
  19. I remember i had a similar issue once i while back, but instead of not being able to turn it on, it would not turn off. So i just unplugged it from the wall and it never happened again. I remember it happened just after my 1st use of Opera.
  20. Ill try to find the PC building Bible then, and thx for the recommendations.
  21. ROFL Thats an incredible idea! Ill try to do it too
  22. Yay, I finally beat the game 96% Im only missing 1 missile, 1 life tank and 2 ship missiles. [spoilers] I think that the animation of Dark Samus echoing herself was pretty neat. [/spoilers] Very Cool game! I enjoyed it a lot. I hope that any other FPS on the Wii, from now on, will have as good control (or better) as MP3
  23. So, I check out both avadirect.com and velocitymicro.com and I find them both really good. I think its a lot better than buying a PC from Alienware.com or Dell. And yeah you're right, Dell bought Alienware.
  24. Imma buy a new gaming pc and I was wondering about wether to buy a Dell's XPS or an Alienware for a gaming computer. Any help? BTW I'm thinking about spending around $3000 top.
  25. Maybe you can unlock assist trophies from the bosses you kill on the adventure mode, which IMO would be really cool.
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