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  1. I totally agree with you. DS has great potential and I'd love to see her/it as a playable character. I think Ridley and the Space Pirates would better fit as ATs
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! And may you have many more to come
  3. It would be incredibly funny if they accentuate Kirby's ass too
  4. Oops... OMG I cant believe I made that mistake
  5. Can it really be possible that no one's watched the show? or that no one likes it? Come on u guys?!
  6. The stage flips because in MP when the space station would go down into Aether it would be upside down (and full of water) So it makes perfecet sence that they would do such thing. Personally I love this new stage. And I really dont like the new music they posted.
  7. Anyone ever plays coin battle? I've had the game since it came out and I've played coin battle like 20 something times. Now it has bills too... I wonder how is that gonna work... :S
  8. So, I've been fallowing the series since it started and I gotta say I really like it, but something really bugged me during last week episode (the one in Peru). One of the British boys who left the race because he didnt want to be part of a "violent" act. I thought it was the biggest bullshit I've heard in a long time, the bastard just didn't wanna be whipped, that is all. Because if he wouldn't be part of any "violent" act he would have never join the entire competition. What do you guys thing? And for the ones that dont know what "Last One Standing" is, just click the link.
  9. Indeed. The picture speaks for itself. EDIT: I also agree with amarriedmegaphone, That I've fallowed this site and its music since 2001. So it kinda hurts when something like this happens.
  10. You dont understand though. This Megaman talk is the weekend talk, and weekend talks usually have nothing to do with updates.
  11. Im personally glad that he is just an AT. WaLuigi is my least favorite character from the Mario Series. IMO he was created to give Wario a companion just for the hell of it.
  12. Tints, S-type car mats, boombox and new rims for my new car I'm pretty sure ill just get the tints and carmats, but I can dream. Also an 80G iPod EDIT: You forgot to mention dildo, vibrator or a mix of the two.
  13. 14 That would be super cool. And I really hope they bring back Mute City because it was one of my favorites. Unless they come up with a new really cool stage for Cptn. Falcon that will take from the previews 2 and improve on them + really cool music. That would be the winning formula
  14. I would, but they would have to make the game differently, like from Ganondorf's perspective or something like that. It would be LoZ: The trials of Ganondorf
  15. Thx, Schwaltzvald. I did that and now it works perfectly fine
  16. I was browsing the net with Opera in the Wii and all of the sudden the Wiimote disconnected. The batteries are full, so thats not the problem. I tried syncing the Wiimotes again, but it didnt solve the problem either. I cannot turn on the console with the Wiimotes and even if the console is on, on the "press A button" screen the Wiimotes wont do crap. What do you guys think it is? Im really desperate /cry
  17. Here is a nice interview of Mike Morhaime from IGN about the merge: Click HERE
  18. Lol, I wish we could get it today... /cry And yeah... I'd love to play against you Atma
  19. I believe, Atma, that that is because Mario is joining Peach's brawl, so he cannot customize anything. If I'm correct Peach should have made all the customizations ahead of time and then wait for players to join. (Hopefully I'm correct) EDIT: Boo... Bigfoot beat me to it
  20. Ditch WindowsMP and Download: VLC Media Player (Best player I have ever used) from www.videolan.org It works for every file you can possibly imagine and will play videos that freeze. (its happened to me too and this player played it with no problems) Highly recommended player and its totally free
  21. I use Smart Audio Converter, it converts: AC3, VOX, OGG, A-LAW, GMS, G729, MP3, WAV, WMA, MP2, ADPCM, IMA ADPCM, G726, G723, G721 and MPC It works perfectly fine to me. The only downside is that costs 20 bucks, but you can pay it with PayPal.
  22. Yay! I hope Poke-Floats, and the 2 F-Zero stages make a come back then.
  23. Yeah, I had the most difficult with swimming, compared to M64 or Sunshine, swimming in this game is a bit harder. I also found Spring Mario to be a lil bit anoying at times.
  24. I think Atma is completely right. Why dont you just watch 4 [very hard] computers fight each other instead. I think it would be pretty much the same. If it had the names of the people fighting, then it would be a much better feature.
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