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  1. To make this a bit more accommodating I moved the start time ahead to 11:00 PM Central.
  2. My god Suzu's right. Making appropriate change! EDIT: Also, if it would be better to move it ahead an hour to 11 instead of midnight, chime in and let me know and we can do it earlier.
  3. RESULTS OF FIRST ROUND! Download the .RAR here. Download the chat log at here. If any of these downloads don't work let me know. I'm working on some server issues. !!!TIME CHANGE!!! Compo Date / Time: TONIGHT - Tuesday, Oct. 2nd - 11:00 PM This is a music compo that has no direction other than to give people the motivation to just MAKE something (something I have a problem with all the time). Instead of there being a theme of any sort that may cause someone to turn away because they don't feel they can make something in a certain style, they can just make whatever they want. I encourage original music in this. An Hour and Flikteen minutes will last just that. You'll have an hour to put something together, and perhaps 15 minutes or so to do any quick cleanup and effect work and such that you couldn't do in the hour of creation time. We will meet in #flikomp on the EnterTheGame IRC server. Don't worry. This isn't some competition or anything. This is purely a way to motivate people who have difficulty coming up with music to make. Anyone can join in. You may use whatever tools you normally use to make your music, just as long as you can make an MP3 out of it in the end so everyone can listen. When you make your MP3, it can be e-mailed to flikomp@gmail.com. Once received I will put everything into a RAR file and upload it to my server for all to download. If you have dialup this could be a problem, but we'll do what we can. I'll try my best to make this a weekly thing. There may not be a specific date set for it. Odds are I'll just make a new thread for it or something and let people know what time I'll be starting it that night. Weekends are iffy since I'm out of town so much during them. If you miss out on one, don't worry, there will be more! And don't fret if you think your original tune sucks. This compo is so you can make stuff and in turn get better! Hope to see you there, and happy music making!
  4. Odds of me on the east coast again Joe are pretty slim. I never want to make that drive again (especially alone), and I generally hate flying. Plus if I did go to Mag I'd probably go, "Games...meh. Booze...meh. Girls...[shrug]. JoeCam...[boner]" and that would really be it. It's so big now anyway no one would know who the Flik is and why he's so damn awesome
  5. Yeah, hanging out with some people way after the event 'ends' was pretty damn fun. Sadly it was the only Magfest I'd ever go to and really miss being around those people. If you don't have to be back to where you came from anytime soon, stick around there and just chill. It was great.
  6. If that's the case, someone's interpretation may sound like porno music from a donkey show during one section and then cut to a dainty piano tune with the sounds of a janitor mopping up vomit from an elementary school hallway. I mean, you've got the essence of good and evil with both sides of that, right? Anyway I didn't exactly help matters much there, but I will stand by how I feel about the theme not really giving anyone a proper idea to work off of. I hope I'm proved wrong though and a few brave souls take on the challenge.
  7. Honestly, I don't like the theme either, or at least the way it's described. I doubt I'll make a comeback with this one but if I have some last minute inspiration I'll try something.
  8. Ok, while in the process of cleaning a mass quantification of junk out of my basement, drinking smirnoff grape, and sitting in chat, I just now came up with the perfect way to start my track. When I'm done destroying everything down here I'll head up to the "studio" and get something started.
  9. Best I can decipher is that it's a conflict of choice between choosing the good side or the bad side.
  10. Damn Shael. 100% amazed at your progress. Keep this up!
  11. I just ended up covering Take On Me (link), and I have been debating for a while if I wanted to make an attempt at a Neverending Story cover at some point. I've got a couple variations buzzing around my head, so no idea what I'd end up with.
  12. Awesome. If it's the track I'm thinking of (the level where you blast rockets into the evil head) then I may have some neat ideas to try out when I'm back in town after this weekend.
  13. I'm tempted to take a stab at one of the remaining tracks. Maybe the final level if it's still open...
  14. Oooo...singing! Interesting.
  15. I wanted it to sound close to the original because I thought it sounded best that way. I've never 'covered' a song before, so I wanted to give it a try. The main reason for even doing this remix / cover was because my dad and I had started a little competition between each other on who could make a cover of the song the fastest. He used to play the song on keys in one of his old bands, so it was a fun thing for us to do. Unfortunately he had to drop out due to work stress, so I just kept tinkering with mine over time. There's tons of ways I could have made the song different, but I just didn't want to. I really liked the way the original sounded and wanted my version to follow it in that regard, except me putting my own twist to it. There's lots of things I wished I could have done with this version, such as live guitar in the breakdown section, but I couldn't find anyone to do it, so sampled guitar here I come! So, besides me being fairly unoriginal, I hope it's still enjoyable...for an 80's song.
  16. I had still wanted to do one more change to this, but I just need to consider this done. So, hopefully to be somewhat enjoyed, here's my final version of my Take On Me remix / cover / whatever it is. Flik - Take On Me Thanks to Mustin for helping mix in the vocals.
  17. The only person off the top of my head that I can think of is Mustin's old girlfriend Erin. I don't have her number in my phone so I can't call her, but I'm sure Mustin has been trying already.
  18. This hits me hard as I'm in Minneapolis all the time, and I've been calling friends for a while making sure they were ok. Around 6:00pm today the I-35W bridge collapsed into the Mississippi River. Many cars plunged into the river, and a lot of people are injured and dead. That bridge is only 40 years old, and the god damn thing failed. My thoughts go out to everyone involved in this shit.
  19. Thanks! Glad you like it. A few nights ago I re-recorded all of the vocals again and sent them off to a pro to edit and master. Hopefully they're able to get it to sound better than I could. I also adjusted some volumes a tiny bit. There's a little bonus I hid in there that I'm sure people in this community will pick up on in the final.
  20. I pretty much start out by singing the whole thing all the way through (it really isn't that hard). Then I went back and started chopping out sections that I wanted to redo and did those. In the end I pretty much end up redoing everything anyway, but hey it's experience. It's times like this I wish I still worked at a music store with a large studio I could play in during the wee hours of the night, and not my bedroom that measures 8x12' (might be smaller actually).
  21. Hot damn. If VGFrequency came back I'd probably start making music again.
  22. You should still be able to get it back. I let one of my domains expire with Network Solutions, and even after the fact they still held onto it and kept emailing me giving me chances to renew it. Email the support people with your registrar and I'm sure they'll help you out and let you know that you can still renew it.
  23. Thanks for the input and responses guys. I've done a bit more tinkering and I think I've got a fairly solid plan down on how to finish it. I'm going to try leaving some of the lead synth stuff in, but put it in the background to compliment the vocal track. The vocal track is going to be re-recorded again, hopefully this time with me not pushing so hard and going out of pitch as much. Someone else with then edit the vocals in properly and apply the right effects to get them to fit in. I just don't have the plug-ins and effects to do that properly myself at this time. And I know I'm not Morten and don't have his voice, but it's fun to try! Hell, I've been able to pull of his 20+ second note sustain in Summer Moved On. That has to count for something Thanks again for listening.
  24. Still needs minor tweaking I'm sure, but here's a new WIP with a synth lead instead of my wiggity wack vocals. http://www.technimare.com/TakeOnMe_Music_7-13-07.mp3 I think I realized some of my faults with the vocals I had, but I'll save messing with that version for later. I think the synth version plays itself well, though there's always stuff I'm sure I could improve on.
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