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  1. awwwWWW ASSPOTATOS! I totally spaced on the new deadline and didn't redo my vox. fuuuudge. My apologies to whoever hears mine.
  2. After listening to my vox again I realized I may want to TRY and redo them if possible. Good god do I sound like me...
  3. Sorry WesPip, but it seems like Winnipeg is just too Canadian for a meetup! Fargo is only half Canadian like, so it's more ideal, except for there being nothing to do here (no more arcades, except for my basement). If you do end up having a meetup there though I hope it goes well. Not really worth having a meetup here anymore since Beatdrop was gay and moved to Hawaii to work on his tan lines.
  4. Dude, don't worry about it. Doesn't matter how much your stuff sucks or even if you don't think you're that good. This is all in good fun. Plus, can't gain experience without trying, you know?
  5. Heheheh...I don't know what I'm thinking when I do stuff like this. A bunch of out of tune Ooo'ing and Ah'ing, mixed with some pseudo beatboxing and playing of the strumstick (I just can't help myself!). Playing a string instrument with a gimp finger was fun too! I actually don't like how it sounds, mainly since I haven't worked on music in many many months. I also just completely winged everything with no planning or practice, but hey, this is all in good fun right? After some more minor level adjustments I'll PM you the MP3 link.
  6. I dropped a manhole cover on my hand and am in a bit of pain, so maybe I'll just try and belt out a random humming / oooh'ing / aaah'ing thing tonight for fun. I could care less if it placed or if anyone liked it. Gotta do something to take my mind off the throbbing pain.
  7. I MIGHT try and get in on this. Maybe it'll be my comeback into actually doing something with music.
  8. Winnipeg? What? No. FARGO. Silly Winnipegonian... You know Flik's place is the best for hanging out, even though you've never been here.
  9. If anybody actually wanted it here is the link for the Lunar VGF tribute remix that I made for the end of the show. I'm not going to bother defending it anymore, so if it was bad, no need to mention it. I get it.
  10. Well, I ended up getting about an hour and a half of sleep before work, but I think it was worth it to hear the show to the end. Hopefully I can keep working and not fall asleep. As for me never singing again Dhsu, don't count on it. My voice is one of my tools. Just needs to be crafted more. Plus, I made the mix pretty fast and didn't even have reference music to base it off of. It was just for fun. I'm sure it was the harmonizing as I got a lot of crap about that. Whatever I guess. Got the point across... Anyway, good run Larry. It'll suck not having VGF to look forward to, but no one could have expected the show to go on forever. Maybe someday you'll do something similar to it again, but for now best of luck on your move and getting into a decent job! Keep in touch.
  11. Well, hopefully the final show doesn't air too late since I'd really like to hear the end of it
  12. Hopefully I can get my final VGF bumper / intro done. It's tough. It's making me realize once again why I don't do remixes. Course...it doesn't help that I don't have the source music to listen to.
  13. Damn, I should make Larry one final bumper or something to celebrate the final show.
  14. I totally forgot there was a show.
  15. "My furnace is getting a new house..." And I wasn't even drunk!
  16. Honestly didn't think this old mix would warrant any newer comments, but I'm glad you guys are enjoying it.
  17. 1st Dzyre, that's cool if you can rap better than me, and that's no big deal. I'm not a rapper at heart so it's not something I'm going to take a lot of time to improve on. I do it for fun on occasion, such as for this project. And of course it's apparent that we sound like a bunch of white idiots that can't rap well, and that's sort of the point. Obviously you don't respect that fact, but I'm not going to ask you to. If I actually had the drive and means to do actual rap I likely could. But I don't, so I won't right now. I do request that you show some of the rap work you have done. I'd like to hear your style, not as some backhanded way of saying, "Hey, you really aren't that good!", but if you say you're good, I'd like to hear it, and I'm sure many others here would as well. Glad you were able to enjoy some aspects of the track though.
  18. I'm glad many of you enjoy the track. It was fun to be part of a project again.
  19. If anyone wants a copy of that retarded test loop I made Larry, you can find it here. I know it was annoying, but at least a few people thought it was funny.
  20. Poopsticks! I never did have time to make the "teen girl squad" style intro for the show. Maybe if I have time tomorrow before the show I can get it to Larry.
  21. I could probably host some stuff for Larry if he wanted since I have tons of space and bandwidth to spare. ...and I miss VGF already...
  22. Larry definatly wins the stamina war. I think I'm close behind though. Never did go to sleep last night, and here I am at work for ten hours now. By the time I get off I'll have been awake for 25 hours! And I'll likely still stay up after getting off. Wheeee!
  23. I keep hearing nothing good of Cooledit. If I were you Larry I'd find a copy of Wavelab.
  24. It takes a bit of creativity to put an audio drama together. While some of the production and voice work could have been a little better in that Dragon Warrior drama, it was still quite creative and fairly funny.
  25. And I ended up being late for work! WHEEEEE!!! Not horribly late, but late enough to get on air a half hour late and miss one program.
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