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  1. [shrug] I may just end up with two versions at some point then. I'll likely make the synth only version the priority since I just want to get this done so I can move onto something else!
  2. Yeah, I guess calling it a remix is pretty much incorrect. I added a few elements of my own here and there, but yeah it's mostly a cover. Guess I didn't really know how to define it. The main reason I even tried covering this song was that my dad and I were having a competition of our own on who could make one faster. He had to drop out due to work stress, so I ended up lagging on mine. I'm just glad I've gotten it to where it is. I just hope the final will reflect how great the original was.
  3. [shrug] I'll give it a shot. http://www.technimare.com/Chris%20Serani%20-%20Take%20On%20Me_WIP_7-12-07.mp3 EDIT: If that still doesn't work, try this one. http://directorflik.googlepages.com/ChrisSerani-TakeOnMe_WIP_7-12-07.mp3 And if neither of those work, then maybe this wasn't meant to be heard! I'm still able to download by doing a save as, so the situation confuses me.
  4. Heh, you probably won't want to hear it after hearing my vocals Oddly enough, I tried downloading myself and the "Ok" button in the download window of Firefox never highlighted, but when I right clicked and did a "save as" on the file it worked fine. Perhaps try doing that? I have no idea why it's not working normally, unless the server hates my vocals just as much as I do.
  5. Must have been a server hiccup as it worked last night and currently works at the moment.
  6. I'm sick to death of working on this. I now despise my own singing voice after realizing I can't actually make myself sound good, so I'll probably either dump the vocals in the final and replace them with a synth, or have someone else do them. Obviously this isn't video game music, but it is a remix. Please take a listen and toss some feedback my way. I'm sure I'm going to hear a lot of bad, but I'm expecting it. www.technimare.com/Chris%20Serani%20-%20Take%20On%20Me_WIP_7-12-07.mp3 EDIT: Link to the synth only version (instead of scrolling down for it). http://www.technimare.com/TakeOnMe_Music_7-13-07.mp3
  7. I was looking to try and get back into this, but after reading the concept for this one I don't know whether to jump off a building, cut my wrists, or set everything on fire. The theme has sparked not an ember of thought in my mind. I'll mull it over a bit and see if something develops, buuuuuut in my opinion I don't think it's a very good theme. That's just me whining though. Good luck to those that actually have an idea for this.
  8. I was there with Dale North and Mustin. We went to the Wednesday concert. I tossed some videos up on YouTube of the few things I captured. http://youtube.com/profile?user=ChrisSerani Concert was damn awesome by the way. Had a chance to hang out back in the Green Room a bit and talk with Tommy and Jack Wall, as well as some other neat people.
  9. Gaaaaay. I'll be on vacation during this one. Unless I can make something on Dale North's machine, I won't be in on this one.
  10. In an effort to get myself back into doing creative works I shoved my microphone in the face of the orange cat that currently lives in my house. She's usually way more vocal than what I recorded, but it's still, very cattish. She has a fetish for crumpled up paper balls, so that usually a catalyst for meowing. Meow meow CLICK ME
  11. I was going to try and make a comeback with this one, but I just didn't allocate time properly to do so.
  12. Yay! I'm glad people are still loving and despising this remix. Brings tears of joy to my eyes!
  13. Ok, so technically if the auto generated stuff is there and my username hasn't been officially signed up, I can sign up and take some control of what's there? Whoop, I actually just tried registering Flik and it looks like someone else took it. Guess I have no control at all there. Edit: Ok...so apparently I can't actually register a username with a space between words. How the crap am I supposed to register my real name when it won't allow it, yet it's shown that way in the auto generated stuff? Man that site sucks for when the real artist wants to sign up.
  14. So I google myself again for fun and end up finding a last.fm page for "Flik" which is also linked from here. How and who made that? It's inaccurate as I did not make everything shown there. There's even a last.fm page made for my real name. I guess it's kind of cool that those are there, but I didn't make them and really don't want inaccurate info on them (can I even control what's in there?). Can someone fill me in on what this is all about?
  15. Bumping because more people need to download this and make sexy comments on it. Seriously, this is very worth your time to listen to at LEAST once. I've got this burned and in my car CD changer now. Thankfully I replaced my stock speakers with stuff that doesn't suck because these tracks kick HAAARRRD. And if you have subs you'll probably have a Beatdropgasm.
  16. The long winded intro is a bit different since it seems to take a long time before actually getting into the recognizable theme. It could end up working out in the end when you're finished I suppose. A couple things I've noticed so far. It seems to sound a bit too mechanical at this point. I'm assuming you're manually entering all notes by mouse instead of using a keyboard controller to aid you. If this is the case then all of your notes are the exact same length and exact same velocity unless you've manually adjusted everything to sound a bit more human. The reverb used also sounded like it could use a bit more depth and probably a little less in the mix. Hard to fully tell at this point since I'm at work and listened on smaller speakers. I'd have to listen again in my studio later to get a better idea. It definitely needs a lot of work to be a decent mix. A lot more instrumentation is needed and a good bit more life pushed into the mechanical-ness of it. I did a remix of this same track myself years ago when I was getting the hang of Reason a bit more. Was a fun piece to do.
  17. Whoop, I didn't even know that video was up yet! Duncan did a sweet job with his usual editing skills. Nothing like doing a video collaboration hundreds of miles apart.
  18. Wow. Wasn't expecting to have done so bad this round, but I'm not surprised nor am I sore about it. I hadn't made music in six months, only spent a day and a half on what I submitted, and completely trashed my original idea (the stuff you heard was actually the end of my original concept). [shrug] Can't win them all. The people who did win deserved it very much!
  19. Dude, who cares if your entry doesn't exactly fit the theme. Good god, just wait till you hear how "I" interpreted the theme. You will either A) Be confused, or Dance. While I'd rather have spent more time to shape something to the theme better, I really didn't care too much in this case. I haven't made anything in ages so I just wanted to get something done for once.
  20. Oh f-ing cock bunnies. I didn't realize the deadline was PST, which gives me 30 minutes to finish. Uuuugh. They should just make deadlines that say "Due midnight in your timezone."
  21. If you want to see what errors are occurring before the auto reboot you need to disable the "reboot on failure" option in the system. Go into the system settings in control panel and go to the Advanced tab. In there, disable the "reboot on failure" setting. That should halt the system on a critical error screen instead of rebooting and making you wonder what just happened. I'd also recommend going to Start ---> Run and then typing "msconfig". This will get you into the config settings for windows. Go to the startup tab in there and see what things are trying to load up when windows starts. Try turning off suspected programs one at a time and have it reboot normally to determine what's causing the problem. Best of luck.
  22. Depends on if you want a game for collector value or to just play. If you want a more trouble free cart, get the modified version if it's fairly cheap. If you're after collector value then get the untouched one. It's not like you're going to see the modifications on the cart with the replaced battery. All that stuff is on the inside.
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