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  1. Should've said I was away, I was at work. Just got your msg on MySpace. *edit* Hmm.. seems MySpace is lame and you have to be my friend for me to reply. The card is in excellent condition, I've had it for about 2 years and its been out of my PC sitting in its original box since spring this year. Since I'm on the east coast and you're on the west coast shipping is gonna be $8 for USPS Priority Mail. My PayPal e-mail is neomajingeodood@hotmail.com
  2. If no one else shows any interest (still haven't heard from Cree) then this will be going on eBay probably tonight or tomorrow night. I'd like to get rid of it here before having to go to eBay.
  3. I've had a WIP of this for a while (the WIP with live guitars) and had loved it.. this final version is amazing.
  4. I have all three.. you can find AIM and MySpace by checking out my forum profile. My screenname for AIM is the same as my forum name, btw. Per what I said in #ocremix earlier: -(18:47:38)- <Majin_GeoDooD> it was great for me when i used it.. RCA jacks made things much easier -(18:47:47)- <Majin_GeoDooD> could hook up the mixer easily.. could output to my stereo -(18:48:35)- <Majin_GeoDooD> had to go back to onboard sound though.. got a new video card that could only go in one slot right next to the card and they were almost touching
  5. Figured I'd ask around here before going the eBay route.. I'm selling an M-Audio Audiophile 2496, a great card for the budget musician. You can view all the specs here - http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/MAudio-Audiophile-2496-PCI-Digital-Audio-Card?sku=701341 SOLD
  6. The database is lacking GHIII and I think that should be rectified.
  7. I was wondering why I got a friend request from 'Mazedude Productions' on MySpace.. haha.
  8. I'm selling my copies of FF3 and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow for anyone interested. Cases and manuals for each, the FF3 case is slightly dirty/scratched up, but only on the plastic covering. $15 each (plus shipping) or both for $35 shipped (CONUS). PayPal is my preferred method of payment. PM me if interested.
  9. Anytime I open my tube amp I'm EXTREMELY careful not to touch anything that I don't have to. I'll also never open it if I've played it in the past couple days, just to make sure that the caps are as drained as they can be (without me draining them myself). They can definitely easily kill. I'd never open a TV, I have no problem opening up a tube amp, I'm just not familiar enough with the innards of a TV.
  10. Case fans allow better air flow through the case, bringing in cool air and taking out hot air. If you aren't having any CPU/GPU temp issues then I wouldn't worry about getting any fans.
  11. Eh, the purple coin challenge only took me a few tries.. you just gotta plan your path out and figure out how not to screw yourself. The bubble trial galaxy pissed me off moreso than the ball one, though some might think it'd be the other way around.
  12. I still love OoT.. I play through it every couple years. I loved Mario 64, but I've never gone back and played it for any longer than 5-10 minutes.
  13. You may be right there. I'm sure the people that want to watch the good matches may go to YouTube.. but I'm sure there will be some good matches showing up on Spectator mode. Sakurai is right though by saying the mode will be good for beginners or those not good at fighting games.. letting them watch and get the hang of things, or watch a certain characters' moves and how they're utilized, etc.
  14. Yea.. but YouTube compresses the shit out of their video and quality usually decreases a good bit. Wouldn't it be nice to watch a good match on a nice, big TV?
  15. Awesome update.. I can see myself using this a lot.
  16. I'm loving this game.. I've had it since Tuesday and I'm already at 49 stars. I haven't played GHIII since I've had SMG.. and I was playing the shit out of GHIII. The graphics are very nice for the Wii, and the music is indeed amazing.
  17. We had DST, Japan has no DST, so they now update at 2 EST.
  18. Lou is a bitch on hard.. took me prolly 20-25 tries to beat him. Morello wasn't bad on expert, Slash gave me much more trouble.. on expert I'm currently stuck on Cult of Personality.
  19. I dunno how quickly you need the SP2, but you should be able to order an SP2 CD free of charge from MS. I did once before.
  20. I second the emulation suggestion. ePSXe and an ISO (or original game CD) works great. I tried FF7 PC once many years ago back in WinME..
  21. I still haven't heard from Horseboy about our match.. last he said was that it'd be a few weeks. That was prolly close to a couple months ago o.O
  22. Yea cuz the company will really believe that the file is from a legit copy when it can easily be from a pirated copy. Your best bet would be to check some crack/keygen sites.. its up to you to find them.
  23. Hm.. I played a game very similar to that back in the day, might've been that same game.
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