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  1. Never thought I'd run into one this obvious but... here it is SF2 Vega's theme Ananda Shake - Street Fighter
  2. Goldfish - Soundtracks and comebacks starts about 1:24Vs. Sewer Surfing www.youtube.com/watch?v=fH-lLbHbG-A I was suprised
  3. Crazyonr1

    EvE Online

    At least they dropped... still a massive fail, but at least someone got to use them.
  4. Totally bought, this kind of music needs to be supported wholeheartedly. Great job BGC.
  5. This is what Juese Belmont should have sounded like. The cover certainly does the original justice and then some.
  6. I threw "Kirby" into a Napster search one day, looking for Kirby Adventure original music. I happened to download Sgt Rama's Green Greens(ContagiousEyeInfection) which he credits to Superstar, but Green Greens in Green Greens. I was on a nigh insane quest to find where it came from, and happened to find this site.
  7. Damn, just started listening to episode 8, and what was the track called two tracks after the Infected Mushroom- Unbalanced (Baby killer Remix)? The last psytrance on the podcast, if that makes things clearer. Also, keep up the amazing work
  8. One of my favorites that I hear quite often on Chill is Digby Jones Under the Sea
  9. Not sure about the Megaman flash, but could you be thinking of Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom?
  10. Crazyonr1


    http://thisspartanlife.com/8bit.php This is what got me interested in 8-bit tunes
  11. I've been looking for all of DD's non OCR mixes for probably years... or at least 2 computers ago, but someone finally posted a full zip of everything that was on his old site, I'm pretty sure http://www.themmnetwork.com/community/index.php?showtopic=1980 Thank god for Google
  12. Another vote for this, I haven't been able to put Audiosurf, Braid or World of Goo down. I don't think I've had this much fun for 30 bucks in a long time
  13. Crazyonr1

    EvE Online

    Ha ha, wow, I'm glad this thread is still going on. The raven pictures made me want to log in just to stare at my caldari navy Raven such an awesome ship And yeah, Stealth bombers are great when you actually use them smartly, as in Cloaking to 4/5 Covert ops to 4/5 and Torpedo SPECIALIZATION to 3/4 , that means Torpedoes to 5... I still haven't done it, but then again, I use my Raven for missions, and only touch my stealth bomber for killing structures, or just screwing around when I know I'm safe. They're great, but they ARE made out of paper. The only thing that saves them is the fact that they're frigate sized... and maybe a speed tank, but I've never tried it All of this reminded me to check my Cruise missile skill, 20 minutes to level 5, then specialization By the way, does anyone still go into the OCR channel anymore? Or does anyone still know about it? I've been pretty bad about it myself
  14. I hope someone splits this up, its gonna be a lot of music, but from what I heard tonight, it'll be fantastic. What time GMT does the party start up again?
  15. Very cool mix, can't stop listening to it. Very electro-industrial while also being somewhat 8-bit in parts. Quite a busy song, while still being simple enough that each element can stand on its own. Never got very far in FFVI but this mix really makes the Strago theme stand out.
  16. Hmmmm...I've done all 3 cases, but generally I'd say I use A as a starting point
  17. Crazyonr1

    EvE Online

    Yeah... Sometimes it feels like a second job Oh yeah, and rifters ARE fun ships, but speed tanks are the way to go... otherwise they're paper thin
  18. This music is beyond mind-blowing, and not just because it is 3 am, crushing together zelda, megaman, and mario was nuts Kudos sir, that is the most blown my mind has ever been, and in the best of ways
  19. 2:22 was awesome, and all I can hear now is maybe a tiny bit more of Green greens, then figure out some way to tie both the Rainbow resort and the Green Green themes together, maybe ending with one of the victory fanfares and just cutting off Nice work, all in all, can't wait to hear the finished product
  20. Excellent stuff man, just watched all 4 of your "lecture" videos, and they were both humorous and informative. A+ work, can't wait to see more.
  21. While they're all a pain, the most frustrating would have to be C to me.
  22. Two suggestions, since this thread comes up every once in a while http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01132/ and http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01459/ Those two always seem to work well
  23. This isn't in any particular order, just sorta as they came to me 1. Marble Madness 2. Battle Toads 3. Earthbound/Mother 2 4. Battle Toads and Double Dragons 5. Megaman 5 Madness does need love though, its an awesome game with a badass soundtrack
  24. The first song I really tried to play by ear (more than once, and it sounded decent) was the Password screen from Megaman 3, from there it really went to the Super Mario theme, and currently I'm working out the castle theme from Super Mario World, all on the piano
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