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  1. Haha I'm serious I don't know how to master dude, TRUST me I wish I did... I hear some of the stuff on this site and I just drool at how polished and perfect it sounds. The only thing I added was an effect in Sonar called Boost 11 because some of the tracks were ridiculously low, but that was it. BTW the sounds are from two old JV-2080s. Some of the oldest stuff in my studio, but nearly every song I've ever worked on has them.
  2. Thanks, the older Roland stuff I still love because it has that old quasi-realistic sound they had before the multi-gigabyte sound libraries came out and it definitely has a classic gamey feel to it.
  3. Thanks Damon!! and Rainen I definitely missed the sound from the mid - late '90's as well - one of the reasons I wanted these to sound the way they did. Don't worry about not commenting on everything, I'm glad you enjoyed.
  4. I just posted this on my page and figured that I'd post it here as well because the project would likely be enjoyed by fans of the classic RPG music which actually brought me to this site in the first place about 10 years ago. The Three Realms was a concept soundtrack / album I started a few years ago and never completed. It was originally supposed to be accompanied by a bunch of artwork as well as a detailed story and presented on a website, but the amount of time required to complete both the artwork and the site ended up being too demanding for the schedules of myself and the others involved. I completed about 22 song drafts for the project to get a proper direction and to illustrate the emotion of the scenes / areas to the artists as we were working. These are what I’m posting here. They’re at different levels of completion, and unfortunately, having sold some equipment and having changed workstations in the middle of the project will prevent me from finishing most of these songs unless I start them from scratch again (which currently I don’t have the time to do with 22 songs). So I figured either these songs sit on the hard drive and collect digital dust for the next few months/years, or I put them out there for others to hear and (hopefully) enjoy, despite some songs being rather rough and obviously unfinished and unpolished. Regardless, here are 20 original tracks from what I was planning to be a sort of musical and artistic love letter project to the composers and soundtracks who have to in no small way shaped a lot of my style. There’s a ton of Final Fantasy and Zelda influences here, since that was the game music I loved to listen to growing up as a gamer, as well as largely the music which got me interested in game music and in remixing on OCR in the first place. I wanted the project to have a synthy orchestra feeling to it, to mimic some of the SNES / early PS1 games of the time. I learned a lot from these works (especially about how much I still have yet to learn about arranging and orchestration), but I can definitely say I’m proud of a few tracks in the batch. Hopefully at some point I’ll revisit this unfinished world with more time, better instruments, and more people to help. In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys what's here so far. Please don't hesitate to comment - I'm interested for future projects to hear which particular tracks people liked and what I could do differently. Thanks for reading, and Enjoy! This is the link to my page, in which you can preview all of the tracks and download. http://mcvaffe.com/?page_id=532 This is the direct link to download the ZIP file of all of the songs http://mcvaffe.com/originals/McVaffe%20-%20The%20Three%20Realms.zip
  5. very awesome, at times reminds me a little of zero 7, and at other times some of the original Katamari soundtrack, which I loved. great stuff, thanks for sharing
  6. Woohoo!! Is this like myspace?? do I have to say "thanks for the add?" Oh man myspace sucks!! Kudos on the FL9 demo! You guys are officially the power couple of game audio!! =)

  7. Someone sent me something about the DC anniversary and I remember thinking to myself the Dreamcast was the last game system that (to me) really blew its predecessors out of the water in terms of how the games looked. Growing up, from NES to SNES to N64 (or SMS to Genesis to Saturn / PS1) every new system that came out was better enough than what had come before that there was real excitement and a "wow" factor about the new graphics and sounds the system could handle (even if some of those initial games sucked). N64, Saturn, and PS1 games were a big step in the 3D direction but when I saw Sega Rally or Sonic Adventure for the first time my jaw just dropped. Since that launch, new systems have more and more lost the "wow" factor in terms of what they could offer that their predecessors couldn't (Wii's motion control notwithstanding). Sure there's a bunch of great games being made these days but I can't say I don't miss the hardware launches where my jaw would hit the floor in seeing what's possible. I don't expect to see anything like that for some time now, but I'd love to be proven wrong.
  9. Glad to have you guys back again!! listened to half already - great stuff...
  10. Great production work. I didn't really laugh all that much but these things typically aren't my type of humor. Great job putting it together though, the footage looked great.
  11. Kudos DD!! Good for you!! Though I will always secretly hate you for climbing and falling out of that tree in central park and re-routing one of the first OCR NYC meetups from a trip out to my place to a trip to the hospital instead. I'm still waiting for another NYC meetup that doesn't take place in the height of the holiday season. =( Regardless, best wishes!!
  12. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy birfday!!!! =) =) =)
  13. I like the idea, and it sounds like it would work with a trance soundtrack. I'm just recommending keeping in mind what a niche genre trance is and how few people of the general population actually listen to / like it. Games like Amplitude / Frequency did well because they had a variety of electronic adaptations of songs that weren't specifically limited to trance / house tracks. Personally, I like some trance, but I can't count the number of times I'd be listening to it and one of my friends would say something like "Turn that sh%t off! It's giving me a headache and it all sounds the same." Then they go listen to hip hop...
  14. depends on the game. Without either being a puzzle game or something so abstract that trance just "fits" - trance wouldn't really work with many games as proper BGM. And designing a game around trance music for the sake of the music itself may not be the best idea. From my experience trance tends to irritate those who aren't into it. You could show them all the hiphop and r&b tunes you want with trance leads and synth arpeggios but most people I know who aren't into trance hear it and react to it the same way the vast majority of the people on this site do to hip hop - with either disinterest or disgust. It's not really good or bad - just is what it is...
  15. Weird story but years ago a friend of mine was in Gamestop (she knew the employees there). One of the employees' phone rang and his ringtone was my Ice Capped mix from years ago. My friend wasn't into my music enough to know the names or anything, but she had heard the song and told the Gamestop employee 'I think my friend made that song". Sure enough, next time I visited the store the employee opened up his phone, played the ringtone/mp3 and asked "this sound familiar?" A little creepy, but kinda cool. Small world...
  16. Happy birfday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. after playing burnout paradise for a few weeks I was driving on the parkway and had this inexplicable urge to veer across two empty lanes and smash a brightly colored car into the guardrail. True story! Didn't happen though...
  18. I'm always fascinated by stuff like this... it's almost scary to think about how much hardwiring has to do with who we are, how we can perceive and interpret information, and what we're sometimes capable of. Crazy stuff... very cool.
  19. my only reservation about this promotion is knowing how old the software is. It's been awhile since they updated the product lines in this bundle... The marketing cynic inside me half expects to see "BRAND NEW!! KOMPLETE 6 with all new instruments!!" In 2-3 months, with a nice $1000 upgrade price from Komplete 5. They may very well be clearing out the old to make room for the new, but it is a nice price for what they're selling...
  20. These programs are $400... These programs are $400... These programs are 400 fucking dollars... let's get em! Sorry... sometimes I just can't help myself...
  21. Ehh some better than others I would say in retrospect, but as long as people enjoy them then I'm happy. Thanks for the kind words...
  22. Wow... that's kinda harsh. Actually, I think I know what you mean, when writing quickly I make that same mistake all the time. Thanks though! (I think...)
  23. very apropos for the current time. I think some gems from "History" were overlooked and unappreciated for some time now, 'Stranger in Moscow' being my favorite of the bunch. Definitely agree with that tho
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