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  1. I came to this board to add to the praise actually, since I haven't heard from DD in awhile and this remix was very well done and kicks ass. But I will go on to say that comments like the last line, while rather rare, are what made me shy away from the community and remixing in general to some extent. I'm not going to make a big deal out of it, but simply reiterate that some quick comments do a lot more harm than good. But back to the point... Awesome remix. DD continues to make great stuff, it's good to have him back around. -McV
  2. oooh very nice... So relaxing and smoov. Hard to say something nice that hasn't been said before about this one at this point... just good stuff!! Out of curiosity, was a Karma used for this remix? I don't know about the Karma's soundset but I know it can do some gorgeous arpeggio patterns. Curious if it was used since I don't know of any remixes that have used it and I'd like to hear some!! Anyway very nice stuff and definitely look forward to more!! -McV
  3. It was covered before and waaaaaaaaaaaay in the past. I think we should just change all of those damn descriptions just to avoid confusion like this, it isn't necessary anymore. But hey I'm not the one making them, I just make the music. -McV
  4. I really don't frequent the review posts too much, but this particular response got my attention. I think it's great to try to leave responses of constructive criticism for people in order for them to improve. But to go on this website, download the (FREE) songs by a particular artist, and then bitch about how he should work harder because you don't happen to like the style he's using in his excellent remixes is total bullshit. Artists like AE don't have to submit songs to this site, they do it because it's fun and because they want to share their creations with other fans that might enjoy it. To go on these boards and be so disrespectful and rude pretty much invites people who actually APPRECIATE the work that goes into thes songs to basically say "If you don't like it, then please go away." Take your negative attitude and your similarly negative comments somewhere where they are more deserved and perhaps tolerated, and don't try and just shit on some of the best remixes on this site just because they don't happen to tickle your fancy. Nobody's forcing you to like these songs, but if you don't, then have a little more respect than to go around bitching about them. As for AE working harder, I think it is the general consensus on this site that he's one of the least lazy (and most resourceful) remixers around here, and does a great deal of justice to the MegaMan songs. Of course you don't have to agree. But in a place where aspiring artists give their stuff out for free at least have the common decency to talk about the artists and their work with a little respect. Peace -McV
  5. I don't usually post reviews but I gotta say this thing is incredible. Even though I like to do the occasional piano stuff myself I couldn't even dream of doing anything like this... at least not without the years of effort that Spekk has spent harnessing his piano chi. It's nice to see people still practice the piano now and then, the results of such long term effort are apparent here. I don't think I'd be out of line in hoping for a similarly fantastic follow-up to this song =) Kudos man, awesome, awesome work.
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