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  1. i'm not that concerned with listening to surround sound music as I am with listening to mixes that are in better than CD audio quality. No matter what you think of NIN's THE SLIP album, the variety and quality of the formats available were, IMO, definitely a step in the right direction...
  2. I realize that this is probably the most cumbersome way to show off pictures, but since I didn't think my stuff was really good enough (yet) to set up a dedicated site for, I ended up putting all my stuff from the past few years on my MySpace page. For anyone interested, here is the link http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=170331848 Sorry about it being a pain, need to set up a flickr account sometime... when my stuff gets better hopefully!
  3. Ahhh, in that case you are entirely right, and you can now continue your ruleage
  4. Pixie, ya know I love ya, but that's gotta be one of the most "off" remarks you could say. Not that it's racist or anything, but if you're in any major city (or even outside of them), "urban" music is completely taking over. Not even just the ubiquitous crappy pop hip hop and R&B which is all over, but even pop stations are now playing stuff that's predominantly black or "urban," inspired - look at Justin Timberlake, Britney, Nelly Furtado, Madonna, etc... all being primarily produced by black producers to make a very urban sound... I'd agree that the people who look to find new types of music online and vote in these competitions are not exactly the same fans of the "urban" genres, and I think it's a question of venue instead of race. But the audience of urban genres is absolutely gargantuan compared to that of most of the stuff you find online at these sites. Go to any typical record store - you'll find a huge hip hop and R&B section, and typically a small section with electronica / dance (and an even smaller one with classical!) I'm not saying it doesn't suck, I'm just saying that's the way it is. BOO! =(
  5. my goodness those videos are horrendous. I have heart their music before, "Pure Energy" I remember being on the radio a lot. Can't say any new albums of theirs really make me that excited, though it's always puts a little grin on my face when one of those 80's groups suddenly does something new... Do we need a Fine Young Cannibals comeback as well?
  6. I know it's a little counterproductive to the discussion and I don't mean to derail it, but I just had to say... where the hell did you people learn this crap? I had some basic theory lessons years ago but this seems like the equivalent of musical calculus compared to the simple addition I'm used to. Insane...makes me realize how much there is to learn...
  7. dammit, I gotta get a pic of these cupcakes before I finish them all! BUT... they have... SPRINKLES!!! DAMN!!!
  8. LOL... I think I have to finish paying for all of the crap I bought when I had to replace my PC in Feb first. Credit cards are evil =(
  9. Haha damn wasn't expecting this one I saw some of the Bday threads but it didn't even hit me that mine was coming soon... Thank you!! I may be an old biatch but dammit I'm gonan be proud of it. My mom made me cupcakes today. With sprinkles on them. That made me quite happy. I'm not kidding, and I'll get the pictures to prove it soon! Thanks again people!!! =)
  10. Just had a chance to check out this thread again and wanted to make a quick shout to all those who have given words of encouragement... thank you guys!! (and gals). It was a little weird giving an interview but I think it cleared things up for a lot of people wondering where I've been. I may not be as prolific on the SITE as I was when I had multiple personality disorder, but I'm definitely planning a bunch of new remixes as well as other stuff that I'm sure most of the people on this site would be interested in checking out. In any case, thanks for all the kind words. Lord knows I'm certainly not getting rich off any of this stuff, but finding out that you have a few songs that excites or entertains people out there definitely makes it worthwhile in my book...
  11. I mentioned it to him awhile ago before I even sent it in, so he knew about me hoping to come back. That was way before I had any ideas of an interview or anything of the sort. And yeah the FF3 album was indeed an AF joke, I even had to E-Mail him privately and tell him "ummmm... you didn't mention any of this stuff to me dude what's goin on?" So unfortunately while I don't see any FF3 projects I'll be helping him with currently, you never know what the future will bring...
  12. THANK YOU!!! I look forward to being able to show this new stuff I'm working on but unfortunately it's pretty intensive and I have a ton of work to get done before it's all completed. My self-imposed deadline is June 1st, and damn I hope I'm able to pull it off by then, Thanks for listening, I'll try and announce when the project is done!
  13. totally agree with that. and what's more... net every situation calls for a gorgeous, sweeping score. A lot of commercials/ movies/ games/ sites lend themselves perfectly to much more simplistic, repetitious music. It may not be ambitious or emotionally resonant, but if it's appropriate, it works.
  14. I suppose you're right about that one, he is definitely a traditionalist in that sense and his style and ideals certainly have their place. But the flipside would be - if everyone approached music like him - then soundtracks like the ones to Katamari Damacy or Loco Roco would never exist. And as much as I love orchestral arrangements, not having the Katamari soundtrack would make me a very, very sad little man.
  15. It definitely was a great interview and I appreciate a lot of what he was saying but I was a little upset about a bit of classical "elitism" that seemed to come thru in some of his passages. Granted, he's one of the most talented musicians in the industry, and his work is among the most beautiful you could hope to find in any game soundtracks, period. And I definitely agree wholeheartedly with his whole stance on prefab music being overused in the industry. But at the same time, the notion that classical composition is one of the pinnacles of musical achievement to me is a bit narrow-minded, especially as far as the work on this site is concerned. He even seemed to look down on sound design which I suppose makes sense because if you're conducting an orchestra you're basically working with preset sounds (instruments that haven't changed for hundreds of years sometimes). But a lot of great work is based on sound design - on the discovery and creation of entirely new sounds and textures which cannot possibly be performed by any orchestral instrments. Drum loops and samples may be overused, but people can also use them in creative, interesting ways to make songs which are simply impossible to perform. Trust me I'm not crapping on Jeremy's considerable talent. In fact, sometime in my life I'd like to study enough orchestration to be able to compose something that sounds as good as just ONE of his better works. But for all his merits, I wish he would've also emmbraced some of the newer, more modern forms and creation methods of music, instead of simply seeming to dismiss it in defense of orchestral music. There's other music out there that doesn't take 60 performers to play 15 different parts, and it's not fair to say that the experimental stuff is completely without its own musical merits as well.
  16. MkVaff

    Kid Icarus

    This is actually one of the few games (along with probably Panzer Dragoon) that's been abandoned that I would love to see a sequel to. The original game itself was tough as hell but I remember being a big fan of the light hearted take on mythology and the world they set it in. The whole classic mythology in games thing didn't make a reappearance till God of War many years later, but even then it was so ridiculous and over the top violent that there still would be a niche if Nintendo tries to fill it. It'd be a gamble though, Nintendo has been much more about either making their classic epic franchises or multiplayer party games lately (which I would consider Brawl and Mariokart as well), that a project like Kid Icarus might seem really out of the norm for them. They might opt to let a 3rd party developer get a stab at it maybe, but considering how Star Fox Assault turned out, I don't know if I'd be too thrilled with that. Guess we'll have to wait and see, but not expecting much...
  17. I doubt you have to be too concerned with this... this project does set a precedent and it's a great collaboration between a large game company and a community which is not only inspired by it but supports it as well. Adding a whole bunch of superfluous people to their payroll is something they would likely simply avoid by saying "don't worry, our guys can handle the music (I'm sure they have in-house talent up to the task, opinions of their quality compared to the remixes notwithstanding). As well, you gotta remember - when it comes to jobs of passion (as jobs in the entertainment arts certainly are) - competition is so fierce that if you don't agree to get paid little or nothing when you're starting out, you can be sure that there could be dozens - if not hundreds or thousands - of aspiring artists or fans that would take that opportunity in a heartbeat. It's infuriating and perhaps in the large scheme of things unfair. But It's the way companies work. It's still a great step forward in terms of collaboration, community involvement in the game development process, and a company reaching out to its fans in a big way.
  18. PANZER DRAGOON!!! (saga and regular)
  19. MkVaff

    Sony PS3

    Well I don't know if it's all that bad really, but working at a retailer (which as of late has been receiving a steady supply of PS3's) I'll say that they haven't been moving nearly the same way they were in December. Through a Thurs - Sat period (in a busy store nontheless) it took nearly the full 3 days to sell out of 18 consoles. What's really sad, almost everyone just ends up getting NBA or Madden for the console (some of the more educated consumers purchase Resistance, but those are actually much fewer and more far between than one might imagine). But shit, to their credit, at least Sony is actually sending out systems. I haven't been able to find anyone locally who has found a Wii (or any of their damn controllers) on any store shelves in the past 3 weeks or so, which is just crazy. I know they sold out during the holiday season and all, but dammit they should've been able to secure some replenishment by now - instead of nothing.
  20. It has to do with intent. Not everyone is hung up on the past and history and how things once were. Some people are wrapped up in some superficial idea of respect when in essence it goes much deeper than using (or not using) certain vocabulary. With the minority friends and coworkers I spend a lot of my time with, our "racist" differences are much more of a joke these days than anything that separates us. Regardless, if anything it's best to remember that with any music, especially music with lyrics, what you get out of it has a lot to do with your own experiences, culture, and upbringing. I heard this remix and I found no hint of anything offensive with it at all. Unfortunately, some people feel differently. But so long as the original intent of the artist is nothing negative (which has already been discussed), It should be viewed as an expression and as art. As with any art, any number of people can extract any number of ideas from it, but what people read into the song should not override what was originally intended. If we get into censoring and removing songs like this because of reasons like that we'll have censorship issues and an artist focused site, this should be one of the last places where problems like that take place. My apologies for derailing this review thread a bit. I believe this remix, in addition to being great, is an important precedent in content and should remind us that opinions are important, but freedom of expression is also very important with developing artists.
  21. I take it you didn't read the rest of the thread. I agree. That whole argument to me always sounded like it came too much from people on the "outside" thinking they have an idea of what the word (and to some extent the culture) meant. A good 80% of my friends are minorities, many of them being black. I can throw the word nigga around them without them taking offense because they know it's a joke or is meant in an affectionate way. Living in an upper- middle class 95% white neighborhood, I know many more people who would never use the "N" word but would be scared to death if their children was seen talking to a "black kid." So getting all bent up on a word is useless... Actions speak volumes more than a word (especially in this context). If there was a hint of overt racism anywhere in this song, rest assured it wouldn't have been posted.
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