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  1. lol I can just see someone waiting with an oversized butterfly net outside the exit of the movie theater... "A-HA!! WE GOTCHA NOW!!!"
  2. Have to agree on this one, saw it last week and art and animation are absolutely gorgeous. The musical sections were a bit of surprise to me but I loved them, and the story was definitely a cut above some of the recent Disney fare. Definitely the strongest in-house Disney production in ages, and one I could see over and over again for the art design alone. I definitely hope they continue this trend, and that Glen Keane lends his hands to future 3D work.
  3. Feel free to but I'm on AIM so rarely. But definitely feel free =)

  4. To be honest it's more a sentimental collection than one I figure will be worth anything in the future. I wouldn't mind holding onto all of the consoles in the future but if there was a way to get every one of my games magically onto virtual console and store them like that I'd probably be fine with it. I know ROMs work, but it's hard to get em for everything, and they don't usually work as good as the consoles.
  5. Yeah I really can't bring myself to part with em... So many fond memories with the old games - I can look at the console and/or a game for it and usually remember where I was working at the time, where I was going to school, what time of year I was playing it, who I was friends with back then - it's trippy. Being less of a gamer these days by necessity, it's strange to look back and see how much games were a part of my growing up.
  6. I've located some pics of my collection I took around 2005. Oddly enough, it ignores the thread topic completely since I didn't have any PS3 / 360 / Wii games at this point. If I ever put my stuff out again I'll take new pics of it, but for now this is all I have - and sorry about the small pic sizes... http://mcvaffe.com/?p=615
  7. Dammit, I wish I had my updated list. One of these days I'm going to have to make an excel file. I used to have pics of my collection years ago but since then I've put a ton of stuff in storage. I still have all of it, it's just all over unfortunately
  8. This might be the best "Tekken" game I've ever played - never been a fan of the original but in this format it definitely looks interesting and fun. I agree though that a new Capcom vs. SNK is waay overdue. I'd love to see Terry, Nakoruru, or Haohmaru get the SFIV treatment. Hopefully they put that project off long enough to really be able to do it justice but it's definitely something that should be revived - I still regularly play the 2nd one and in a lot of ways prefer it to the MvC series. I've always been a huge fan of the SNK characters, they just haven't been in any good games lately. BOOOO!
  9. I always thought the Beatles "Lady Madonna" sounded like one of the songs from Dr. Mario. I'm surprised I haven't seen that one mentioned on here before
  10. Just finished round 2 of my bday celebration, just wanted to thank everyone for the love and warm wishes. It means a lot and it's nice to remember my OCR friends I don't get to talk to as often now and then. Thanks and be well everyone! =)
  11. Trust me I'm dying to we just need to figure out a day got the mic and Skype (woohoo welcome to 5 years ago right?)!! Thanks everyone!! =)
  12. HIIIIIIIIII Guys! I'm an old ass Mofo, but this place makes me always feel young and loved. Just finished a personal project (unrelated to anything musical) and already have a list of remixes I'm hoping to work on very VERY soon. Sorry it seems to take me forever people, I still love y'all... Thanks to everyone for all the Birfday wishes, they mean a lot =)
  13. Haaaaaaaaaaappy birthday!! Woohoo!!
  14. I'm psyched they included ibuki. Definitely my fav character from SF3. I'm surprised they didn't include Yun and Yang since I thought those were fan favorites as well. Looking good so far, I'm really pumped about the game already...
  15. It's on bitch Btw sorry Anosou, I still love you.
  16. I was actually pretty pissed off to hear about this especially after hearing how Raimi finally got back creative control over the film after the studio made a trainwreck of Spiderman 3. Spiderman 2 is still one of my favorite superhero movies to this day and, not being familiar with the comics, the casting really didn't bother me. I was hoping for the 4th one to be a return to form but unfortunately that won't be happening. I also agree there should be some time between reboots, the Spidey trilogy is still somewhat fresh, a reboot at this point seems premature. We'll see what happens, I guess cautious optimism would be the expression... I look at what they were able to do with the Hulk (Ed Norton's version) and Star Trek and at least I have a little hope...
  17. Wanted to say I did get your message!! I was considering it but I still don't have an idea that would be all that great, and I've done tons of montages and such before. I'm going to leave this as a maybe for now, and as soon as I come up with an idea or a WIP I'll shoot it over. Thanks for the invite, I'm hoping an idea hits me before the due date.

    Thanks again, I'm seriously psyched about checking out what people do with this...

  18. MkVaff

    MAGFest 8

    Unfortunately, I missed everyone I would've and could've met because I still didn't get a chance to go. ::Shakes Fist:: DAMN YOU FATE!!
  19. OK Finally got my Christmas on, not a crazy year but got a few cool things: Uncharted 2 (yaay) Spirit Tracks (woohoo) Apple magic Mouse (sexy) 5'x 7'collapsible greenscreen (cool!) District 9 Blu Ray Braveheart Blu Ray (fav movie of all time) Contact Blu Ray To Infinity and Beyond (Book about Pixar Studios) The usual assorted clothes and such and the very very best part: Time to spend with friends and family. This has been the first holiday season in 15 years I haven't worked 55-65 hour weeks, and having some time to spend with people has been more of a blessing than I could ever imagine. It sucks not having $$ but I wouldn't trade the time I've spent for anything in the world. Good stuff...
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