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  1. was spider on PS1 considered a platformer? i can't remember
  2. pandemonuim. and its sequel
  3. Actually, at one point I was 3 prolific remixers lol. Oh the early days of my (relative) youth...
  4. Thanks to everyone for the Bday wishes... I friggin love (and miss) this place and the people in it! For those who don't know I've been getting into video crap which is fun but infinitely more time consuming and tedious than music and I'm DYING to get back into music and I have a half done project I'm working on (with someone else) that I can't wait to finish and share with you guys... I asked Jimmy earlier if he wanted a Dhalsim or EWJ mix from me next and he hath spoken, so I'll have to keep the worm in mind... =)
  5. I was actually confused back when I played it as well (I played through it as soon as it came out on Super NES). There was all this hype for it, it took forever to get the damn game done and then it came out and I was impressed I guess, but not as drawn into the experience as I was with Final Fantasy 2 and 3 (in the US). I always thought that the original Chrono Trigger was such a weird idea (that square nevertheless did well) that the parts were better than the sum. It had good music, graphics, characters, etc... but to me it never really quite fit together. It just became an inconsistent mish mosh of ideas for the sake of variety and keeping things fresh I guess. That's just me though, I'm in the minority when it comes to my feelings on the game I guess, but I definitely agree with finishing it wanting either more or... something else.
  6. Lol for a student project that features established actors, worldwide talent, and was shot for shy of $100K... Nevertheless, the story looks a little campy but damn the visual FX look great. For me, you guys are MAKING this movie worth seeing. I've seen stuff on network TV that don't even come close to this quality. Hopefully you guys get some good exposure from this project, and it leads to bigger and better projects in the future. Just one thing - please don't work on Speed Racer 2.
  7. I think I'm one of the few that agrees with you 100%. Wind Waker had so much more charm and personality than Ocarina or even TP. The more realistic Zelda games look good, but to me invariably end up looking like pretty much every other pseudo-realistic fantasy game out there. Yaaaaawn...
  8. MkVaff

    Gamer Shame

    sometimes in SF4, I'll play as Akuma, and if things aren't going my way and I'm in a really bad mood - I'll do his fatality where he turns the lights off and hits you 27 times. I know, I'm a horrible person...
  9. Actually, from what I've heard from some of my friends who have been involved with different companies in the game industry for quite some time, the real truth is that the hard working, less talented people get further more often than not, because they're driven and they hustle in the workplace. They've told me that they've come across a lot of people who they work with that - based solely on the quality of their work - shouldn't even hold the positions that they hold. BUT, they're very hard workers, and that even in creative fields that usually counts even more than talent (which makes sense). I think you also have to put something else in a certain perspective - in the art and performance fields, whatever the vague notion of "better" is, isn't always best (unless it's so blow-your-socks-off-awesome that it just can't be ignored, but what is like that these days anyway?). In any creative fields your success has depressingly little to do with how good you are at something. Rather, it's typically based on if not how hard you've worked, your connections, and how much your contribution - be it talent or straight up grueling work that they want you to believe is talent to keep you motivated - can be successfully packaged and distributed to the mainstream public eager to spend money for it.
  10. I used to think the same thing, but at some time I saw a special on TV about this 7 or 8 year old kid in the UK with some type of mental condition which left him fairly unable to communicate, understand directions, and to a certain degree, function like a normal kid his age. In a car ride he was on they passed a certain bunch of buildings, and later on either that day or that week, he was able to draw the structures he saw, not very neatly, but with near perfect accuracy with respect to perspective and object placement. They showed some of the drawings he did and compared them to the real places, and while they were rough and very sloppy, they were insanely accurate to the point of being creepy. Hard work is definitely the most important factor in improving a skill level, but I definitely believe that certain people are born with certain brain / personality conditions that make them more adept at certain things. I have a friend who can pick up and learn nearly anything technical with zero problems whatsoever, but he hasn't an ounce of creativity in him - go figure lol. Back on topic though, I took piano lessons from a young age and after that started working on music in the early to mid '90's. For better or worse, soft synths were years away at that point, and I was pretty much limited to hardware synthesizers and raw audio recording at that point. My how the times have changed... I still barely know how to properly freeze a soft synth track, lol
  11. SOOOOOOO many... Buying a NES with months' worth of allowance money in the middle of a snowy winter and having my dad hook it up to an old TV that took 2 minutes to warm up enough to show a picture staying up all night playing Zelda with my best friend (at the time) Playing Altered Beast and Moonwalker on the Genesis I got for Christmas Getting up at 6am on another Christmas morning so I could play Mario Kart and Street Fighter 2 hours before anyone else woke up to pick up their gifts. Walking to the mall at 6:30am for a 7am opening to pick up my Playstation and play Battle Arena Toshinden. Having the flu for a week and playing FF6 for 8-10 hours a day till completion. Having 4 friends over after work and having them pissed off because I would kick their asses with the Needler in Halo (1) There's just so many really. I can't say I'm that into games anymore unfortunately, but I have so many memories growing up with games and how much fin I would have with them. I miss the excitement I used to have waiting for new games, but luckily SF4 and RE5 are helping to bring it back a bit...
  12. I post comments about peoples' work extremely rarely but this is some very, very impressive stuff. I've hardly heard professional stuff this interesting and well polished for quite some time Phenomenal job dude, the care and attention you put into each track absolutely shines. Great stuff...
  13. Blur. My friend introduced me to them and now I wonder why anyone in their right mind would actually listen to that Oasis crap instead. Blur rules.
  14. Ummmm... what I said wasn't exactly meant to be taken literally, but thanks for clarifying lol...
  15. He can easily afford to dick around all day because he made his fortune off one song and he hasn't done a single noteworthy thing since. I guess maybe if he makes another "hit" he might have enough money to pick up a PS3 and reign his ghetto terror among the resistance people
  16. I don't think the XBR7 or XBR8's are covered by the cyberscholar promotion, though it would be phenomenal if it were. If you can pick up one of those I def would.
  17. damn, so many people replaying long ass games because of the soundtrack. Problem with that, for me - how long do you have to play till you get to your favorite songs? lol. My picks - Streets of Rage 2 Tempest 2000 (Jaguar, not shitty CD / PSX version) Tetrisphere Wipeout XL SSF2 HD Remix (of course!!) Street Fighter 3 3rd strike
  18. Yeah for most situations I would probably say that freelance composing is definitely a nice 2nd job. As for what you have to lose - trying to get good at making music takes a huge amount of time. And trying to sell those talents could ultimately take an equal (or greater) portion of time. So I suppose what you have most to lose is time. I would definitely say work on it though, just keep your options open. I've found that it's one thing to work on music you enjoy when it suits you. But when you're being told what to do, how it should sound, and when it has to be done by (sometimes by people who have hardly any musical background), it's a bit of a different experience. Not a horrible experience, just very different from the stuff I love doing on my own time by myself (i.e. remixes).
  19. THere's a lot of good advice on this thread about successfully becoming a composer, but one thing you have to ask yourself (and it may be hard to answer) is if it's a worthwhile career. The problem with composing for games is that there is insane amount of competition, the pay is generally not the greatest, and in and of itself it's fairly difficult to make a living off it. When you're 17 you make certain decisions about your passions and career (as I did when choosing a college), and a few years afterward, you might find that you have a degree in something that is either not in demand or is extremely hard to get into. Add school loans that need to be repaid, perhaps a family, and just the realities of "life" into the equation, and suddenly the idea of composing for a living seems like a better hobby or side job than source of income. Not to deter those trying to get into the artistic fields, but my advice would be to weigh your options and be realistic about your future. I know quite a few friends who went to art and music schools with aspirations of becoming full time artists in their fields, but few of which ended up getting the jobs they wanted. And a few of the ones that were lucky enough to get decent jobs - end up doing more freelance work. Freelance is nice, but when you're worried about paying the rent, it's far from ideal. the Wingless is usually perfectly on point with his advice about the industry from the perspective of an insider. Aside from that, remember that a job is something you do to support yourself, not just for fun. We all see and admire those who get handsomely compensated for doing things that we might enjoy doing, but those people are unfortunately much more the exception than the rule.
  20. I really don't collect games or systems the way I used to - I had a running inventory at some point but about 3 years ago I stopped keeping track - it was too much of a pain... Off the top of my head though my system list is as follows: Atari 2600 Atari Jaguar Nintendo NES (Gen 1 and 2) Super NES (Gen 1 and 2) Sega Genesis (Gen 1, 2, and 3) Sega CD TG-16 Neo Geo Atari Jaguar Panasonic 3DO Sega Saturn Sega Dreamcast (1 Jap, 1 US) Nintendo 64 (Original Gray, Limited GOLD version) Nintendo Gamecube Nintendo Wii PS1 (Gen 1 and 2) PS2 (Gen 1 and 2) PS3 (60GB) Xbox (original and Halo editions) Xbox 360 On the handheld side: Game Boy (yes, still works) Game Boy Pocket Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance Game Boy Micro (original and Limited ed. model) Game Boy Advance SP (Gen 1 and 2) Nintendo DS (old and Lite versions) Virtual Boy Game Gear Sega Nomad Atari Lynx Neo Geo Pocket Color (2 flavors) PSP At last count a few years back my game list was over the 1300 mark, since then it's probably 150 more or so...It may look impressive, but I'm at the point of my life where I'm thinking "shit, i wish I just saved my money." I've found that as you get older, the collection is less and less appealing and that you wish that all the crap wasn't there collecting dust. Game collections are cool, but at this point I'd rather just have everything on virtual console. I don't have the energy to sell my stuff, and I don't think I'd get particularly much for it, so basically it's useless for most purposes, but hey, what can ya do?
  21. Haha definitely! All I know is I need HD tivo before the next games. I've missed quite a few events because of work which ended up a pain to find online...
  22. I gotta say in all it was quite the show, but as they extinguished the flame I really got a sense for how much I was going to actually miss the games. I've never really been into the olympics much and for some reason this year I was absolutely glued to the screen watching even the most trivial events. I don't know if it was that was in such an interesting place, or the stories of the athletes, or whatever the case, but waking up today, turning on channel 4 and NOT seeing people competing was kind of a big downer. Really sucks that the next one is a whole 4 years away but hey, maybe the winter olympics might prove to be interesting as well...
  23. i know you're going to get a lot of flaming replies to this post, but I wated to say I agree. WW's style is absolutely seamless and looks like a living cartoon, whereas TP had that detailed textured look which to me ended up looking pretty much like every other game out there. I think WW and Okami really took game art to new levels, though WW in particular received TONS of negative feedback for it. Oh well, can't please everyone, can ya....
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