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  1. quite frankly, if that policy is going to go in effect, then I don't want any of my songs hosted here anymore. I won't go into detail.
  2. goddamn it kyle.. it's been awhile. how have you been? I sent you an email with a wip of the remade version of Strike, but you never replied... well, I got the final version now. gotta get that to you.
  3. that'd be cool.. hit me up if ya want me geetawrs!
  4. Actually, could provide electric guitar for my Garry Oak mix? That would be brilliant. and this is? can I have a listen?
  5. I can provide electric and acoustic guitars and bass, if anyone needs.
  6. DAMN awesome song. my favorite in project, and it's also an awesome project. great arrangement, ideas.. and most of all great vocals. just plain groovy. PS: now where are them lyrics?
  7. thanks for the comments =) one thing though, bass is not sequenced. (and neither are the mandolins) just so it's known on another note, amazingly enough I don't like the black mages' work much at all honestly. even though I do see how the 'hunter's chance' part sounds like something they might do.
  8. first off, thanks a lot, everyone =) really I have to be honest and say this is my favorite song by myself and the one I had most fun making. it was a pretty old idea I had yep, it was never finished. more precisely, there was lots of re-recording ashane wanted to do, and I did in fact, re-record my vox, and it seemed he didn't like it as much while I did... but oh well. that's been so long ago haha and no I'm not publicly recognized, and quite honestly I want to keep it that way. still.. thanks =)
  9. in progress: *no man is an island - doom II (with Joker) for the future: *(a bunch of 'em with Geoffrey Taucer, Level 99, Darangen and pixietricks) *accepting suggestions....
  10. I play guitar (acoustic/classical and electric), bass for 4 years. I can do almost any kind of vocals, I'm somewhere in between a soprano and a mezzo. ON MY SIG: are some examples of my work (but this is only the beginning... hopefully. ;P)
  11. How many other deadlines are there gonna be before the final one?
  12. Does anybody know where i can find a GOOD Taiko drum, or some other ethnic (indian) percussion soundfont or wav sample?
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