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  1. hey, analoq, I absolutely adore your sonic 2 mixes... just thought I'd say that :)

  2. why hello there, sir. it's a long, long time. :)

  3. when I briefly went to "audio school" last year, my teacher, who is one of the most awesome engineers in the country, said "DAW sounds" are a myth, because when it comes to using the DAW "raw", the algorithms for PLAYING audio are very much the same, your soundcard is the one who handles the D/A A/D conversion. I'd think some of those impressions comes from the way a DAW feels, because of its interfaceand all. but then again, what the people already mentioned here holds very true, concern about room acoustics, hardware and stuff should be primary. if you like Audition's interface, by all means stick with it, and maybe look into buying a better soundcard. I'd def recommend M-Audio's stuff for that. but if you're looking to buy a new DAW anyway, I'd suggest downloading any demo versions you can get out there. but like Yoozer said, actually BUY the thing... despite the price, there actually are advantages to owning the real thing.
  4. to be honest, I do miss the alphabetical navigation. Sure, search is far more efficient, but I'd still think it's cool to have the alpha as an option. I usually used it to go directly to remixer or game pages, it was fairly quick. the one thing that was also cool is that I always ended up stumbling across something cool I didn't notice before, be it a 'new' game or artist I should or have been meaning to check out.
  5. awesome! btw, if you haven't done it already, I'd like to see you do "Schala's Theme" from chrono trigger.

    take it as a suggestion from your newest fan :)

  6. as of now, I'm actually done with "Taboo Storyteller"'s arrangement. I just need to record it for real and it's finished
  7. hahahahha. damn high-case I's looking so much like low-case L's.
  8. oh snap. Jade's back.. I need to stop slacking off haha.
  9. 7PM EST, right? I'll be there! (probably while still in the process of questioning why the HELL I didn't play the game before).
  10. it should. I'm looking forward to that!

  11. wow, I'm pretty flattered :)

    unfortunately, the chances of me making it this MAG is close to nil. Hopefully next one, hopefully next one.

  12. I just heard some of your stuff. DAMN IT'S AMAZING! congratulations on your work, and you should def sub more of your songs.... *coughbondsofseaandfire* :D

  13. I just found out you are Injury. haha. Man, 8-bit Eighties is one of the first songs I found here in OCR. great stuff!

    btw, your song on yesterday's compo was awesome, I voted for it hehe.

  14. LuIzA

    Awesome new mix! congrats :)

  15. This is pretty damn awesome! I absolutely love how it takes time to build up, then breaks down back to nothing in the end. Great Job!
  16. I just started playing this game yesterday. I wish I did so before so I could take part in this well, this project is going to be awesome!
  17. Yeah, Stevo and I were definitely reminiscing about M4, an AWESOME time that was :)

    btw, I never got to say this before, but congratulations on your marriage!

  18. if you mean production-wise, recordingreview.com is a great site with a quite helpful forum. you can post your songs there, they let you attach your file to the message so you won't have to worry about hosting.
  19. I use Superior 2.0 with Sonar 8's sequencer. and I'm extremely happy with the pair. they do consume quite a bit of CPU and have a 4GB (I think) or 30GB of sounds to install.... it's all very worth it though, the sounds are amazing, and extremely flexible too. I have heard great things of AD, however, but I can't speak from experience.
  20. you better get your ass back here and start making some new muzaks again! :P

  21. Ultros sig FTW.

    and a fellow mandolin player, no less (though you probably do it far better than me). We should do a "battle of the mandolins" mix one day haha.

  22. John Wayne and Clint Eastwood FTW.... gotta love them oldies.
  23. For no real reason, at least not anymore... I proudly present thee: NEO FIRE CROSS! a remade version of Fire Cross, now on my myspace (http://www.myspace.com/luiza177). Hope you dig
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