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  1. I don't like Iron Maiden. *takes cover* maybe there are a few songs I like, but otherwise, nope.
  2. word. man, AmIEvil.... this is soooooooooo AWESOME!
  3. haa I love your sig... and your music =)

  4. I must say I'm very impressed at the track choice, I'd think this'd be the most ignored that in the soundtrack. I love the game, the soundtrack, and really like this track too. This is very atmospheric, would probably fit well in an in-game situation even. but as an OC Remix, I can't help but feel this arrangement seems to be like it'd be the start of something long and epic, I feel it sort of goes nowhere by being so short. Of course, a more atmospheric/OST-ish feel may have been what you were going for, but still... I sort of expected more of a direction with the arrangement. don't let that discourage you from making more video game remix muzaks though
  5. I think what he meant is so that all tracks will sound like they belong together in an album, not like they're just different songs gathered together. Like balancing levels and possibly frequencies so the album makes sense as whole. Not a question of your ability to mix/master.
  6. that's true. I don't know if I speak for others, but it's like a whole different approach when you're remixing a song of a game you didn't play. That isn't a necessarily bad thing, but when you played the game, the song means more to you than just being cool music. That has never stopped me from remixing it anyway, I had never played any of the Tales games when I joined Kyle's project.... it did, however, inspire me to try......... though I ended up not really liking it
  7. Sign me up for "Marsh where the Migrant Birds Gather" as well!
  8. Epic stuff. love the synth near the end! gotta be honest though, it sounds unfinished and I barely recognized the themes. Still, as a song by itself, it's awesome. love the energy near the end.
  9. I had tons of fun last compo... which was my first. I'm definitely going to be participating more often.
  10. For vocals, or pretty much everything that's not guitars or bass, the Behringer B-2. I've no complaints, it's an affordable mic (like $150, I believe) and records everything really well.
  11. love your sigs =)

  12. Seems like a great game. I don't own an Xbox and don't plan on buying one. I wish they'd port it to PS3.
  13. This was actually the very first FF I ever played... I loved it.
  14. Sorry about the triple reply haha. My net was being crap.

  15. Wow, great choice for a project. if anyone is interested in a collab, I'm totally up for it. Or anyone just needing guitars/bass/mandolins or drum programming help, I'll gladly help out. =)
  16. I think I did. Know anyone who can remind me? and rock out some VG mixes in the process? ;)

  17. Hiya!

    Geoff Taucer linked me to your profile, dunno if you heard of me before. Anyway, I'm looking for open tracks in projects, I hear you have quite a few projects going on hehe. Also, if it applies to any of your projects, just put me down as available for recording live guitars, bass, mandolins or drum programming.



  18. goddamn it's been some time haha. Congrats to everyone on this fine project. it rocks.
  19. Jeebus FINALLY I decided to revive my long forgotten OCR account just to say that haha. I didn't find a project thread, so it had to be here. well, first off, thank you all for the kind words. much appreaciated =) I noticed my comments on the song page here were outdated haha. Chris and I redid the song a year after it was first finished, which I'm guessing is when I submitted it. The main difference is just the little bridge section. The wah guitar was replaced for a clean guitar and I changed my solo there. god it has been awhile haha. This is one fine project. congrats to all! PS: do check out Myth´s Zelos mix, it´s an awesome track and it has my wah guitar there... I guess that´s where it went haha.
  20. well, the main problem I had with the policy was clarified now. I however still have a problem with the fact that ocr can deny a remove request. sure its annoying when people just go and do it out of impulse, but isnt that still in their right? afterall, they are still the owner of the arrangement... I do agree with the fact that if you remove a song, you cant submit. but deny a remove request doesnt seem too right. EDIT:and yes, the fact that things are being set into stone is rather scary for a `just for fun` musician such as myself.
  21. thing is, I don`t want anyone else (e.g OCR/djp) having a say on that in the first place. yeah, well I got a full length vg cover cd here in the works which I AM going to include a track I have posted here. according to this policy it seems OCR has a say whether I can do it or not. and that is something I am not willing to accept. yes, I read the policy through before saying anything and I`m quite calm... I AM disagreeing with both the items I find limiting to me in the policy AND to the fact that there IS a policy. first off, my music IS being distributed for free here and it has been that way for 5 years now. that being said, personally I don`t think you guys are in any position to put a policy now. the fact that I own my arrangements makes it up to me to stop people from something if I don`t like what they`re doing with my song, not ocr. and well, I don`t want it to be up to them. this site was meant to host songs, and I don`t think it should have more power over the music it hosts. second off, whether I have a cd in the works or not, I still make music `just for fun` and that`s how it`ll stay, that means I don`t want my music subject to policies. I`m not even trying to `fight the power` as you say, ocr can do whatever they want just as long as it doesnt affect me. if that`s too much for you guys to understand, then at least just take my music down and get it over with.
  22. I don't want my music there because it seems to me you guys want to have more power over my music than just hosting it, and having a comment system for it. Isn't that what this site is about? a vg community for who wants to listen? not for you having any exclusivity over what's mine. Sure the original music covered is legally owned by their respective companies, but my arrangements are legally mine, and mine alone. I want my music subject only to what I want to do with it, given all the legal crap, and that's that. So there, here's why I don't like your policy. and as for who I am? I'm the fucker you direct posted, and now the one who doesn't agree with your policy.
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