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  1. and you should join :D

  2. duuuuuuuuuuude the nostalgia! I used to play this so much... I think overall, this could use more drum energy... a beefier snare and kick. this may be me being a guitar person, but I think the rhythm guitars could be brought out a bit more. the breakdown is awesome. as for the synths, maybe you can experiment with the sounds a bit more? it kinda sounds too much like the original, but that again, is just my opinion. Or maybe have the synth arragement have more dynamic.... dunno... hope it helps
  3. meu deus, existem pessoas no OCR de portugal! que legal :D

  4. portuguese portuguese sounds like a completely different language when sung haha. I actually think it sounds good when sung (and only when sung haha I can't understand a word usually when spoken), especially when really accent heavy... but brazilian portuguese... egh.
  5. after skipping so many compos in a row and having sold my soul to college. I'll probably enter again this week, no test on friday
  6. yes, plus the fact that some languages sound prettier than others when sung. that preference, of course, is each listener's taste, obviously. for instance, I don't like japanese or my own language, portuguese, when sung, but I do like sung english and norwegian. it has nothing to do with nationality, but with the sound, considering the voice and the phonetics as an instrument and its articulation.
  7. I was wondering the same... I would think so though.
  8. I don't like the style of much of the vocal songs in games, as I'm not a fan of J-pop or music sung in japanese (oh I can see the hate posts coming) and what not. but of course, there are exceptions. I quite like "Melodies of Life", "Radical Dreamers" and the orchestral version of "1000 words".
  9. agreed there. haha. depending on the game, I play as the female the second time through.
  10. I haven't played this demo yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to this game. I'm quite a fan of the series. I am, however, a little skeptical about the whole walking around in third person view and stuff. the "first person" perspective of the other game were one of the games' charms to me.
  11. me neither. and I was pretty happy Hamauzu was going to compose. FFXIII just keeps sounding worse and worse. I'm still going to play it though, that's square's brainwashing in effect.
  12. you and my dad share birthdays haha

  13. LuIzA

    hey! congrats again for your music, I /emoticons/default_smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20">

    I was wondering, do you still have the Alternate Take version of Live from The Yggdrasil?

  14. I've known this mix for quite long. but it is only now that I've played Xenogears that I've come to fully appreaciate its AWESOMENESS. Congratulations, this is one hell of a mix then again, that is to be expected from JJT.
  15. love your music. just though I'd stop by to say that.

  16. love the berimbau... the song could've definitely use more length and arrangement though. Parabéns pelo som
  17. I agree with Olarin. you're an awesome piano player, but this could def use some polish and tightening on the swing. Also, perhaps more source usage. how did you set up the mic?
  18. Waaaaaah! Sonar didn't let me join "Free for all", and this week I have a wedding to go to. egh, I hate going to weddings, especially of people I barely know, wish I could just join in this week.
  19. thanks now this effectively got me extremely curious.
  20. Thanks and you can re-update the first post again. you have my WIP ;P
  21. the pic with both you and harmony as DJP and Liontamer and them themselves is scarily hilarious haha.
  22. pretty cool, I dig the lead in this. this has quite some room for going crazy. I hope you will, this is an awesome start
  23. Ah, I adore "Schala". it was my all-time favorite for so long, until it kinda lost its place to "Bonds of Sea and Fire". this is pretty cool. kinda reminds me of "Tears for a Girl" by GrayLighting. the Samples here are ok, and the intro is very nice, but the main melody kicks in kinda boringly, and the percussion in it gets a little stale after awhile and the section itself lacks punch. the bit at 1:47-2:01 sounds a little unnecesary to me. I know it's the way the original goes, but the flow of the song didn't need it to fall into the main melody. hope it helps ya do finish this.
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