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  1. doesn't matter, I suck either way.but I think I'd go with a controller, despite it being harder to aim, just because keyboards for games give me the creeps.
  2. Happy 10th! had this been a real life meeting, I'd propose a toast to this and the many more anniversaries to come. may one day teleportation exist and I'd join OCR meet ups.
  3. Man, this song is awesome. And the fact it was an anniversary present makes FUCKIN BADASS. This is going to a CD and into my car, and a very uncharacteristic "Luiza blasting electronica/trance/or-whatever-this-is in the car" will occur.
  4. I need to find all Dr. Wily themes yet. I wanna go for something post-grungy again, so gotta find something that fits it. Now that my soul is free from college's grasp again, I'll be doing my research.
  5. that intro, I swear I've heard it in other music.
  6. I'm tempted to take up "Wily" for this project, I need to do more research though... maybe a little push too.
  7. the snare here is almst midi-like. the rest sounds alright, cymbals could use some volume though, they're being overpowered. well, personally, I use Superior 2.0, and I love it to no end. Cheaper alternatives are EZ drummer and Addictive drums, as were already mentioned, which are also pretty good. EZ drummer is about 100 dollars last I checked, it's quite worth it from what I've heard of it. it also offers a ridiculous amount of expansions. I don't know how it is with other software, but I use SD2.0 with a drum map in Sonar, for sequencing it's really easy that way. I'd also like to point out, should you consider SD2.0, that although it sounds good raw, it takes some skill/practice to get it to sound its best. it's almost like mixing a real set of drums (though one that's been recorded with a BADASS set of drums/cymbals, mics, room, drummer, engineers, etc). I have yet to learn more of how to handle it.
  8. almost all tracks are claimed. awesomeness.
  9. happy birthday!

  10. actually. the import tax you pay is 60-100% of the price of the product. and if they think you're saying you paid less than you did, there's a fine. so in the end, things end up costing a lot more than twice the original price.
  11. vocês deviam se unir e fazer um remix com alguém cantando... eu acho o sotaque de vocês o máximo quando cantado. :P

  12. wow, this project is gonna be soooooo awesome. and Luke, we have no thanksgiving here, so I really have no idea when it is or even what it's about, all I know is that people eat turkey in thanksgiving haha.
  13. this is quite good! I love the dynamics and the changed harmony. I actually think the reverb/sustain fit the mood, though some of the lower notes at around 1:55 get drowned.
  14. Jade, how is the preview coming along? (is it thanksgiving yet?)
  15. I can't wait to start working on my track again.
  16. Sony is doing wrong, not in the sense of "exploring us", but in the sense that doing what they did isn't a smart investment at all, given the way our "beautiful" country is.
  17. Right. By this time, everyone who wanted one has modded ps2s, and those who don't can probably buy one for about the same price or less than the official R$799 already modded with tons of games to go with it. Besides, there ARE "other ways" to get stuff from overseas without officially importing, and that's what many of us do. Import taxes are INSANE, to the point it's not surprising at all that a $99 USD console would cost more than 4x the price here.
  18. AmIEvil - River Of Time AmIEvil AmIEvil - Hipccordian Egm - Acoustic Fireworks some of the first songs I've ever heard here in OCR, still among my favorites. Very soothing.
  19. one of the first songs I ever heard in OCR, still one of my favorites
  20. LuIzA

    happy birthday!

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