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  1. Nearly two years later... still one of my top 5... of all the mixes on this site... I would be very interested in this "new version", but I don't see a link anywhere.
  2. This mp3 will not play in Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or iTunes. It only plays in Winamp. As such, this is the only Overclocked ReMix track which I have deleted from my collection.
  3. Yay! It finally got posted! I'm a good friend of Dev, and he's been occasionally muttering about this for several months now. Shameless plug: Dev and I run a little open source (non-profit) video game project called Fate of Io. If anyone is interested in hearing more Dev music, you can find a number of pieces in Fate of Io's music section (scroll down to the submission list). In particular, I recommend "The Provinces".
  4. This is going to sound like a trivial complaint, but one of the notes in the first part is wrong. Happens at about 0:33, and again at 1:01. Listen to the original, then listen to this. Woops. It doesn't sound to me like an intentional change; I think Sonicade just put in the wrong note. I can see where the mistake might originate; the first time through the pattern, that note is correct (i.e. at 0:20), but the second time it is supposed to be different. I guess Sonicade didn't notice that the patterns were different. The original was one of my favorite tracks, so I picked up on this mistake pretty quickly, and it bothers me, because the original flowed much better. Other than that, this mix is OK. The first part sounded like a midi rip, but the guitar was pretty good. Although, I have to agree with Mythril Nazgul in that it really doesn't compare to Ailsean's work in PMM... though perhaps that's why PMM costs money. (Worth every cent, mind you.) I have to completely disagree with the guy who said that "Safety in Numbers" is much better than this. I actually think this mix is better. ::shrug:: This piece just needs a guitar, IMO.
  5. Of the 642 tracks I have downloaded from this site, this one here rates in my top... hmm... ::counts::... 5. Maybe my top 3. And that's after I've had it for 9 months, and listened to it many times. I don't remember falling in love with it instantly, but this one really grew on me over time. Note: Best effect is achieved with a powerful subwoofer. Although I still like this piece while wearing headphones, it's not the same.
  6. I used to really like this piece... until I heard the "remastered" version, which is much, much better. It's on the Project Majestic Mix CD. Yeah, that means you gotta buy it, but it's worth it, trust me.
  7. If I could replace the music in Chrono Trigger with remixes, I'd use this for Zeal. The distorted piano is beautiful, and gives the song a unique texture. It didn't even occur to me that it was distorted until I read this thread; it fit the piece so well. Also have to agree with all of Uni's preaching on page 1. My only complaint is that the ending is rather sudden. It's like, "What? No more music? NOOOOOOOO!" This piece easily makes my "best of the best" playlist...
  8. They did sort of sound like it, but they certainly weren't... unless you want to say Nobuo himself ripped them, since that's exactly how the FF7 openning theme started!
  9. Clearly, a lot of people love this mix, so the following is only my own personal opinion based on my own music tastes: I hate this mix! It's horrible! It causes pain in my head! It's almost as bad as the April fools mixes! AAAAAAHHHHHHH! hehe, don't take it wrong, NoppZ. You can't please everybody. And to whoever said they can't hear Kefka's theme in here: get your ears checked.
  10. I love the beginning... up to about 0:48... then it gets kind of weird. I think the rest is good... but the begginning got me all excited for something more than it ended up being, and kind of spoiled the rest for me. ::shrug:: The rest of the song is growing on me. I think this will still make it into my "best of OCR" playlist. Ziwtra is quickly becoming one of my favorite remixers.
  11. Oh... Well if that's the case I suppose there's no problem...
  12. I can understand why DJ Chrono may have felt afraid to mention that the lyrics weren't original... it may very well have resulted in the mix being rejected. Not that that is an excuse, but I understand. I don't know if there are any official rules about this (I don't submit, I just listen), but if not there should be... Personally I don't think it would be a big deal to allow parts of a mix to be taken from other sources, provided those sources are credited and most of the piece is original. This particular case might be pushing it, though, even if credit were given...
  13. I really like this mix, just like everyone else, but I'm a little concerned about the lyrics not being original. I'm not going to go so far as to say that it was wrong to use someone else's lyrics, but you should have given credit to KDD right off, in the ID3 and in your e-mail to DJ Pretzel. Otherwise, it's plagerism. I don't mean to sound hostile, but this is really not an issue to be taken lightly... I have nothing against derivative works (obviously, everything on this site is a derivative work of some sort) as long as credit is given where credit is due.
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