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  1. I keep thinking about this mix. Of course about how groovy it is. I just wish there would be a 15 minute section of nonstop solos.
  2. It's good, but there's a bit too much reverb. I didn't notice too much until it was pointed out, so I guess I just ruined everyone's life! HAHAHA
  3. I didn't think it was anything special at first, listening through these crappy speakers. Then I listened with headphones and the sound quality shot way up and could hear so much more power. Then on top of that the whole mix started piecing together and not just sounding like one dull sound happening over and over--repetitious as the guy above me might be experiencing. It's like a section of the piece was added to the song when switching to headphones, probably because by the time that part around the song had been sort of blocked from my head, which sometimes happens with songs on first or second listens. I wish the solo was gone about a bit differently. Its ending with the 16th triplets just made it sound like some really generic solo from DJP. HAHAHHAHAHA I bet I know what that is. There's a pretty prominent percussion sample used on a 16th offbeat which made me think something was wrong the first couple of times it happened. I had gotten used to it on the speakers, but even more so on the headphones to where it seemed to fit perfectly. Just count by fours to the whole song and eventually you'll find out there's no skipping.
  4. Any plan on telling what songs are playing in the background, or will it always be a mystery?
  5. Are there any MP3s for shows 51 through the rest out there? I heard some hard work is being done, but for which ones specifically again? Only checking this thread randomly doesn't do too well for me, especially finding out that everything's pretty much dead. Shouldn't there be an easily accessible update of all of what's happened, so that noobs and rare visitors can know? Took awhile going through the last 10 pages of thread to get what was going on.
  6. I thought I'd let everyone know that I come here for the exact same reasons I go to mp3.com and that is why I hate this mix and why I can't think of why it's good because I have too many prejudices on my mind hey look at me I'm 100% critical and can't have any fun or look upon any other intentions of why music is created. I like this song even on crappy speakers at low volume. It's a unique style, so one listen just isn't going to cut it. Creating the song just for the hell of it, because a random concept came in someone's head? Well I see it as the concept came in the head and then musical creativity was involved every step of the way thereafter, rather than such a haphazard making to get the process done as quickly as possible. Get some goals straight. Who am I talking to I dunno who cares. Every song I listen to I come in with prejudices. However, too many times to count I have come out appreciating a song after exposing myself to it. This is based on the music itself, so one could say I am just forming new types of prejudices...yet those new ones are actually valid...and yet I can still be critical of them even though I enjoy them overall. Of course if there are too many points to criticize that would mean overall enjoyment would be gone. IT'S ALL SO SIMPLE and related to the review of this particular remix in so many fashions, that one could call all of those fashions in one number: ZERO! o wait.
  7. Wait, so this incredibly awesome show happened, and now there's going to be an mp3 and or video thing for all of those who randomly stumble upon this thread? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW EESOME (threesome) larry is bald.
  8. The song length is also 420. Zyko known for voices more than guitar? I thought he started with guitar and had a lot of guitar mixes pumped out in the beginning...or actually pretty much about equal in both departments, at the same time. I'm sure if the original melody was better everybody would be cheering.
  9. Sounds like all these negativities are either coming from Frog's theme being mixed which just somehow has to sound bad because of some expectation, or from something being done in a style. Sure I can see the latter being acceptible if a more in-depth review was written, but right now it just seems like one aspect is being listened to and then there is an ignoring of everything else. I know how this is, as it's happened in so many songs for me. In a gabber song, the gabber bass kick sample seemed so overwhelming at first, but then the rest seemed so much more signified after future listens, and it sounded so good. Anyway, not that big of a deal. Most of these reviews are just this, short and opinionated. I guess I just kinda felt sorry for Gray, waking up (in retrospect to someone else's saying...) to see hate on his song he made for fun because of two aspects a lot of other people see as negative when he wouldn't think as much so. I even had the thoughts here and there these people are expressing, but not enough to make me say it in such a way as others here, based on past experiences with single listenings and how they shouldn't be relied on all the time; I too have loved the original so much at one point in time, it being one of my favorites in VGM ever all that time ago. Now it does nothing for me, and never will again. While Gray has clearly put in the original melody, I am glad there is some arrangement backing it up. As for that such arrangement having cliches, I certaintly didn't notice them. Which cliches are we talking about? An instrument being used? Ooh wow, I noticed that too, but the notes it played could have been incredibly cliched but they weren't. Oh well. I hope my ridiculous review has been as ridiculous as everyone else's. I only listened to it once and a half, heh.
  10. This mix immediately came to mind when I heard about the news of Avien's passing away. Everyone should put this as the first track of a CD and pop it in every September 10th...or every day, whichever. I was never really fond of the ending because it just keeps repeating the main motif (I have absolutely no idea what motif means) for awhile. But now I can look at it in a severely more symbolic manner. Easily his best video game remix contributed to the world. You can tell through his music he just wanted to chill out his whole life...
  11. But all the parts before the abrupt ending that are included is way more than an average VG composer would do for something on the SNES or any old system or even any new system. So if you just take those parts it's good. Though a real ending would clear up things. I guess I just got started because you said 2/3 of a song. More like 15/16 of a song. For some reason I started playing this game. I remember there was a remix for it at the time I was going through a list of SNES games and it sounded like an RPG, so I went for it. Very strange game. This mix reflects the environment this game could bring if it were on a newer system. It's especially this way since the original is so short, and the mix is a vast expansion on it with practically 90% new material. More like an Inspired By song, but still some ReMix in it. Very relaxing. Very good type of sound to win over just about anyone's ears.
  12. The Frog theme part comes in a bit too strong in attack. It should have been fit more with the flow of the rest of the song. Same goes for Kraid in that it changes the mood extremely. The Zelda one was the nicest. ("What? There's Zelda in this?") I had a great time listening to how it went into the lower register to proceed with the melody again. ("What's this guy talking about??") Though I still categorize Ocarina of Time's Opening with Frog and Kraid in that they all don't really add anything at all, or blend in. ("Hey, he's right! There is a Zelda song in here!") Other than that, it took two listens to understand everything, which is a plus. Shows good structure. I thought I had some more issues to address when I first heard it, but the second listen eliminated them. They were mainly about some random thing that I changed my mind on, and some of the "improvisation" or whatever in the middle. But any purist to the original thoughts can be ignored given that overall it actually sticks to the original well while providing decent arrangement which brings a fresh change of pace. Or something.
  13. The first part is VERY slow in building up. I'm going to end up editting some parts out, yet it will still have every musical attention it was given, because I really like it otherwise.
  14. There seems to be volume problems with this. The first half is quieter. Then it really picks up and makes me really like it. Maybe it has to do with the ranges of the song not always being full, but what do I know about ranges?
  15. I liked the ending the best...why does everyone hate endings that I like? I like how it isn't afraid to take time building up, adding random additions gradually. It's something I can't even imagine of doing, given from what I have attempted of mixing.
  16. Mmmm, acid. I guess it's not my taste. I mainly just came in here to say that the repeating synth near the beginning sounds like the "synth" that comes in when Strong Bad does his techno song......a lot.
  17. The people that bring up the 3:00 mark say they don't like it much. WHY? IT'S THE BEST PART! Very nice needed change in the song. All those varying notes n crud...am I the only one who likes music like that? Anyway that's pretty much all I can say.
  18. Best DJ Crono song besides that one at Anime Remix...you know...the Egypt one...that I DWIed. Though I don't like 0:53 and to a lesser extent 3:22. Good amounts of layering and crap and uh...why do I even try? Er, I guess I could try...by saying few word sentences! Good arrangement, too, then. If you are a harsh rap critiquer and don't like his similar remixes, give this a try.
  19. This is pretty good (like a few aspects), but like GrayLightning said in the judge forum, his originals are better. His MysticalLand sounds a lot like The Great Gianna Sisters. EDIT: His longer originals are better. There are a lot of short minute-ish ones, but those are in the older section it would seem. The latest 4 and most of the later ones make me think the rest in the future are going to be long and good. Maybe one day I'll be able to make a CD =) So you have to agree even though you don't like spending long on arrangements it sure makes you more well known.
  20. Sure he did. The music in FF7:PC is exactly the same, they even did a fairly good job getting the midi to match, unlike in FF8:PC, where they did a less than adiquate job with the midi. Although strangely, I sort of like "Man with a Machine Gun" better in FF8:PC than in the PS version... weird. Anyway, that's for a different thread, I'm just babbling. - Eric He was talking about Piano Collection, not Personal Computer =) It's okay, I thought that for about two seconds at first as well. Oh wait, remix. Dang, all I wanted to post at the moment was that, but I WAS listening to this nonstop today and printed out the sheet music and tucked it away for until I become the master of piano. Too bad I don't even know how to play the piano at all. I guess in the meantime I could hand it to my well versed music theory teacher with perfect pitch and piano skills, or that one girl, or that student who graduated already, who memorized the piano part to Rhapsody in Blue and played it at a high school concert, and who I don't even know.
  21. If it's some certain competition I am thinking of he will be REQUIRED to make all difficulties. Over at DDREI. So, uh, back to the song?
  22. You can all thank ME for telling to switch the game from DDR to IIDX! DJ Amuro is simply DJ Taka from "V" ".59" "Abyss" "Leading Cyber" "Nemesis" (yes, he is DJ Setup as well) fame. http://www.psn.ne.jp/~slayer/allmusic/artist/IshikawaTakayuki.html has most the rest of his songs. For some reason that site doesn't even have an archive of the song "A" but it's by him, and tons of others would agree. Now, the original author doesn't HAVE TO change to "Takayuki Ishikawa" ( http://sardius.fefea.org/reviews/konamix/interviews.htm ) since in the game he just uses that pen name Amuro for some reason. It would just be truely correct. As for the song, I've had it for quite awhile now and already made a tiny review/comment (I think). I would have to agree about the car thing. I already put this on a car cd. It took me awhile to get used to from the original even though it shouldn't have. Meh, I'm not going to use my words that I can barely make out when reviewing something not as good. Maybe the gripe I can give is I wish the piano was longer. I was also wondering what was with the "off-key" piano thing. I kept thinking "the whole THING is off-key? That can't be possible since a lot of it came from the original" but then I just listened to it now and noticed there might be a couple off key notes in the million other notes, near the beginning (not talking about the very beginning prelude of the piano stretch with the same pitch 16th notes or whatever they are). So what's that voice saying at around :49? ... ... ... ... *you will play Beatmania instead of ddr noooooooooow* ... *you will play Beatmania instead of ddr noooooooooow* ... *you will play Beatmania instead of ddr noooooooooow* ... *you will play Beatmania instead of ddr noooooooooow*
  23. There aren't actually 500 remixes per part. OCR1-500 and OCR501-1000 are just how many songs djp has written reviews for since he started the site. There have been removals of songs and other bad (good?) stuff to make it only 463 files or whatever for the first one and so on.
  24. More Mazedude like this! I mainly came here to say....WHERE HAVE I HEARD THIS BEFORE????? I know I have heard this melody before, and I'm pretty sure I've never played the game, and it feels like I've known this song for a long time. Is this song anywhere else in the world? Perhaps another mix I might have heard?
  25. Some nice quirky sounds, but that's about it, unless if I listened to the original I didn't like as much as nostalgic gen, because most of it is lacking something, like what 1:58 somewhat brings in. Sounds like an average game song, mainly, and is what pretty much everyone is going to think of when they first hear it.
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