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  1. The Chef never fails to please, and this piece is no exception. Seriously one of my absolute favorites regarding Chrono Cross, the guitar and harmonica sound amazing in this piece, and coupled with an echoing percussion make for a phenomenal piece. The overall feel, especially when the strings come in, is amazing. One of the most emotional, yet not overly complex, pieces I have ever heard. I strongly recommend this one.
  2. I really like the overall feel of this piece, and this is really well-arranged. The sound, if maybe monotonous, certainly inspires at least some emotion. I enjoyed it. However, one thing that costs Spekk marks in my book is the bass solo at 1'24". While it has grown on me over time, that is one part of this song that sounds forced and out of place to me. The conclusion, however, is magnificent. But that aside, this is a phenomenal mix, one that every human on earth needs.
  3. Catchy as hell. Creative as hell. I seriously enjoy this one. And at only 3'30", it doesn't get old or repetetive. A must-download. Once again, NoppZ does not fail to please.
  4. All in all, I don't think it's entirely fair to judge this one as harshly as many have. When you take this much liberty with such a popular song, there are only two schools of thought: those who praise its originality and those who frown upon its unorthodoxy. The mix is very well done and has obviously had a good deal of thought put into it. The sampling is very clear and the arrangement is great. Personally, I belong to the school that was looking forward to another Frog Remix, and was a bit disappointed at this mix. However, that does not mean I don't like it. I thought it was very well done and I praise it very wholeheartedly, but it is not my particular cup of tea. GrayLightning gets my thumbs up for his creativity and execution. Well done man.
  5. Amazing song, packed with emotion and power. A must-download, one of the top songs at this site. Stirring guitar and very deep piano chords complemented by a sound of ice. One of the most powerful and beautiful remixes, nay songs, I have ever heard.
  6. Very impressive and thorough. Refreshingly different from Darkesword's usual style. Very neatly put together, a must-download.
  7. Mortimer McMire of Commander Keen 3. I hated that bastard. 315.....
  8. As Don Malarkey in Band of Brothers said, "Bout damn time." For a Song of Storms remix, that is. This song has been pleading for a remix for ages, all to no avail. Several WIPs, but no dice, until now. As a huge fan of the original, I was quite juiced when I saw this on the main page. I quickly downloaded it. But the mix is lackluster. For about the first minute it stays on top of the original, then ventures miles away from it. I was really craving and expecting a remix that was much closer to the original, so I was a bit disappointed. By itself, it stands well. Nice pair of solos, good backing guitar, though it doesn't effectively replace drums and bass (which are distinctively lacking), and the wah-effect at about 3'11 rekindles interest in the mix. All in all, not a bad mix, per se, but quite a disappointment for fans of the original.
  9. Personally, this one appealed to me. I thought that the synth backign works surprisingly well with the flute lead. I enjoyed the fluctuations in tempo and the occaisional breaks. Also, it didn't stray from Azure Lake's theme at all. It maintained the theme and remixed it pleasantly. And, presonally, whenever I hear the Azure Lake theme in the game I whistle along. It's addictive, what can I say? And this song applies to the same rule. I just have to whistle with this one. Defenitely one of my favs.
  10. Addictive, quick and catchy. I love this song, but it doesn't sound too much like ska to me. I like the horns and guitar though, it works. A defenite keeper.
  11. Feh. How you look at this song depends on how you look at kLuTz. I personally enjoy his work IN that its not overly complicated, and all his pieces so far have appealed to me a good deal. So, when I saw a 600 AD one by him, I leapt in joy. And I was given just what I expected: a piano piece, plain and simple. I wasn't looking for growth, just kLuTz's adaptation of 600 AD in the style I knew and loved so well. And no doubt, this is the best 600 AD remix ON the site. I wasn't really looking for variety, per se, I was looking for kLuTz. If you like 600 AD, download this. If you like kLuTz's other pieces, download this. And on a personal note, it's hard to do a review of this while listening to the Hogan's Heroes theme.
  12. I thought the intro was hilarious. It was what made me keep this thing on my PC. Mainly because this one isn't quite as smooth and poetic as McVaffe's Ice Capped, which I had just JUST downloaded before getting this. It's not bad; by itself it sounds cool, nice bass line, decent drums, neat game samples, and a modest melody. I would say there are better Ice Cap rexmixes floating about, but this one is still cool and worth a check. And the SEGA reverb in the beginning is just plain awesome. I loved it.
  13. I honestly enjoyed this one a lot, probably my favorite techno remix of Crono's Theme I've heard. I like the effects, the distortion, the scratching, and the skipping effect. This remix is head and shoulders above the others I've heard of Crono's Theme. Both addictive, and pushing the envelope, but close enough to the original not to piss off and big fans of the game. Defenitely a keeper.
  14. TULL!! w00t! Nice mix, very catchy, very Tull-ish, and quite nostalgic. Acoustic, but still with an edge. Addictive, and doesn't force itself into the exact melody of the fair, while still staying close enough to it to be recognizeable. Sure to become one of my favs.
  15. Aren't we all? Wow. Just wow. One of my favorites. The smooth tranistions, and the perfect reverb, and Peeples-esque percussion. And his bass is in tune, and just the right volume! The Piano is stark, but not harsh, much like the wind, and the strings are nothing short of perfect. The winds sound ideal. Everything is blended and tranistioned perfect, so it's notable, but only a little. It's so like the wind. Whoa. And the guitar. So raw, but with perfect reverb, easily better than the original. Words escape me. Scott at his very finest.
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