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  1. I saw the email on this today and I knew I had to do something. Finals are kicking my ass right now, but I'm back! I'm a huge fan of Uematsu-san and I would love to meet him in person! His music has changed my life and helped me show others how videogame music is just as good as or better than "normal" music.
  2. I can't believe no-one's mentioned this, but it's been bugging me ever since I heard Friday the first time: why on Earth are they kicking in the front seat? I mean, wouldn't that severely lessen the driveability of the car (never mind that they're 13 and probably don't know what they're doing...)? Thanks, Malaki-LEGEND.sys, I was gonna post Brock's dub but I was beaten. Also, I'm back! College is a bitch and so I have almost no time anymore, but I have spring break for the time being. Additionally, I am now married! I hope to get back involved in the OCR forums; I miss you guys!
  3. I feel that it is oddly appropriate that my return to OCR be marked with a post about Star Wars (my next biggest geek-ism after videogames.) I have seen this movie and as a huge SW fan, I was severely disappointed. I was still willing to watch it even when everyone else told me not to, but I see now why they told me that. I realize that it was aimed more at kids than the teen/young adult demographic that the other movies (and certainly the EU) appear to have been aimed at. That having been said: If I never hear Ahsoka again, it will be too soon. Anakin seemed to be markedly less mature than he ought to have been for the time frame of the movie. The plot was thin, but I could deal with it. The whole referring to the Hutt "clan" struck a nerve with me; doesn't everyone who knows SW know that the entirety of the Hutt race is split up by clans called kajidics? The music didn't feel right; I can't place my finger on it, but it felt like there was too much of it. The style was not that big an issue for me, I read the books and play the videogames, so the live-action movies aren't my only source of Star Wars. Besides the oddness of Anakin getting a padawan so quickly, it causes problems with continuity and canon; why was there such an issue of him being made a master if he already WAS? And what's with the dialogue? That's all I can come up with off the top of my head. While I don't feel like SW has jumped the shark, this was so sub-par as far as quality, somebody ought to be sacked for this movie. I like to quote Film.com writer Eric D. Snider when I talk about this movie: "Remember how people talked about the Star Wars prequels like they were the worst movies ever made, when really, come on, they weren't THAT bad? The Clone Wars actually IS that bad."
  4. I don't recall, but I think it may have been djp.
  5. Thanks, it's good to be back here!
  6. I don't particularly care for that application anyway, but I keep it for the lulz.
  7. This happened to me today on the Compare People application on Facebook: Also: HEY GUYS! I'M BACK!
  8. Wow... now I absolutely have to get this game with my Wii when I come in the summer.
  9. As some of the OCR community know, I'm in the army here in Israel; so I'm not particularly available for this sort of thing, but I come home about every Thursday afternoon and return to base 0dark:30 on Sunday morning, which gives me a little time to put towards this. Please keep me informed if anything comes of this; I missed out on the first round, and I'd still like to take a stab at this (I'm the one that suggested the idea in the first place, after all.)
  10. I'm not submitting anything this round, nor probably any round until the beginning of May 2008. This army stuff is tougher than it sounds, and I while I do have weekends off, that's not enough time to do anything, because in Israel, weekends are only Saturday. I'm glad that this has taken off well, and people are having fun. Once I'm out of the army, expect an entry from me.
  11. I may or may not be able to do this. As of right now, I don't really have anything completed; on top of that, I am going in the army on Sunday, so I may or may not have time to do anything on this. I am not withdrawing, per se... I'm just letting you know that I might not actually submit anything (this round).
  12. I believe you have to look at all the pages in the topic which contain unread posts in order to mark it as a "read" topic.
  13. Maybe the postal service hates us both. Yeah, but I'm in Israel. California is practically the other side of the world from here. Stupid zipcodes.
  14. My friend codes: AC:WW - 3694-3193-9213 MKDS - 365139-900957 MPH - 3479-6004-4441 THAS - 240-5796-614-07
  15. Meh... mine hasn't come yet. Probably got sent to California.
  16. I'm SO in! I loved this when I heard it on Flow Basket, and I'm already getting some ideas together. I have a question though: do the lyrics have to be in English? Hopefully my mic won't be too crappy, and my computer won't slaughter the quality (the laptop on which I'm working doesn't really have a separate soundcard, it's built into the modem.) Lastly, can we have a section available for joke mixes - not to be judged, merely to provide humor? I might take Sammy up on the Klezmer/Yiddish Polka thing, just for laughs (if I have time.)
  17. Alright... although I haven't updated the link, I've been messing around with a few ideas. I've been attempting to teach myself reggae-style strumming (Google FTW); it sounds OK, but I'm not that much into reggae, so it hasn't really given me much in the way of inspiration. I've been trying new strum patterns, but nothing really seems to stick well; nothing too inspiring, and it all gets kinda muddled together after a while. One thing that I attempted and I like a bunch: bringing the whole thing down 2 semitones. It makes it easier to play, and changes the feel of the song a bit. The reggae-style strumming sounds better down there too. I understand the "practice makes perfect" thing completely, but I'm sorta looking for a direction in which to go; I figure that eventually, my guitar playing will improve on its own, as my work on the song constitutes practice. I don't really count on this being finished anytime soon; I'm going into the army on the 17th and then I'll be going to college hopefully once I'm out (14 1/2 months later). That having been said, I do intend to keep working on this, even if it takes several years.
  18. I would like to request that something be added to the forums: a "print this topic" button. Several times, I have wanted to print the material in a topic before it gets old and purged, but because of the way phpBB works, it's pretty much impossible to print right from the browser. I don't have a lot of experience in phpBB, but from what I gather, it's relatively simple to incorporate. </my2cents>
  19. The other day, I was messing around with my guitar, and decided that I wanted to try and make a remix using whatever musical talent I may or may not have. I spoke with LAOS and got part of the chord progression for Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3, albeit a bit incorrect; I played with the chords over and over until I got something that sounded pretty close to the right chords. Unfortunately, I'm still essentially a beginner at the guitar, so I wasn't really able to do the right bar chords properly. I kept working on it, running ideas through my head, and getting better at playing. This is still very rough and conceptual, but this is essentially the bare-bones idea I've got so far. http://genghisdani.googlepages.com/IceCapGuitar.mp3 I understand that my guitar playing is still pretty crappy, so don't bother commenting on that; what I'm looking for here is ideas for where to go from here. I've been mulling over and playing with the idea of finger-picking the chords, and that sounds pretty nice; the only problem is that I'm just starting to teach myself how to finger-pick now. Earlier today I was playing, and I played essentially what I have recorded above, but I played faster, and I played each chord double, and it took on a sort of Spanish feel to it; I snapped a pick in the process, but it sounded good. No, in case you were thinking it, this was totally not inspired by the recently released S3&K project.
  20. Because no-one has mentioned this yet as far as I saw, I thought I'd ask: is there any album art or are there any CD labels for the project?
  21. I don't care what Fox looks like, personally. I've never really thought he looked exceptionally cool, so this is just another semi-cool iteration to me. I'm still praying that you can change the characters' whole costume, not just a simple recolor. On the whole nerfing/de-nerfing issue - I didn't mind the balance issues that much in SSBM, but I rarely got a chance to play against people my skill level anyway; besides, I haven't played in a long while and now I suck. The only thing I hope they DON'T do regarding nerfing, is nerf everyone to an equally very-nerfed level; I've seen it happen before in a fighting game series, I don't want to see it here. My observation, after some consideration, is that it appears Meta-Knight's sword has its classic "stunning" ability (it reminds me of Maxi's nunchaku from Soul Calibur II); my guess would be, then, that the damage caused by his sword is relatively low, because you have the capability of doing like 100 hits right there.
  22. Would probably end up being a Samus clone, and they're already Zero Suit Samus in there, so no don't think so I like to think MegaMan would be an excellent addition to the, appearently, growing list of potential new characters. IF he's gonna be a clone, i think it would be more likely that he would be a Kirby clone, seeing how he's copying the abilities of his enemies. But i still think MegaMan would have enough original moves of his own. Think about dashing forward or dashing in the air (like the dodge move but rather for outmoving someone). Oooh... You make a good point... I could see him being a complex mix of (I'm talking SSBM characters here) Fox, Samus, & Kirby. I'd actually be really interested in that idea. You know what I wanna see? A comeback of the character entry moves before the match. That would be really nice; especially if MegaMan actually did make it.
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