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  1. Game Over shall never cease to amaze me...Simply awesome. Im showing this to all my friends who say videogame music sucks... I SHALL PROVE THEM WRONG!!!
  2. This...is the BEST song Ive heard in YEARS...not the best remix...not the best OCR song, not the best videogame song...the best song in general...WOW 15/10 score
  3. No replies? How is that possible...this is an awesome collection of mixes...great for sitting back and relaxing. I especially like "Full of Life", "So it Begins" "Noumenon" and "The Galaxy is at Peace" Im surprised you didnt slap on "Zebesian Midnight" Anyway, great work all who contributed to this great project. And to anyone who likes/loves/is obsessed and/or infatuated with the Super Metroid soundtrack, I highly recommend this.
  4. DISO a high quality symphonic bass drum (soundfont, wav, whatever works). I need a higher quality sample of the drum in this song: Dominion of the Ghost Pirates Hear how it sounds really synthetic and metally? thats because I had to lower it more than 1 octave to get the tone I was looking for.
  5. Im Loving every second of this song. It really is a great mix to represent K. Rool's evil intentions. One of Ari's greatest, hands down.
  6. This is REALLY cool!! Ever since Ive heard Madonna's James Bond Theme, "Die Another Day" I became obsessed with these 'hybrid' songs (techno mixed with orchestral strings) I really love the way it sounds. This song rocks! *adds it to the next OCR cd*
  7. Kind of reminds me of "Be Prepared" from The Lion King...ah yes, those were the days...*ahem* umm, right...the mix. Its a great redition of the original. I like the way it fades in. Kind of gives a feeling like you are the character bearing witness to a humongous army that doesnt know of your spying. Samus walks her way through Norfair, then hearing something faint, but compelling nonetheless. She moves toward where the sound is coming from and comes to a small vent about a foot in diameter. She can see a large hall beyond the vent. In this hall, she witnessed the rallying of a massive army of space pirates, presumably preparing themselves epic battle in the near future. Some of them were banging on huge war drums, and others seemed to be chanting in a tounge unfamiliar to Samus. Her blood started to quicken as she realized she was in for the fight of her life. -short part of a short story by Knightz OTR (sorry if I seem like a ham, this is one way that I show I really like a mix)
  8. Great mix. One of my favorites, definitely. Its got a similar feel to Zebesian midnight. Heres how I describe them: night time by by the ocean near a rocky area with a natural roof (kind of like a lagoon) and its raining gently. Thats the picture that pops into my head while listening to this sound. Its great!
  9. I actually really like this song alot. I think the contrast of the sounds of the instruments makes it very interesting, and I really like the sound of the main melody. This is one of the songs in my playlist I never get bored of and stop for when going track by track at random, looking for something good to listen to. Good stuff! I give it an 8/10
  10. DAMN. I love this song. I never get bored of it. I love that dirty sound the sax has (I dont know how else to describe it) and that first part the sax just pops in...blah I dont know what im saying so screw it...DOWNLOAD THIS SONG DAMMIT!!!
  11. This is really something. Its relaxing, yet very enjoyable in any frame of mind. I love the Mario 64 kind of feel you gave it...Great Work!
  12. WOW, now this is an amazing remix...possibly the first one Id have to give an 11/10. Its perfect. Awesome job Salzman!
  13. well...he might not necessarily be the hardest boss...but hes the toughest boss off the top of my head: Deadbeard from Golden Sun. (in case that wasnt his real name, its the boss of the secret island with all the great treasures)
  14. Ok...I have a finished song (fruity loops) and every time I save it as an mp3 it adds 30 seconds of silence at the end. Is there a way to create a forced ending to prevent this from happening?
  15. Since the last time I played MM3 (on emu of course), I just realized how fun of a song Magnet Man's level was. So I checked here for a remix of it and I was more than happy to come across this great remox from none other than Disco Dan himself! There are tons of things I like about this song, including the buildup of instruments and that (hmm how to word this) "slide thing" the synthesized intrument that sounds like a guitar does. Know what I mean? Kinda like a "boing" sound. Thats cool. Nice one Dan!!
  16. *Whistles in awe* This song...isnt just a song. Its beyond words to describe. Ever have an obsession with a song and you listen to it over and over for hours? This one has that quality. Its so intoxicating. I really like the background chorus and my favorite part about the song is the electric guitar solo...thats awesome! DJ Crono is my hero! lol Hey, if your reading this review and haven't downloaded this song yet get it now! If your on 56k you wont regret the 15 minutes it took and if your on broadband you wont regret the 15 seconds it took!
  17. I really like this song alot....except for one thing of course. One repeating bass note is off key by 1/2 step. Imagine each number representing a step in a chromatic pattern (ie: 1=A 2=Bb 3=B 4=C 5=C#). This is how the bass goes in the song:5 5 5 5 0 0 0 0 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3...when it should be 4 4 4 4 0 0 0 0 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3. Just fix that one problem please. I hate to see an awesome song be ruined by such a mistake. I like the song alot...I really do...but that off-key note really rubs me the wrong way and I gotta stop listening to it. Besides that, the guitar sounds great and the whole song flows smoothly and its really relaxing.
  18. Genius...pure genius...this is one of my favorite songs.
  19. Yeah I know what you mean. The piano solo melody has that kind of...mood I guess you could call it.
  20. WHOA, I have about 95 remixes now...and I have to say this suddenly became one of my top 5 favorites (I just downloaded it) To would-be listeners: If you like awesome remixes that have it all plus a can of pringles, download this song! Its AWESOME!!! To Mustin: I love the bonzibuddy intro, its funny lol
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