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  1. Haha, thanks, appreciate it. And no worries; I absolutely love a good debate with an intelligent opponent, which you are.

  2. How

    Do you always have

    The coolest



  3. Why do you always have the best sigs?

    Also, is that you in your sig?

  4. Also, holy fucking shitballs your sig is awesome

  5. Also, thanks, glad you liked my guitar work :)

  6. Yeah, I used to hang around starmen.net and do a bit of EB hacking. In fact, starmen.net is how I found OCR.

  7. Out of curiosity, is this the same GuyInSummers who did the text compressor on starmen.net?

  8. Agreed, I've just been so damn busy.

  9. Re: birthday wishes in the second gun rights thread:

    Thanks, been out of town, and yes life is good.

  10. I don't know who you are, but your sig is friggin sweet

  11. can't.... stop.... watching.... your sig.....

    Is that actually from the show?

  12. Ooh, damn, I'd love to, but I'm just too busy to take on anything new right now. Good luck, though; I like the arrangement.

  13. Oi, I made a mistake in the chords I gave you for "When the Smoke Clears." I fixed it in the review thread

  14. Congrats on winning the snowboard!

  15. I know, I've read the book, that's why I thought it was so awesome

  16. I dunno who you are, but your forum handle is major awesomeness

  17. Your sig is awesome. What the hell is the origin/story behind it?

  18. Haha, excellent.

    I assure you Serious Monkey Business will be well worth the wait.

  19. Your sig scares the living shit out of me.

    That is all.

  20. Nice to meet you too.

    Is this a new year's resolution?

  21. Hello, friend. I just want to wish you a happy Saturnalia.

  22. Welcome to the nuthouse, Dave

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