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  1. 2 hours ago, Mirby said:

    Apparently there's also a hotel in Hawaii similar to that one.

    I do like the idea of Spain though. I mean, it's said in-game "In the southern part of the Kalos region, there seems to be a custom to revere Volcanion as a nation-building Pokémon. People seem to believe that a steam explosion caused by Volcanion created the plain where they live."

    And what's to the southwest of France? Spain. It would be a way to build off that region's mythos further.

    Imagine if Sun and Moon are X&Y's GSC. Complete with revising Kalos.

  2. I woke up and it was the first thing I saw in my news feed. Fuck, just after Christopher Lee, 2015 is trying to say something.


    Will be listening to The Land Before Time this morning.


    RIP good sir.


    Bawl your eyes out my friend.



    His music helped make this movie just so amazing.

  3. Kamelot? Underwhelming? No way.... :P


    Honestly I haven't heard the albums with the new singer, because at least to me that is not Kamelot. Sorta like how Nightwish without Tarja was not Nightwish... I'm sure it is good stuff but it's just not the same. Kinda like how Opeth became grandpa guitar music, like a completely different band exploiting the name rather than starting a new side project. 


    Tommy Karevik sounds so much like Roy that it's honestly frightening. Listen to Silverthorn and you'll pretty much find that it's hard to not think that it's Roy singing instead of Tommy.

  4. Different strokes for different folks. It works well on mobile devices, and that's what really matters.  It might not look nice (imo), but it works a helluva lot better than attempting to navigate the vBulletin boards on mobile


    The only problem with the mobile version is not being able to skip to a specific page on a thread. If you get sent to page 1 of a 76 page thread, you have to click next on each page to get to page 76, or switch to the full version. I was looking on this on an iPhone.

  5. Ok guys, time to get serious here. We need to set some deadlines to get things moving. Please check the OP for the status of your track.

    I've set April 5, 2015 as the next major wip date.

    Seriously, we need to get this little album going. The music needs to get completed, and Brandon will get working on the art and trailer. I've asked Brandon also to help be "Mr. Strongarm" to keep things moving along. From here on out, if wip dates are not met and we have not heard from you at all, your claim will be reopened to other artists.

    Anyone doing a multi-source mix, wips would be great, but there won't be update dates for you. If you come up with a great song and it is finished by the time the album is done, it's in! But wips along the way would be very much appreciated.

    Please contact me, timaeus or Brandon with any issues or questions.

    Get those wips rolling, guys/gals!

    Brandon Strader: the savior of dying projects.

    Hope to hear this one soon!

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