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  1. Can someone invite me the OCR clan? I'm bladiator in game. Man, these "NOOBS ONLY 5V5" are such a crock. Noobs nothing.
  2. Ah, there it is. I was never a DotA All Stars player, always just the original DotA.
  3. So, I think someone earlier in this thread said it best by saying that it really really feels like DotA, but not familiar enough to really let you fall right into it. I like what I see, and it's enjoyable enough, but already, the games that say "NOOBS ONLY 5v5" are anything but, and I'm getting roundhoused in the face. Of course, if I got on with the OCR crew it would probably be more enjoyable. But I just barely eek out a game right now on my schedule. The thing I hate the most though is the level cap. 25 is ridiculously high. Because one of the guys on the other team started getting some crazy killing sprees, the next thing you know he's got 5 levels on me and doesn't even turn around when I'm coming and he's half health because he can destroy me in two hits. One of the things that I loved the most about DotA was the level 10 cap. It kept the game from getting way too lopsided because you couldn't get TOO TOO far away from the rest of the field before the end of the game. The "slippery slope" someone mentioned in this thread is a definite issue.
  4. All I heard was DotA and I am all about this. Anyone wanna hit me with a beta key? Also, after reading through a lot of these posts, I can see why some people still really hold on to DotA .. because I remember jumping into that game, and I could do /random, get any hero, and you could ALWAYS use them to good effect. There weren't any crappy heroes ... I mean, there were ones I sucked at, and I thought sucked in general, but then I'd always get in a game later where that hero would rape me. But then again, this is beta, so they gotta keep working on this stuff. The effects look great though.
  5. Now that's classy. You could have gone down this road and made the post filthy, but you just said what you wanted to say and made a great point. As always, you're still the man.
  6. It's actually nothing like that. She's 5'2" and I'm 6'7".
  7. It's been a long time coming! But seriously, I'll find some pics to put up. We got engagement photos, so there are some nice ones. Also, I'm impressed that there is all already a good tip in this thread. OCR delivers again!
  8. That is correct! I, Bla D. Ator, am getting married on the 13th of September. The time is nigh, and I am ready. For those of you who are married and went through the rigamarole of wedding planning, you know that it's a 2nd job! Any well wishes and/or advice is welcome! Bring it on in this thread. I will stick it out and answer any and all questions that may arise. Also, as an aside, I feel a bit embarrassed doing this, but my name is KARL HARMDIERKS and I might or might not have registries at TARGET.COM and BEDBATHANDBEYOND.COM. OK, so I'm pretty brazen. EDIT: Oh yeah, one more thing. The only gift I'd like from the judges is that they kick out a decision on that "Goodbye, Cid..." remix because it makes me sad everytime I look in there that a mix has been on the panel for almost a year. Please. For my wedding day. Please.
  9. http://baddudesmusic.com Samples of ALL the songs on the album.
  10. Thanks for your shout-out! @ Meteo: Yeah, Mustin covers all those ins and outs. He's been doing the remix CD selling for quite a while now.
  11. Believe me ... if anyone understands that legal mumbo jumbo, it's Mustin.
  12. Just a heads up: if you've heard good things about this CD, or have it and LOVE IT, please spread the word. Right now it hasn't paid for itself yet, and we realy can't expect to do more CDs if we go in the hole every time we make one. So TELL YO FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND ENEMIES AND DUDES ON THE CORNER!! Hot hot hot hot hot! If you thought about it and it seemed like a something you wanted but then having to pay the moniez turned you off, please think about it a second time. It is a fantastic album of music.
  13. WHY do you hate me so much?! WHY do you hate me so much?!
  14. Gotta love today's journalism. Spend half an hour in an interview with this chick, and then end up with: "You're making music with outdated computers. You need a masochistic desire to have something difficult to do." Glad we really cared about our article. Helllllllo, just a paycheck!
  15. Just have her change it from "Shnabubula hates chiptunes" to "bladiator hates chiptunes" and that will probably be the easiest workaround.
  16. I did it. Mostly because I listen to your music for free. You bastard.
  17. Dang straight. Oh and Hemo, I totally agree with you on 24. I can't stop listening to that one over and over. Although I gotta say (even being biased), this album is one of the best conglomerations I've heard. I love this CD.
  18. That Gemcraft is actually the second in the series, a prequel to the first one. Both of which are stinkin addictive. I went all the way through and 100% completed it. The newer one I finally couldn't handle anymore because it just has so much content, and after beating a single level in 6 different ways, and having over 70 levels to do that with, I got burnt out. But I agree, they are both very entertaining.
  19. But for some reason, "solo tuba" makes the cut.
  20. Fantastic stuff! Makes me feel good inside. Just a nice atmosphere created altogether with the mixture of instruments, the drumming peaking at all the right places, and inspired bass lines. The ending made me go "...what?" but besides that, it's getting its own CD. Edit: Also, a crisper key change would have been real nice. But still, I love it.
  21. Here's another Dhsu, for O Say Can Yoshi: http://bladiator.vgpiano.com/other/o_say_can_yoshi.pdf
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