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  1. Seriously, wingless is going from thread to thread making win out of all of them. I sound like a wingless fanboy because I am.
  2. To Harmony: Yeah sorry, I was pretty penniless back when I took that picture and couldn't even get the five and dime jewelry I needed for big pose. AO: I don't actually steal women, but borrow them on occasion. Oh, and I will never give up that photo of LT. I have a big blow up poster of it on my wall, and I wail on and cry on my knees to it every night in preparation for the day when I will get to meet him in person. And then I will die, willingly, in his sinewy black arms. Kanthos: I haven't had time in a long time to do a piano remix .. mostly I just can't come up with an idea. But I appreciate the comments on the JENOVA part. That was my favorite change up. Someday I'll get something in the works ... P.S. I hate quotes.
  3. It's a picture of our favorite Liontamer getting undressed for money, then me with fake bling around my neck, and then the lovely and illustrious Paige for whom I have pined for years and years much to the loathing of said Liontamer. The longer explanation is so much more complicated.
  4. I totally despise the GH3 PS3 guitar. Man, I want to use my off brand PS2 wireless. I feel like a bumbling fool trying to use that thing.
  5. Now you're just teasing us Dhsu. Would it happen to have something to do with musicality and groinage?
  6. bladiator


    Wingless made this thread total win. A+++ would read again.
  7. I have 0 mixes to judge too. You don't see me throwing a black pride parade for myself.
  8. Solution: 1. Only download music by bladiator. 2. ??????? 3. Profit.
  9. I won't go, mostly because I can't have Wingless to myself with this many people going.
  10. How obvious is it that a person has a blog integrated with their profile? I don't know why that's the most important to me, but I was just making sure I wouldn't be clicking everybody's profile looking for a blog. I probably would have said no to this a while back, but now that I've gotten back into OCR a little more recently, it seems almost fun. Except for the fact that I would feel like I needed to blog just so it wouldn't be a waste of space. Hmm, I'm torn. I still think it's a cool idea, if not for me, for everyone else.
  11. First console: Game Boy First game (bought at the same time): Kirby's Dreamland Those were good times. Still have it.
  12. Snap. Happy birthday big guy. I want you to want me ... I NEED YOU TO NEED ME. ... WINGLESS IS BLACK!?
  13. This piece is way hot. Makes me want to learn Reason if this is the result. Btw, Ray Charles is dead. FYI. Love to Tepid and AeroZ. Good stuff.
  14. correction to the last post .. 2500 leeches and 146MB/sec Anyone else getting hard?
  15. Real chill. Has a definite place on my placelist. And I'm hot for Mustin. But that's not the reason that this song rocks. The wordless vocals really worked for me.
  16. To me, sephfire = good music. Don't change it.
  17. I see a severe lack of bladiator on this list ... and I think this is for the best.
  18. I really just want a Keyboardmania game that doesn't use a 90 degree piano roll. Seriously ... I played Keyboardmania at the arcade, and THIS GUY (me) that has a degree in the frickin piano is hitting keys out of time and boinking wrong notes like a 4 year old. Give me a game where they throw sheet music up on the screen, and make it tough ... and finally I can get every geek boi I want at the arcade with my reading skillz.
  19. I came back to this one cause I saw the recent reviews. I hate you Harmony. I'm still getting those same weird chills when I listen to it. I concur with my old statement of having said babies. I don't really hate you. I'm sorry. Please don't leave me.
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