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  1. Quality use of percussion throughout to give the piece a driving force. I also like the use of the choir aahs so that they are not what is the forefront of the music as they always seem to be. The electronica portion seemed just a little forced, but beyond that, the piece transitions well, and stays fresh all the way to the end. And nice bells of course.
  2. Everyone pay me $. Often. On account of the DJ training scheduled for this past Saturday being cancelled, I've decided to run that stuff from 5-8PM Monday night. Gotta put the station first. I'm definitely gonna be physically spent at the end of all that, since I'll be up for a while with no sleep, so I figure I have a better shot going for Tuesday, when I know I'll be well rested. So I'll be shooting for Tuesday at 6PM EST for VGF46. (Rescheduling always equals excitement.) I <3 Larry.
  3. You know, I was sitting here listening to the remix for the first time and thinking to myself "Prot is out of his mind." But now that I'm 4 minutes in, I realized that he's on the money here. It's mostly a bunch of beeping on a drum loop. Now, don't get me wrong, I suck at drums and hate sequencing my own with a passion, but I wish there had been more of the breakouts of strings and electric piano, because that part made me very happy. The whole thing has a great groove, and I can bob my head to it, but it just doesn't have much to hold my attention after 3 minutes.
  4. Sustain pedal. YAY ME! Nice work btw, I agree that someone's foot got stuck on the floor during some parts of this, but the piece is interesting to listen to and keeps your attention throughout. Wild arpeggios (although something I would like to have to play) also keep this grandioso near the end.
  5. I'm totally screenshoting this and burning it to an archive CD for all time. EDIT: Also, a little love for Larry in my new sig. Thanks to TO for the work, and to CHz for the awesome "B Unit" name.
  6. I give last night's aftershow the biggest thumbs up I can muster with my disproportional thumbs.
  7. I burnt a CD with remix music on it for my car, and I almost always zip ahead to this song on the CD. Man, this was great. I even sing along to it. O_o (Harmony of course.) You did an awesome job here. Although the ending is REALLY quiet, and I love the ending chord progression, so I have to crank it way up to hear it, then remember to crank it down quick so I can save my eardrums/speakers.
  8. The after show booty call was totally worth it.
  9. "OH MAN I LOVES ME SOME LIVE RECORDER" I think that says it for me too. Sometimes, Trenthian, you just annoy the hell out of me on the forums, but what can I say? This is some damn impressive recorder playing. The whole thing just flows so well. Nice job. ~Bladiator
  10. Gasp! Did I pronounce it wrong in my rap? If you said "blade-e-a-tor" and not "blad-e-a-tor" then yes. It's gladiator with a b.
  11. Just consider yourself lucky to have been able to listen to Bladiator's music for all that time. I know I do. Aww stop that, you guys, I'm blushing. As an aside, this ended up being all in one take. The e-mail was written back when I did it on my keyboard, and then while it was in the submission process, I had time to go and get it recorded for real. I also found out that the mics (specifically the left one) is going out in the recital hall I'm using to record in. I recently went back to record another piece and the recordings are unusable. ~Karl (Bladiator = Blade + Gladiator)
  12. Not sure what kind of jazz you listen to. This is definitely some late-romantic/impressionist smack if I've ever heard it. And not bad smack, btw. The arrangement is REALLY well done. The song always knew where it was going ... no large sections of music where the song meandered to fill time or anything. VERY impressive.
  13. He scared everyone off with the audition thing.
  14. I was talking to analoq on IRC the other day, and I asked him what I should listen to that he remixed. This is what he pointed me to. GREAT choice. Man, as was said already, my head was bobbing up and down the entire time. I've been finding some really good stuff on OCR the longer and farther I dig.
  15. It's kinda sad, but I really like the electrical sound coming towards my right ear, and out past my left ear. I've been told that was gimmicky, but I'm easily impressed. *plays with bug*
  16. Not much to say that hasn't been said. I listen to this once a day usually now. Gotta get my fix of S-G-X-X-X-M-C. Awesome remix.
  17. I was just about to ridicule this, that is, right before I couldn't see what I was typing, and this salty discharge started sitting in my eyes. Damn you, Kaijin, that was totally awesome. I need a hanky. *goes to find a song to remix adult contemporary, ala Kaijin*
  18. I'm not into pop, but this easily the best pop mix I've ever heard. Production values are through the roof and beyond. Cool britney spears type vocal effects. Exceptional. I concur. EXCELLENT remix.
  19. Beautifully done, MN. It would have slipped right by me if you hadn't explained what you were doing.
  20. That was nice. I agree that the quality of the samples doesn't necessarily have to be realistic quality. I mean, this is expounding on music that came from a GameBoy. It excites me just to think back about the game, and this brings it so much closer to our age. Strangely enough, it repeats SO many times, and I never got tired of it. Very well arranged. Strange that I have a LoZ:LA submission on the stand too. And I'm starting to get worried about it.
  21. What can I say? I already spewed my musical guts all over the WIP page, and I stand firm with those accolades. This is a great piece!
  22. Man, that was great. All except the ending, I concur with the others 100%. Wow, that was bad. On purpose, no less. But kudos otherwise.
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