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  1. There might be some more impressive things that happen behind the scenes that I don't know about, but this is easily the coolest addition I've seen to OCRemix in a long long time. Nice work djp.
  2. Pretty good stuff. It's at least as interesting as Kingdom of Loathing or other online shizzle like that. I'm a lvl 5 Camwhore. POST BRA SHOT!
  3. Request: Game: The Sims Song: Building House or Buy Mode or something MIDI: It's on Vgmusic under PC/The Sims. The one called "Building House" is the best one, actually gets the chords at the end right. The other ones "Buy Mode: Track 1" are the same song, but they don't get the chords right at all. But for a feel of the first part, they all work. Sorry I suck at links (i.e., don't have any). EDIT: http://www.vgmusic.com/music/computer/microsoft/windows/Piece_from_The_Sims.mid
  4. I know this is a special annual thing, but I just sorta wish it happened more often because more music can get made and more people get to hear their requests. I could just grab some from the requests forum I guess, but there are SO many in there and I don't recognize the majority of the songs, so I don't know where to start. At least this way, I sign up and then someone else forces me to pick a certain song. It's almost like a PRC, except someone doesn't have to win the competition to hear a song they love get remixed. I guess what I'm saying is that I think it'd be really cool if you could do this more on a regular basis. Maybe with shifted emphasis just so it doesn't lose its annual favor.
  5. Didn't I send you money once? I mean, happy b-day, guy I don't know.
  6. Sign up time = exceedingly long. Someone wake me up when the remixing starts.
  7. Where were you back in the day when polka challenges were in vogue? Maybe you WERE there for those. It's been a long time.
  8. Just curious ... the word "challenges" makes me think there is going to be more to it than just a game or a song, but that's all you mention. You're not going to let people say like .. a song name, and then a genre or something like that are you? I mean, I'd probably do it (shitty like), but that would be pretty tough. Especially when everyone picks a song and the "death metal" genre.
  9. Haha, yeah. I have since stopped using "bladiator" for online gaming because I heard that all the time. Or "The Diaper Warrior". Or whatever.
  10. I used to go by "Blade" on local BBS accounts, and then when I got to the wide world of the internet, I didn't want to be "Blade035781". Then I decided to put together blade and gladiator. Bad choice.
  11. Don't settle for second best! For a reasonable price, you can receive your very own authentic bladiator! (Limit one per world)
  12. I <3 you with American kisses. I expect them to be thrown back in my face. XXOOXOXXoXOXOOOXOXOOXOOXOOOXOXOXO But seriously, happy birthday big guy.
  13. Persistence and wisdom from djp? Pffttttt, not a chance. I kid, I kid. <3 P.S. Good interview.
  14. Just played this at a friend's house all the way through the night. Never even been on a Wii before, but this made me and my roommate think about putting out to get one now. So fun. The whole gem thing is fantastic. Gives you something to do all the time in the game. Wingless kinda sucks at music, so don't listen to his ranting.
  15. Reuben did some awesome stuff. Made me jealous of his 4 piano skillz. I even did a PRC entry based on his 4 piano skillz style. Hate to see this.
  16. Holy crap. This place is going to hell, and you're all just clapping along... Haha, just kidding guys. I hate you.
  17. Music of my Groin is crap. Happy b-day anyways. Ass. Bit pop for life.
  18. Love you Sam! I have a roommate that is an Ender's game fanatic, and I'm sure he's going to wet himself over this.
  19. 2 weeks at most. If it's not done then, it's probably not going to get done. 3 days usually.
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