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  1. This came up on my list after a long chain of Thrash, Death, and melodic metal, and immediately thought, "This doesn't sound like something I have.." consider I added the torrent from 1250 - 1500 to my playlist recently. My immediate thought, considering the distortion effect used on the vocals that it really sounded like In Flames (pre Colony or Clayman), though yes, I noted the lyrics were a bit quiet in comparison to the rest, but still I was impressed. It made me look at the title. I'm glad that something strongly metal like this was added to OCR's lineup, and really dig this mix.
  2. I gotta say: Verah Nass! Whether industrial, metal, or orchestral (and one opera o_O) it's all very commendably awesome. EvilHorde: AWESOME job on Hangarmageddon! I *love* the samples tossed in so VERY nicely. I mean revving chainsaw when you finally hit the big riffs and then the reload/shot part midway. Very thumbs up! Though.. no offense, Myth, but out of the very aggressive stuff, yours seemed to stick out the most. Good arrangement, but right after Beatdrop's bit of crunchy industrial it's jarring... But I suppose it's my personal choice. I gotta agree on Darkness Dawning. Nice vocal transformation there. I think that The ending song (Bunny ) turned out nicely too, though it feels like you were taking your sweet time to hit the actual melody. But nice improved piano work, TO. Both in the Intermission (which was quite awesome, btw) and the ending. All in all, everyone wrapped up the doom feel incredibly well. If Doom 2 wasn't wrapped up so thoroughly by OCR's existing mixes, I'd like to see that one done up like this. Doom 2 certainly had more tracks that I find as 'favorites' of the series, but still. Good job!
  3. Oh man. I've been playing this nonstop after I rediscovered it. Creezus this is awesome. One thing, though. How the heck did you get that awesome sound that it starts out with? There are few words to describe how awesome the intro sound is, and *then* the music starts. Like mentioned before, that bass is *The* business.
  4. This is a public service announcement. This is only a test. EDIT: That's what was wrong... didn't select "Attach Signature" YAY It works!
  5. I just love this piece. It's off the wall, and yet so... slow and chillin'. Defnitely enjoy this piece even though I have dozens of songs that are hyperactive to an insane level. This is a sort of balance when I'm not feeling in that sugar-induced hyperactive mode. And to top it off, that distortion it goes crazy with near the end is awesome in a way that I never figured crazy distortion would be. An excellent swamp piece by isopropyl, 9/10.
  6. I've been a huge doom fan for a loooong time, and this is probably one of my favorite doom remixes, along with Barels 'o Fun. I probably missed a ton of the songs, but of what I recognized, and what I didn't I still love this mix. I love the organ and really aggressive piano among the most out of this song, but all of is teh awesomes evar! 10/10, awesome work Mazedude.
  7. I love this rendition. As the Hyperspace remix was for a really hyper song already, this is a subdued remix, for a subdued theme. I used to really like how peaceful the music sounded after the other, more energetic songs. 10/10, excellent job! On the subject of more energetic pieces, I'd love to hear Yehat and Pkunk themes done. I wonder if those are in judges queue somewhere...
  8. Quite a bit different than SGX's usual styles, but since this is a collaboration, that's to be expected. Still, I knew, with SGX's name on this song, it would be a must-have download, and I was not disappointed. I've been digging GrayLightning's songs for quite some time now, so a combination of SGX's skillful audio manipulation, and a new age style, not unlike GL, and you've got a killer awesome remix. The melodic tones, the vocals, though non-lyrical, add a simple, melodious undertone that will would be enhanced by the guitars later on. Lastly, some of the pizzicato and piano at around 1:30 seems to mimic the simple style of one Chrono Trigger map song that I still love for it's simplicity of arrangement. It appears for a few seconds at most, and it only serves, it enhances the music more than anything. Overall, it's an excellent piece of work, I give it 10/10.
  9. Killer awesome mix. I like the crazyness that cuts in at the middle section. The tape effects and samplechopping, all of it's just incredible. Even the ear-stabbing static is good when you volume down or cut off the high frequncies with EQ. The ethnic guitar is just amazing. It might not be like ICO in the ambient aspect, it's making want to play ICO again so I can locate the songs again. I want to hear the original again so I can compare.. This really reminds me of how I felt at the end of ICO.. mostly wanting more. The use of game sounds is great. Especially in the placement of the one at the end. Overall, awesome mix 9/10 mostly for the ear-stabbing mixdown in the static. Everything else's just perfect.
  10. *is sad* I can't find my oldies disks! Someone must have tossed them or something. How... horrible. All I can find now is the CGA version of Keen 4 demo off 3DRealms' site. And the original trilogy, but still only the demo. for anyone interested in playing older games on linux or newer windowses, DosBox is perfect. it's almost complete. all areas are emulated between 80 and 100 percent, and i tested it. it works marvelously. I'm still sad that I have to stick with demos till i find a place that has the full versions. Anyone know a place? EDIT: The Keen GBA game looks like it's awful.
  11. Gotta love the vocoder. Makes me think of a barbershop quartet of robots. Man. it's all comin back like.. because of this mix. I started playing all the dooms again, and i got heretic too. Gotta grab the old Appogee titles again...
  12. Dunno why I like this song. People have pointed out numerous errors in tuning and playing, but it just really gets the mood right. I think people should stop being retro-audiophiles, but it's your opinion. BTW, is it just me or does anyone else hear the metronome in the beginning?
  13. Awww yeah. Marble madness, one of my earliest NES memories. I just love the beginning, especially the simple level starting sound effect as an intro. Perfect. I agree the muddled beginning wasn't much of an intro, but just the start of that soundeffect, I knew I had to finish listening to this, so I sorta grinned and bore it until the real song started. On a similar note (OT) I remember my friend took his portable Commodore thing (portable for the time....) and this was the first game we played on it. EDIT: Whao I just noticed the "My mind is going..." quote at the end, and it actually repeates very quietly for the ending... The author even slipped in a little 2001 into the mix.
  14. Recently, I have been using Linux more and more (almost all the time now) and I have found an interesting music program that looks similar to Buzz, but for linux, and with a set of builtin plugins and a plugin architecture that's very standard called LADSPA at http://www.ladspa.org (and open to see the guts of). This program is called beast, and it is located at http://beast.gtk.org It has a long list of dependencies, though, to warn you. The site has a number of articles about synthesis types and how to use them in the Resources section, and there's a list of LADSPA plugin sites on the Ladspa site.
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