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  1. First off, this isn't spam ! GamingUnion.net is giving away 4 free copies of the the Sonic Adventure game. If you want in on the action, it's as simple as sending a quick email. Check out the instructions here: Sonic Adventure Contest Instructions That's it. If you have questions, let me know.
  2. Wow, completely missed this. Sorry duder! Hans Zimmer - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Steve Jablonsky - Transformers 1 (not 2) Anything by E.S. Posthumus And those are just 3 examples of highly epic OSTs WITH great melody lines! I've got shit tons more, so let me know if you want more.
  3. There's no might about it, it will save an INCREDIBLE amount of RAM by keeping your instance number down. Rashad, this is what we call mutli-timbral. Essentially, you create up to 8 different midi channels and they are all part of the same instrument (each kompakt instance is an instrument). You can put up to 8 different patches into the kompakt player. The output you're talking about is the midi output and yes, they automatically make each new patch go to the next available midi channel (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc). The idea is to put as many patches in one instance as possible and just route them to the different midi channels. You can have two patches routed to the same channel or you can them all be different. It really doesn't matter. However, the thing here is that I haven't the slightest idea how to do this in FL. Logic, no problem, but FL is outside what I use. I'm sure someone else can explain it to you if you don't know how to do it.
  4. Good, I'm glad this is being added!!
  5. This actually sounds pretty fuggin' cool. I'm gonna let it simmer in my brain for a little bit, that is assuming you would allow me on the project .
  6. Granted, I haven't played the beta, but if 14 is anything like 11, a mouse isn't even used. You can go entirely with keyboard or a combination of keyboard and controller. I preferred the later, but that was just me. Also, I don't know if 14 is supporting voice chat. Are they?
  7. Yeah, that's what I have to keep telling myself to not get too bummed out .
  8. God, I wish it was coming out on the PS3 sooner....I suppose that's what I get for being a Mac loyalist.
  9. NEW REMIXER Children of the Monkey Machine Final Thoughts: Coming Soon!
  10. Much better guitar tone in this one from his previous remix. The funk guitar chops in there were interesting, but they still kind of worked in a weird way. Chris focuses on dynamic shifts in this bad boy which is rare surprise for his mixes! The drums have the best in the track from any of his previous mixes, so mad kudos there. The guitar performance is rock fuggin' solid. The man is a human metronome. A straight rock piece without many surprises; goats signature style and he shows his flare on it here! Love the ending. Great work from Mr. Gates!
  11. Not bad for an intro. I'm still not a fan of the GM sound, but it works better in this mix. However, the lead guitar tone is not up to Mr. Gates' usual standard; they sound low-fi with no head room which is really disappointing. The pianos is WILDLY mechanical here, but a nice thought on breaking up the dynamics. The arrangement is still where this is at though even if some of the ideas weren't executed terribly well. The tempo change was a nice touch. Not my favorite from goat, but not terrible at all.
  12. One of the weaker intros that we've heard from goat. The midi sounds were not my favorite but the strings sounded nice. However, it seems to meander and not really go anywhere. The orch samples are a bit weak here. It's better when the rock drums and guitars come in, but the drums sound wildly out of place here; they don't sit in the mix with the orch samples at all since they sound so dry. The arrangement is nice, but it does get too cluttered with movement from instruments that don't have a fast enough attack to handle the quick lines. But, this is really the second time we've heard goat step out of his comfort zone and it's definitely refreshing to hear. When the guitar solo comes in, that's where the mix REALLY shines. The orchestral backing is simple and clean and works extremely well with the lead guitar. Not Chris' best mix on the site, but he strives to do something relatively new for himself, and I have to give him props for that and I really hope that he keeps at this so that we can hear something like this again. Practice makes perfect!
  13. Interesting intro with the SFX. It definitely felt out of place for me in comparison to the rock goodness that comes in after it, but again, that's personal preference. Awesome rockin' lead guitar here. The performance is good but not as solid as some of Chris' previous work. However, when the guitar solo comes in, all is forgiven . I love the A section of this song. The drums, bass and guitars find a pocket and groove really nicely. The piano interlude was a little thin and it sounded really mechanical. I enjoyed the power chord ending, but damnit, stop fading out ! Still not a fan of the sound effect as it feels likes it's been pasted in there. Those "gripes" aside, this is still a really kick-ass rock track!
  14. Holy hell, that was an intense intro. These are the guitar tones that I so desperately wanted to hear in the previous mix. They sound crisp and clean, but still dirty at the same time. Very nice. The precision of the playing is just as solid as we normally hear from Chris. It's got his signature metal sound all over it. He does something very interesting in this track that he really hasn't done in his previous mixes and it concerns the dynamics. The song never really changes its intensity level; it starts out hard and stays that way. However, with some minor changes in the rhythm from the drums and power chords, he brings new dynamic levels to the track. It's a very interesting shift that's not really noticeable if you listen casually, but you can feel that it plays differently from his other tracks. Very good work on that front. The metal is sick in this; a great rockin song all around! The fadeout is unforgivable in a track like this though; it could have really used a powerful ending . Not bad, mate; not bad at all!
  15. Very dirty intro here and not in a bad way. I'm not a huge fan of the low fi guitars here. It would have been MORE than awesome to hear them transform into the full bodied sound that we heard on Chris' previous mix, but personal preference is what it is. The low end is a little crowded and I hear a bit of clipping/over compression. I like the break down in the middle. It's a really nice dynamic shift that is actually pretty rare for goat's style; the man likes finding his intensity level and hammers it hard all the way through! It's a good rock arrangement of a theme that needed to be rock in the beginning, but tech restraints couldn't let it be. The sweeping low synths was an interesting choice. Not my favorite track from Mr. Gates, but certainly not a bad track!
  16. Awesome intro with the percolating low drums. This is stuff that Chris does really well. There is also a VERY noticeable shift here from a production standpoint. The guitars sound much more crisp and full bodied. The drums are also the same way; lots of meat. The performance in the guitar is spot on as it always seems to be with Mr. Gates! The solos are bitchin' and the power chord breakdown is nice and tasty. The brief rhythm change was a nice touch as well. Not much else to say here except that this is a great metal track and those who like the style will definitely enjoy it. Awesome work goat!
  17. Interesting intro here. I'm not feeling the midi sounds here. The piano is very mechanical. The strings are much nicer in comparison. The introduction of the rock elements definitely helps. The strings sound better when they're not so exposed. I like to hear goat trying to expand his style a bit, and I'm a sucker for orchestral fusion with rock, so I love the effort! This track would be EPIC with a modern production flair to it. The drums, while they sound better than the previous mixes, just feel out of place. Throw some reverb on those bad boys to make it sound like they're being played with the orchestra. There is some bad clipping in the low end with the kick drum. All in all, not the best from goat, but I love to hear him stepping out of his comfort zone and I hope he tries this again!
  18. Awesome intro. The guitar sound is clean and super crisp. The performance is spot on. Hello Metallica . The heavily filtered guitar SFX were really nice underneath the organ. This is epic. Something you would hear as the opening number to an old heavy metal show. My goodness, his hands are flying on those power chords. I'm impressed with the precision of it. The soundscape feels a little empt in this one during that section, but then the high lead busts in and takes center stage. I'm diggin' it for sure. The drums are still a little thin, but they are definitely better from his first mix. God, I love the clean guitar sound. The transition into the clean section was a little awkward, but for how sexy they are, I can forgive it. I can also forgive the fade out . However, the FO actually works pretty well. Very good second mix here!
  19. Wow, goat, doesn't waste anytime getting us into the mix here. The heavy power chords leap right in and drive this bad boy home. The lead guitar are played with a wonderful precision. The drums samples are a little wishy washy, but considering this was done over 8 years ago, I really can't fault for a little problem. Besides, its the lead guitars that make this mix what it is! Not a bad first mix at all. The arrangement is fairly simple and repeats itself, but its not repetitive by any standard. It hits the ground running HARD and never lets up, nor does it need to. Very good first mix from goat!
  20. NEW REMIXER goat Final Thoughts: Metal, metal and more metal. Goat brings us nothing short than a 10 song library of it. Chris' guitar playing skills were top notch when he first sub'd a remix, and nothing has changed there; his ability to play with perfection is quite impressive. However, if there was one particular area of growth from Mr. Gates, it would be his production value, specifically in the drums and guitar. His sonic manipulation of both as greatly improved over the years! Chris never diverted much from the pure metal sound, but he attempted a couple rock/orchestral mixes that got better with each try and I avidly pray that he tries again! Goat knew how to find his intensity in a track and keep it up the whole way through without things becoming tedious or mind numbing at all which says a lot for his talent. We haven't heard anything from him in a few years and I hope he comes back to grace us with some new work in the near future! If you like metal, you won't be disappointed!!
  21. Ah, the underground hip-hop feel brings us into this mix. It quickly mellows out with the synth guitar in there. There is a lot of gating going on here. It becomes a little overwhelming at times, especially with headphones on; my head feels like it's pounding . The overdriven piano was a daring choice and I'm kind of split on it. This track shows us what Youngjin seems to value most in a remix: dynamic shifts. There are very few things that we can say are constant in all Ziwtra's mixes, but this is definitely the biggest. This sounds like something in the background of "August Rush" which is pretty darn cool. The break down with the synth harp was nice touch. The slow fade in of the synth guitar was also a nice dynamic shift. The low rumble of the synth builds a tension that helps us feel that this mix is not done! But it never builds back up which is a shame, but personal preference is what it is . Not bad!
  22. Another interesting intro from Mr. Hahn. I wasn't feeling the GM intro samples being so exposed. They worked a bit better with the other instrumentation though. I can't really my finger on the sound here, but I have to say that I don't feel this one meshing as well as some of the others that we've heard from Youngjin. However, the middle section with the jazz flute and the funk guitar brought this back around for me. Loving the fell of this part; I could've listened to that all the way through. Laying low on the GM synths felt better after in the opening section. Even though they build backup after the breakdown section, it feels a bit more natural this time around. The piano is probably my favorite color instrument. After listening, I think I know what bothers me about the GM and it's the high legato strings. The sound is just too grating in comparison to the smooth nature of this track. Outside of that, I definitely found this one grooving.
  23. Very interesting sound from Ziwtra here. More acoustic than we've heard from him in the past. I'm not a fan of the solo violin here. It's so exposed that it's just too mechanical and synthetic for me. I would have loved it to have been one of the ethnic flutes we've heard from him over the years. It's hard for me to complain too much as I know that I don't think I could have done much better! However, the accordion was fantastic. This is like a Jazz Irish Jig. Not sure how that worked, but by God, it does! The drums are where this mix really shines. The attention to detail, the syncopation, the rhythm, etc really makes the track shine. I love the Celtic feel here. Very good stuff.
  24. Sweet mother of mercy, I LOVE these intros. Ziwtra continues to bring them to the table and this one is NO exception. Mr. Hahn creates tone and mood better than most anyone I've ever heard. The SFX of the subway station was an interesting and daring choice. If the SFX was a little better quality, I would have enjoyed it a bit more I think. I can certainly see the point in having it, but the execution of it was a little weak for my tastes. Afterward though, he brings it back with glitched out drums, glittery synths, and a great vibe. Excellent vibe, to be honest. I love the gated low synth/bass. Even though the guitar is sequenced, the addition of it was wonderful. Awesome AWESOME job here.
  25. Ooooh, very interesting intro. Got that deep underground hip hop vibe to it. Hello Fort Minor before there was a Fort Minor! It was a very unique choice to have the bass be an upright rather than electric or a synth. It took a little getting used to, but I fell into the feel of it pretty quickly. The string samples are a little rough around the edges especially when they are so exposed. But Youngjin makes up for that by putting his focus in dynamic shifts throughout the track. Not bad at all. I was diggin this. It would be awesome to hear it remastered with a small string group. All in all, very good!
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