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  1. Talk about making the best out of what you have. The orch samples are certainly not the best in the world, but he keeps the movement up and never allows one of them to become too exposed at any given point! I love the LFO on the lead synth; it gives the mix a great down tempo feel that compliments the drums really well. That bass line is pretty damn bitching as it bubbles underneath the track. It really helped the slower moving orch section towards the middle of the mix. I love the rhodes-esque sounding piano playing the syncopated chords underneath! This is the perfect driving track at the end of the day as you're riding down the interstate to go home. The end was really abrupt, but small potatoes with how great this was! Lush, my friend, lush!
  2. Oh wow, probably my favorite intro from Ziwtra here. I love the ambiance it creates. Then the percolating/quick drums underneath. The juxtaposition is simply fantastic. I agree with OA as this is not the most melodic piece we've heard from Mr. Hahn, but my goodness, I'm diggin this something fierce! There is a wonderful balance of fast and frantic movement that is offset perfectly by slow moving chords and pads. The kick deserves some notable praise here. This is really one of the first tracks we've heard where Youngjin really makes a full effort to give it more presence in the mix and I'm liking it! I love that low lead synth. The Jazz fusion drums with the glitch drums is too cool for school! Very nice!
  3. Awesome intro here. Love the vinyl scratching! Then out of nowhere, Ziwtra comes in with a crazy ethnic flute. Even though it caught me off guard at first, I quickly started to like it. THe guitar/synth part that follows is a great section that really drives. I love the breakbeat section after that too. I'm groovin' on the couch here and my wife is looking at me like I'm crazy (I have headphones on). The solo violin/viola was a really nice touch. Another great example of how Youngjin can take a lot of different styles and throw them all into one! Very impressive. The glitchy drums are excellent and I adore the sweeping pads! Awesome work!
  4. That's a pretty bad ass video! It made me nostalgic as hell though . I'm older than Mario by 45 days. Good lord, now I feel old...
  5. I'm totally with you there. I loved Tik Tok and for the life of me, I never could figure out why....
  6. http://gammasquad.uproxx.com/2010/08/university-of-florida-gives-up-gives-credit-for-playing-starcraft HAHAHAHA. Thank God I'm not a Gator...
  7. I've used the KM 184 stereo pair EXTENSIVELY. I cannot recommend them enough!
  8. It feels almost redundant to say that this is another great intro from Ziwtra. The shuffle rhythm here is very new for Youngjin, and I'm definitely vibing it. The synthy marcato string arpeggiation was not my favorite, but I got over it! There is a lot of high end in this mix that I felt could have been toned down a little bit. This is definitely more downtempo compared to most of Ziwtra's other remixes. It's great to hear him step out of his normal composition mode and try something new. Great bass line; it's very simply, but it drives the track exceptionally well. The lead synth choices were great. The legato strings at the end were also a great touch and helped fill out the soundscape pretty well. I would have wished for an ending other than the fadeout, but I won't complain. Good stuff!
  9. Ah, do I remember this from the game. It definitely takes me back! Ziwtra does waste anytime disclosing the source material in this mix. This has a wonderful jazz fusion to it that we haven't really heard from Youngjin so far, and I gotta say, he's nailing it. Not a fan of the sax sample, but the idea what a good one. The drums are what really do it for me here. The pattern and programming are really well done and create a dynamic in the track all its own. The bass line is also wonderful as is really anchors the track, much like his past mixes. Hahn really excels at placing different levels of intensity from different instruments in the same section together. The result is always one that feels well balanced and natural. Another great piece from Ziwtra!
  10. Another moody intro from Ziwtra, and boy does it work like all of his others! I remember this mix from way back in the days of the dorm with Sephfire. Even though I'm not a fan of synth strings, they work well in this mix. The percolating drums are great and I love the militaristic snare patterns that are overlaid in there. This mix highlights Mr. Hahn's love for juxtaposing a very fast bass/drums section with a slower melody line. It creates an epic-ness that is hard to create another way! The ritard at the end was a nice touch. Not bad at all!
  11. Love intro here. Totally sets up the mood for the kickin' opening section that's about to come in. THe lead synth is just as active as it is passive. Ziwtra gave a very slow melody line great rhythm by gating the crap out of it. Love it. The short breakdown right after the opening was great and recharged the batteries for the lovely breakbeat section right after it! The synth work in this is beyond description. The different layers that interact with each other is just phenomenal. The bass line is fantastic as well. For a track with a kick on the weak side, this track still drives really hard and well. The glitchy snare section was awesome as well, not to mention the section immediately following it. Seriously folks, the attention to pristine detail is what makes this amazing!
  12. Once again, an intro by Ziwtra that helps get us ready for what's to come. Hahn really enjoys the juxtaposition of the soft intro that leads into a fast and frantic song, and it works exceptionally well. I love the bass here! It grooves really hard and anchors the track by bridging the gap between the very fast drum work and the slower synth lines. The stuttering/gated synths are absolutely divine and add some much dynamics to the track. The glitchy synth section was also very well executed. This mix is a bit different from Hahn's previous pieces as this track focuses more on the textures than a melody line, and I have to say, I definitely feeling it! Don't get me wrong, there is melody in here, to say the least, but the brilliance of this track is in the detail and the dynamics. We also get a healthy dose of the pan flute that Youngjin likes to use! Excellent work!
  13. Haha, very cute intro here . Any malice I had towards the midi sounding instruments in the opening section disappears the moment the flute and drums came in. Wonderfully chipper and upbeat. Creates this feeling of nostalgia, not necessarily for the game, but rather reminds me of a younger age. The lead synths continue to carry the song from one part to another while the drums drive it. Love the slap bass; wish it had a little bit more low end, but thats MINOR! Even though the arrangement is simple with also a few instruments being played at one time, the soundscape is lush and well polished! My favorite mix of Youngjin's so far!
  14. Another awesome/moody intro from Ziwtra. Youngjin is already showing that really knows how to create vibe in his mixes. When this bad boy kicks in, the glittery DnB drums are percolating with the glitchy stuttery synths. Very nice. I love the juxtaposition of the fast frantic rhythm section with the slower movie piano melody; it creates a wonderfully dense and majestic feel. The breakdown was also nice by giving us a little break from the crazy rhythm section, but Mr. Hahn slowly builds the intensity back up. I love the lead synth as it builds. It pierces the mix, but its not intrusive on my ears. Great sound. Good work!
  15. Ok, mix number one from Ziwtra. RIght off the bat, wonderful sounding intro. Very calming. Not a huge fan of the synth strings, but they actually work pretty well in the soundscape. The pan flute is really nice. Having just reviewed Unipulator, I got a hankering for flute. I love the percussion and heavier drums with the sound design elements in there. It creates such an amazing ambience. The synths chording and playing some counterpoint behind the flute sounds pretty nice. The synthetic sounding SFX sound really cool, even if that wasn't intentional . This mix creates a great vibe that is neither completely chilled out but nor is it slammin' busy. The balance was nice, even more so considering this was done in 2002!
  16. NEW REMIXER Ziwtra Final Thoughts: With a 16 song catalog to date, Ziwtra has done something that I thought damn near impossible: he has shown that he has no real particular style. Sure, there are elements here and there in a couple mixes, but by a large, he seems to create a new identity with each mix. What blows my mind even more is that these changes are subtle. It's not a complete re-invention of sound, but rather he developes something unique each time. If there is one constant from track to track, it would be the attention to dynamic shifts within a remix. Mr. Hahn exceeds expectations in that regard. If someone asked me how to define his music, I'm not sure I could come up with an answer; I would simply have to say, "You can't explain the music of Ziwtra, you have to experience it" and experience it you should. His attention to creating tone and vibe and wrapping it around colorful melodies is expertly done. His ability to sequence drums and percussion that pin point the very needs of a track is superb. His soundscapes are lush and creative. Excellent work ALL around here. No argument will be heard from me. Fantastic!
  17. To date, this is our 2nd and last mix from Unipulator which is a real shame. THe man knows how to create ambience better than just about anyone I've ever heard. His tracks are 7 years old, and my goodness they have aged well. Out of the gate, we hear a piano intro that is very similar to his past song, and I'm diggin' it all the way. The arpeggiated synth line is awesome by creating an intensity to the track that helps drive it, but never intruding upon the laid back vibe the track is aiming for! The soundscape is extremely lush and resilient. The arrangement is fairly simple with the backing chords holding the music behind the main melody, but don't hear "simple" as a bad thing at all. Even in the simplicity, Eric has managed to create something with a full and beautiful sound. My goodness, when I listen to the mixes I was trying to do back in 2003, it was down right embarrassing compared to this. Beautiful arrangement all around.
  18. Our first mix from Unipulator. Amazing piano intro. Lots of verb, but not too much. Just the right amount to set the tone. The glockenspiel was a really nice addition that helped changed the dynamic. The crazy synth transition was sudden, but I really liked it. And OMG, that bass line; LOVE it! It's something straight out of Sidekicks, the old Chuck Norris film. Major nostalgia props there! This has a great mellow vibe to it. I feel my tension and stress falling away! The gated synth helps drive the big breakdown. Even tho the marcato stings that come in are high synthetic, they seem to fit into the soundscape really well. I love the church/orchestra bells. The heavier acoustic drums helped drive that section of mix even more. And somehow, he seamlessly transitions into another very soft part that ends the song wonderfully! It's like something that I would hear in Flower, but its slightly more aggressive. It creates a wonderful vibe all the way through. The awesomeness is in the details for sure. Very nice work!!
  19. NEW REMIXER Unipulator Final Thoughts: Unipulator left OCR just as quickly as he came it would seem. Eric graced OCR with 2 beautiful, lush, ambient/new age remixes back in 2003, and has not been back since. What a crime, I say. It's hard to give a full critique of the growth of a person in just two songs, and it's made even harder when the mixer comes onto the scene with what seems like a good background and understanding of general music production. Eric meets both of those. However, I can say that just from his two mixes, you can hear the development of his ability to really fill out a landscape of sound. However, this change is subtle, and the change doesn't mean that one mix was better than the other! Both remixes were top notch. Eric, I implore you to come back and give us something new; your talent and music is tool great to leave it at only two submissions! Awesome work from Unipulator!
  20. Not a huge fan of the intro. Mind you, it's not because of the arrangement. THe orchestration is beautiful. However, the programming is a little rough throughout. Thus is the downfall of sequenced brass. Interesting sound overall for this mix. Very dry and open, but even after a 4 year hiatus, Don is still giving us mixes with crazy different influences of genres, instrumentation, and arrangement ideas. The whistling and vocal section was an interesting idea, and in a very weird way, it works exceptionally well with the hammer dulcimer. This is something I heard when I used to watch kids shows like Barney when i was younger. Not bad at all. I can't wait for Don to submit some new pieces!
  21. The opening solo viola/violin was not my favorite in the intro. Being so exposed, it felt nasty. But then the swell into the driving marcato brass. Great intensity there. The e guitar was a really nice addition. The ethereal female choir sounded great in there and I loved the brass stabs behind the guitar solo. This has a great cinematic quality to it with all of it's dynamic shifts! I wish the drums would have had a little more punch to them as they would have made the kick ass mix even better. The rock orchestra fusion is certainly NOT lost on me. I am an avid fan and Vurez offers a great example of just such a mix. Good job!!!
  22. Ah, the flamenco is here. Not without a healthy does of the spaghetti western thrown in for good measure. The mens group singing was really entertaining. Almost has a native american quality to it. Very ethnic, for lack of a better work. Actually, strike that, this piece is very cultural. Even though it's steeped in the flamenco/mariachi style, Don takes this in a lot of different directions. I loved the trumpet. The sound of it was fantastic. Don has QUICKLY grown tremendously as a programmer, and I praise him for that. Hahaha, the whistling is totally brilliant. This is what I would expect to hear in a Little Big Planet level. Don, you keep raising the bar for yourself, and you continue to meet and surpass it. Very nicely done!!
  23. Ah, there is the pan flute in the intro that we heard in Don's previous mix. I love the tone. THe intro had a midi quality to it that I wasn't a huge fan of, but I can over it. I love the hammer dulcimer sound. The faint chanting sound of the mens choir was a nice touch. And holy hell, Bagpipes. Christ Don loves to throw all kinds of unconventional stuff in his mixes. I'm loving it as it keeps me on my toes. The soft breakdown section with the mellow percussion and the pan flute was beautiful. What sounds like a distorted harp is a really cool addition. The tone of the tambourine is really nice as well. This is a fairly simply arrangement, but the simplicity is where the beauty lies. Love the boys choir in there at the end. Wow, Vurez, keep it up!
  24. Love the latin/cuban vibe that the opening gives. THe hand percussion sounds really nice. I was a little disappointed by the tone of the upright bass as it sounds pretty fakey here and there, but when the guitar and pan flute come in, all is forgiven ! The melody and counterpoint coming from the flute and guitar are excellent. THe panning section with the flute was an interesting choice. The trumpet, while it needed a little faster attack, sounded pretty darn good! I love when you go way down low on the guitar and hit some of those low strings that just resonate so well. I can't tell if I'd hear this in Cuba or in the Outback and I love that. The seamless integration of those two influences is so natural that they feel like they've always been together. I love the wah guitar as well. The marcato strings were a great touch. I swear, every time I think I know what's coming next, Don throws in some new element that totally out of the norm, but damn it, it works EVERY TIME! Excellent work!!!
  25. Ok, the first mix from Vurez. Very nice intro. THe high end is especially piercing, but not a deal breaker. It's an interesting mix of orchestral and pop. I love the tone of the guitar. It sounds great. I'm not a huge fan of the solo violin, but the concept behind it is beautiful! The low marcato strings give a great vibe and add some wonderful intensity. THe sax is a little synthetic, but it sounds really good for being programmed. Major congrats there! The solo soprano singer was a nice touch as well.. There are a lot of dynamic shifts throughout the piece, and I'm really enjoying it! Excellent first mix!
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