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  1. 'War. War never changes. The end of the world occured pretty much as we had predicted: too many humans, not enough space or resources to go around. The details are trivial and pointless, the reasons, as always, purely human ones. The earth was nearly wiped clean of life; a great cleansing, an atomic spark struck by human hands quickly raged out of control. Spears of nuclear fire rained from the skies, continents were swallowed in flames and fell beneath the boiling oceans. Humanity was almost extinguished, their spirits becoming part of the background radiation that blanketed the earth. A quiet darkness fell across the planet, lasting many years. Few survived the devastation. Some had been fortunate enough to reach safety, taking shelter in great underground vaults. When the Great Darkness passed, these vaults opened, and their inhabitants emerged, to begin their lives again. One tribe claims to be descended from one such vault. They hold that their founder and ancestor, one known as The Vault Dweller once saved the world from a Great Evil. According to their legend, this evil arose in the far south, corrupting all it touched, twisting men inside, turning them into beasts. Only through the bravery of this Vault Dweller was the evil destroyed. But, in so doing, he lost many of his friends and suffered greatly; sacrificing much of himself to save the world. Upon returning to the home he had fought so hard to protect, he was cast out. Exiled. In confronting that which they feared, he had become something else in their eyes and no longer thier champion. Forsaken by his people, he travelled far to the North until he reached the great canyons. There, he founded a small village, Arroyo, where he lived out the rest of his years. And so, protected by the canyon walls, Arroyo has lived in peace for a generation. It is home. Your home. But the scars of the war have not yet faded. And the Earth has not forgotten.' From memory, bitches.
  2. Anyone have a solid youtube link for the episodes, so I don't have to trawl through 20+ pages of some faggot's AMVs? I've been reading this series, but I haven't seen the anime. I borrowed them from my library. Yes, my library has a manga/graphic novel section which is why it will be better than yours. So there. And stuff.
  3. Setting a gunner up with heavy armor is sort of pointless; as I understand, the damage a gun does has no bearing on your strength, which means the strength bonus from the armor is just being wasted. Better to have them with light armor, then they get an HP bonus, which is more useful.
  4. So in essence, what you're saying is: 'Nintendo Power helps me shit'?
  5. I don't trust a magazine that won't print critical mail.
  6. Archades, I think. Yeah. Old Archades. 5000 Gil
  7. I would have been impressed if the movie's idea of a 'bad' Peter Parker wasn't Leisure Suit Larry.
  8. Post #42, bitches. I am the answer to the ultimate question of Life the Universe and Everything...
  9. When you're all you have, you go with it.
  10. Why do I have to automatically care any time something bad happens? To do so would be, at best, dishonest. As they are not family, friends, or known to me, to pretend to care is no better than lying.
  11. I simply don't care. This doesn't involve me or my family in any way, therefore it's simply 'an event'.
  12. Don't ask for opinions then, if you can't deal with it.
  13. I might be a little more impressed with it if you weren't whoring it out for money.
  14. Time to rape someone with a beer bottle, I think...
  16. Ow...ow ow ow. A little too frequency heavy for my tastes. Sounds nice, but I doubt I'd ever listen to it on headphones.
  17. Why would you waste your time doing it via torrent? I manually downloaded each file; took me something like 7-8 minutes. Torrent is so damn slow...
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