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  1. Well, except perhaps Super Mario Brothers 2, but that's a technicality.
  2. Little buggers are like terriers, aint they?
  3. ...for the week or so it takes someone to find a way around it...
  4. Even if I'd ever used the site (I'd never heard of it before today), I'd have nothing to worry about: file-sharing is legal in Canada. The gist of the law goes something like this:'It's not our fault the stuff is available for download; we didn't put it there, so we can't be punished for downloading it'.
  5. And yet, if I mention using Limewire, I get shit on. Seriously, screw you guys.
  6. Ah good; so I'm not the only one who wishes he'd swallow his mouse. I don't know how well this game is going to do; as I've previously stated, the arcade is dying.
  7. I don't know if it would be worth it. The arcade is effectively dead.
  8. Eh. Arcades just don't matter anymore. Games are too expensive and home systems are practically equivalent anyway.
  9. You missed nothing: toned down and fagged up.
  10. Animal Farm is good, too.The original, not necessarily the new one, which wasn't that bad either.
  11. That might be the problem: I think there are only about two 'christmas' remixes.
  12. Well, that pretty much explains why Stormtroopers can't shoot worth shit...
  13. Is it wrong that the first thing one thinks is that she's swimming in a giant plastic cock?
  14. Alundra's backstory was neat: king forces his people to stop believing in the gods, and they lose the ability to create. Then their dreams start killing them.
  15. And I'll remind you all that so far, you've been the only ones tossing around the insults. If you're an example of moral superiority, you have absolutely no idea how happy I am to be nothing like you.
  16. He's like one of those yappy little dogs. You know the ones that stand in the middle of the street and ferociously bark at the bus coming towards them?
  17. ...says the guy who thinks paying for his downloads makes him 'special'. OH TEH IRONEE.
  18. Eh. I don't like musicals: 'We're running out of plot; let's have a dance routine!'
  19. Come on, guys; someone other than me must have played it.
  20. Oh sure, because I'm paying to download music from here. Oh wait. No I'm not.
  21. Hey, I don't have to. Can you not be a dick and stop forcing your beliefs on me?
  22. ...or I could just keep using Limewire and not pay anything...
  23. And the aliens sending him messages via his tooth fillings
  24. Fritz the Cat

    Halo 3

    Wait wait wait....You mean people actually drink Mountain Dew?
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