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  1. It's the section from 3:02 to 3:31. If you listen carefully, you can hear a second flute playing Frog's theme. You have to be paying close attention, though, it's easy to miss.
  2. The Majin Fiends from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Some of 'em are absolute whores.
  3. It's nice overall, but I'm not really sure about the ending. It just sort of stops. I'd have gone with a fade-out myself.
  4. Robo and Ayla were representatives of their respective time periods, though. And, at least in Robo's case, he was the first 'living' person they met in the future. I mean, what else were there? A few dozen people waiting to die in the ruins of their cities?
  5. Drums don't sound right for some reason. Of course the speakers on my computer are shit; I'll have to download it to my player. EDIT: Doesn't sound right. It's nice, but it needs more bass. It isn't loud enough, and something like this needs to be loud.
  6. I don't really like the updated version. It's better sounding, but doesn't sound better. There's an extremely annoying hum at the beginning, the bass isn't nearly as deep as the original and to put it bluntly, it just isn't as loud. It sounds okay on my computer, but on my mp3 player, the flaws are immediately noticeable. Actualy, it almost sounds like I'm listening to it with plugged up ears
  7. The Druuge deal in people, both as slaves and as fuel. When they need a boost, they just toss an expendable into the ship's reactor. This serves two purposes: it gives the ship a boost and the screams of the slave being taken apart on the molecular level tend to raise the efficiency level of the other slaves...
  8. Okay, fair enough if you put it that way, but odds are this guy on a bad day would probably sound better than anyone here on a good one. ... ... ... Well, you know what I mean.
  9. Frankly, I fail to see the point. Congratulating this guy for a remix is the equivalent of thanking an Olympic athlete for beating all the kids at track day in elementary school...
  10. So what happens if the KKK adopt it, will the black people stick an 'h' on the end? Will "niggah" be the new non-racist connotation? Please, do me a favour. nigga = nigger. You either think it's a racist word or not. If you want to use it then fine, if you don't, that's fine too. But lets not go around kidding ourselves here. Don't be such a nigga, nigga.
  11. http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/6885/satanicnames.html Diabolus Dracula Euronymous Mastema
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