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  1. WinME was so bad that Microsoft practically retconned it out of existence. Vista doesn't even come close to that, unless you have a shitty computer.
  2. Even with that kind of hardware it'd be a ripoff. 2GB of RAM is nothing these days. Course, this is coming from the guy who has 8GB in his rig.
  3. Two top reasons: 1. Youtube fucks up the quality of the source video. It ends up coming out worse than WMV. 2. Youtube commentators are dumber than a bag of bricks.
  4. But Valve was selling companion cube plushies, so if you were paying attention you should never have to miss your cube.
  5. Very little usage here. I'd say maybe a couple of hours per month on average. I'm still predominantly a PC gamer.
  6. You need a TV tuner card. Problem is, you need a TV tuner card that doesn't act as a PVR, and those are rare these days. Those that do act as a PVR will tend to have a 1-2 second delay between what is recorded and what you see, which obviously makes gaming impossible.
  7. In case anyone was wondering, I was going to return to the TF2 server, but then Mass Effect (for the PC) arrived on my doorstep. Needless to say, I've effectively fallen off the face of the Earth for the past week. Even my clan was wondering wtf happened to me.
  8. Happens with graphics cards too. They're called "reference designs" and sometimes manufacturers have very little reason to alter them.
  9. Ship it to yourself. Also, I'm coming back (to the server) next week. This weekend is reserved for watching seasons 1-3 of House.
  10. It's really just ripping to WAV and then converting to your filetype of choice. The graphic is MP3 because it's assumed that the vast majority of EAC users are going to rip to MP3. http://wiki.hydrogenaudio.org/index.php?title=EAC_and_FLAC
  11. YES! Orange_X! Had that map in a scrim once and although it fries your eyes, it's damn fun.
  12. By the way, all that medic achievement whoring bumped me back up to #1, despite my not having played in the last four days.
  13. Soldier. If you've played pretty much any first person shooter, the soldier is the easiest to get used to. Heavies are also a good beginner class, and you're pretty much guaranteed to have a medic healing you most of the time. Pyro's also good provided you learn to take cover often, as it's far more useful as an ambushing class than a front-line combat class.
  14. This is Firefox 2, right? Firefox 2 has some pretty nasty memory leak issues, most of which are fixed in Firefox 3, but that isn't due to go official for another... *checks* month or so.
  15. Well ideally, those of us from OCR read this topic, know about both the server and the cost for a reserved slot, and are donating both for the reserved slot and to help Bahamut make the monthly server payments. Otherwise, there's no difference between someone from OCR and just another random pubber. Heck, it stands to reason that random pubbers could donate and get a reserved slot. I vote for turning maxvisible off.
  16. It's just a scrim. It doesn't count for anything. Whenever your team gets its act reasonably together, you might want to consider the TWL 7v7 limited ladder, for starters. Lots of competition from the teams still interested in it, and it's one of the few ladders left that has crits turned on.
  17. Yeah, easiest way to go about this is to get VTFEdit (I'll take "How to use Google" for $200, Alex) and import the images in that way. The importation method in TF2 itself has never worked for anything but VTF's.
  18. 8EST? Ugh. Why is everything important at that particular time? Can't be on for that, STA match tonight around then.
  19. It's a Soldier's dream. Prior to this, getting anybody to play Medic was a chore.
  20. Just to get the context right, I recommended them cuz that's the clan I'm in. www.ghostsofdarkness.com Never mind the cheesy name, it's cheaper than gameservers (they want ~$1.48/slot every month), and the current rate isn't $1.50/slot (that's old), it's $1.25/slot every two months. EDIT: Agreed on keeping it public.
  21. So, is this "team" just around for pubbing/pickup groups or are you guys seriously considering joining a ladder or league? Cuz that'd be hilarious, if a bit of a pain to organize, as some of us are already in clans. Finding me on Steam isn't that hard; AFAIK, I'm the only "Pyrion". But I rarely pub anymore, as my clan has a scrim or match every evening it seems.
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