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  1. http://www.enterthegame.com/menuitem.asp?SUB=141 Generally-speaking, your connection is wide-open to the outside world and ETG doesn't like that. You have to have some form of firewall blocking at least those ports.
  2. A better comparison would be the Ti4200. Right now, the 8800GT is the only card that matters.
  3. "Poor gamers?" Poor gamers would buy themselves a *600-series card at least (anything below that is aimed at the 2D budget/OEM market). Unless they don't know what they're doing, in which case they're not really "poor," rather "uninformed."
  4. Pyrion

    Team Fortress 2

    I should be the only "Pyrion" on Steam, but assuming I'm not, add "[GD] Pyrion" and join the Overclocked Remix group.
  5. I'm planning to get two 8800GT's. But after xmas, seeing as demand is way too damn high right now.
  6. You're kidding me, right? A budget-level card running a game with the highest settings? Why on Earth would video card manufacturers market more expensive and far faster graphics cards if the budget-level cards were more than adequate, as you assume?
  7. No. I didn't like OoT either, but that was mainly due to the lousy framerate which gave me a headache.
  8. Wattage means jack squat. You ideally want to look at how many amps the +12V rails do. Higher is better, but you want at least 18A per rail (some power supplies have multiple +12V rails).
  9. You had problems with Far Cry? Maybe it was just the demo? Cuz I ran Far Fry x64 on my rig and it ran awesome. Very High everything and 130+ fps outdoors.
  10. It has, in certain circles. Vista x64 with 4+ gigs of memory is win. Vista x86 with 1-2 gigs of memory is lose. Yes, Vista is a "ram hog," you can mitigate that to an extent by turning off SuperFetch but the interface plus all of the services it has to run will take up about 700MB-1.2GB of memory on boot. That's on x64, so it's probably less on x86.
  11. Would like to make a note on the CamStudio codec. If you're trying to install it on an x64 Windows OS and the normal "right click and select install" method isn't working, follow these instructions and simply replace the example inf at the end with the location of the CamStudio codec.
  12. It's brilliant, actually. I was effectively forced to learn to touch-type as my typing teacher held a notebook over the keyboard above my hands to prevent me from seeing the keys. One hour of that worked like a charm. A label-less keyboard will force the same restrictions on people, forcing them to learn the key positions and memorize them.
  13. Mirroring Apple itself as well as its zealots.
  14. Happened to me once already (albeit not recently, this bug has been around for a long time). Over-the-phone activation seems to work just fine, and since I bought Vista retail, unlimited reactivations are supposedly part of the license.
  15. It's still easier to follow tangented discussions in threaded mode as opposed to linear. Unless of course you have people replying in long chains of linear-after-linear with no care in the world for whose post they're actually replying to. Then linear makes more sense.
  16. DScaler. But only if you're desperate. It's a pain in the ass to get working right.
  17. Yes, linear fits the description, but the problem with linear is that it's practically impossible to track who people are replying to unless they're nice enough to use properly-formatted quote tags. That's why I use threaded.
  18. Yeah, you can do that, or you can just periodically archive your profile folder's contents. I do that once every month on my desktop, and then just copy over the profile to my laptop.
  19. Fujifilm S700. I got mine for about $210. It's a tad bit more complicated than the typical "fire and forget" cameras you can get for $100-150 though, but you can use it like that without getting too confused.
  20. Bullshit. I left my laptop at a friend's house running an automated data recovery program (Zero Assumption Recovery, if you must know) for half a day and it didn't overheat. No air conditioning at his place, either.
  21. I would think so, assuming you already have shares set up, either enable the guest account and give it read permissions, or set up a separate user account on your machine that matches his username and password on his machine.
  22. They're attention whores with nothing to offer humanity other than a reasonable excuse to reconsider eugenics.
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