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  1. Even optical mice use a light source, just a diffuse LED as opposed to a pinpoint laser. Otherwise you'd have no illuminated surface for the sensor to track.
  2. It's alright so long as you don't play Ruins of Myth Drannor. Or if you do, don't try to uninstall it until after you've patched the uninstaller. Fair warning here.
  3. If I may suggest a track for competition, and/or just practicing on improving your reflexes: Mark Vera - Orionesque (Giana-Brotherz DnB Mix), about halfway down. As of now, I consider this the hardest track I've ever played in Audiosurf. of my last (barely) successful run.
  4. Tennis is a whiner's sport. Anyway, I stopped caring about baseball when the Padres dumped Bruce Bochy. The Padres have tanked since then. I mean, they're worse than the fucking Rockies, WTF.
  5. Pyrion


    I lol'd at the Tetris bit, even though it looks like the L-blocks have five instead of four blocks.
  6. I'm thinking "defective battery." Just give Apple a call, see what they'd offer for a replacement.
  7. Liquid cooling's a pretty bad idea in general. The only real reason for doing it is to support extreme overclocks where air cooling simply will not suffice, and the amount of money you spend on such a system invariably evens out with just buying a faster stock-clocked processor and doing a milder overclock on it.
  8. Turn off hardware acceleration in Flash.
  9. Only advice I can give regarding component to VGA is beware of the converter boxes that have thin VGA cables, as the shielding on these is typically way below VGA spec, and will distort the video output somewhat. Not really an issue for consoles since the most you'll get out of them is SD 480p anyway, but can be an issue if you're using the same monitor with VGA input from the computer. Used to go this route for my GameCube and Wii, since I was too cheap to just buy a TV.
  10. Discharging = the battery is being used. As for what's normal, it depends on the device itself, and how old the battery is, cuz over time, batteries will tend to lose their capacity for holding a charge.
  11. Installed with Windows. You know those 3d screensavers? Guess what they use.
  12. Pyrion

    Aion is here

    Apologies in advance for necroposting, but I just left my legion on Azphel which is in the slow process of imploding on itself, and created a new toon on Yustiel (Elyos, since I'm beyond sick of the Asmodian side of things) and I'm wondering who all still plays this game?
  13. It's natural selection in action.
  14. They largely lost my trust when they bought out Maxtor. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what the hell possessed them to make that stupid decision. As for video cards, right now I'm a huge proponent of ATI, mainly because I went through three months of hell trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with my GTX 285 (defective card) and 8800GT (shitty drivers). I got a few hours short of two weeks of uptime with my 8800GT before the drivers gave up, yet I'm staring at 17 days of uptime (and counting) on an ATI 4890 (XFX branding) with no problems.
  15. Track skip @ ~2:42-43 in the Winters mix. Intentional?
  16. Pyrion

    Aion is here

    That's good to know. Gonna roll my Elyos characters on Yustiel, can't decide on what to play except that I've already put a ton of work into an Asmodian Ranger so it won't be another Ranger. *shrugs* EDIT: Apparently not, Edge. They got scared off of Azphel and are moving to Zikel.
  17. Pyrion

    Aion is here

    There was, in the form of the free open beta.
  18. Pyrion

    Aion is here

    That's like asking "what server is most prone to heavy wait times in the queue and frequent, random crashes?" Azphel.
  19. Even if it's configured to output surround sound, it won't actually output surround sound unless the source file has the appropriate channels. MP3s and the such will remain in stereo.
  20. Pyrion

    Aion is here

    Fifteen, actually. I've been playing it since Open Beta. The rest of your post is spot on, though. It's a Korean grinder. Anyway, for anyone actually playing this, I'm primarily on Azphel on the Asmodian side. Take a wild guess what my character's name is. (Also, until you reach level 25, flying is limited and liable to seem "overrated" for the first couple weeks or so that you play it, assuming you play it for 12 hours a day. Everything is ultimately geared towards PvPvE play in the Abyss, where flight is practically unlimited, but the PvE side of things is just one long grind.)
  21. Is whatever you're attempting to play audio with actually configured for surround sound output, or just stereo?
  22. 1999/2000 or so. Can't really pin a specific date on something that far back, especially as the old forums are dead and gone, otherwise I would've just gone by my join date.
  23. And Russians. The Russians are probably the sole redeeming factor of latenight games. It's always fun to hear someone rage in a language you can't make heads or tails of.
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