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  1. Now I won't be able to tell right away that Super-Duper Sombrero shot me and I need to forgo all intel and point caps just to kill him =(
  2. I apologize for never being on GW2, I swear I'll get on sooner or later. DOTA 2 has been sucking my life away, even with the homework I need to do, curse my laziness. I'm sad I missed the Halloween event. =(
  3. Hey I've been playing DOTA 2 lately, I got my invite a while back and now I'm just starting to pick it up. I usually play bot games, I'm not super competitive, but playing diretide has been a blast. If anyone would have a noob-ish person on their team while playing just add me, my steam ID is Unstable Hamster Edit: Just remembered I had a question, where would be a good spot to move the quick key's for the item slots?
  4. Gotta shout out to Intrusion 2. It's got a heavy soundtrack, and one of the reasons I feel it's a good soundtrack is that I was able to know exactly the level the song was for when I listened to it from the link. It shows that each track was distinct enough for me to catch it. Oh, and while you're at it, buy the game on steam. It's great. Another great soundtrack is dustforce. Super chill, but still has some energy to it to keep it going. Monster Tale. This is kind of an older game, I just loved the game, and the music went great with it. Has a great SNES feel to it.
  5. Well I just beat 9 Persons, 9 Doors, 9 Days. Holy Shit. Sorry for the language, but it was really good. I'm super psyched for Zero Escape now, and now that I know the bug I'll avoid getting my save corrupted. =)
  6. So I ordered it, but I haven't even played 999. Cinnamon Jihad has been gushing about it to me and I managed to grab the amazon preorder bonus (The watch from 999) for Cinnamon, then I though if there was so much over this I though I would order it myself. He loved 999 so I thought I would join in on the fun. So yea, I gotta play 999. Then I'll be hype for Zero Escape. If I don't like it (which I highly doubt) I'll just be able to sell the watch, which seems to be going for a high price due to it's demand. But from what everyone has said about this game I'll be keeping this watch.
  7. I suggest Rayman Jungle Run It's a simplified version of Rayman Origins, but still looks really crisp and still fun to play. Another great puzzle game is Smiles It's like bejewled but instead of swapping gems on the board you swap an extra piece onto the board. There are bejewled style game modes but the really good one is zen mode, where you have to have the whole board have matches. Hopefully that helps you get started. Edit: just saw you were talking about apps in general, not games specifically, derp. I suggest grabbing the Google drive app (or dropbox, which ever you're using) it's a good way to keep some files you need just about anywhere. As for browser, I suggest google chrome, if you use chrome on you PC, everything is already synced, and it feels quick and responsive. If you got steam, the android app made by steam works great, it lets you keep tabs and talk to your steam friends when you're not by a computer. I really haven't used my phone much other than a phone/web browser, so that's all the real recommendations I can give ya.
  8. Check out Resistance 1 & 3, Resistance 2 kinda went the Modern Warfare vibe (Which is why this is still on topic) and I didn't enjoy it nearly as much, but Resistance 3 blew my socks off. Ton of crazy weapons you can hold at all times, a health gauge that doesn't regenerate by sucking your thumb in a corner which means health pick ups, and on the harder difficulty I found I lived a whole lot more running around like a crazy boy instead of taking cover all the time (Enemies with guns that shoot through walls emphasized this.) It's a game that looks all samey shooter on the outside but inside it's got sweet sweet juicy run-n-gun. Oh and an entire area where you sledgehammer stuff. What's not to like?
  9. Megaman X7, the only game I take pride in owning due to how much it sucks.
  10. Fine, fine, fine =P So, real talk, while I liked the prospect of Co-op beat-em-up RPG, I grabbed this more on a support Atlus kinda view. So I managed to play for a few hours, doing the tutorial and a few story mode mission. First thing that surprised me is the voice acting is great, with great humor. The Music is great as well. So far the only thing I can't praise is the in game animation, it seems very static and choppy, if you have played Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, it looks a lot like that. Which leads me to actual gameplay, seeing the animation like that gave me concern that the fighting would be gimped to work with the animation. I'm happy to say that is not the case. The gameplay was everything to these guys developing the game. Each character I've used has a a solid move-list with some awesome abilities for combo's like wall-bounce, ground-bounce, and OTG's. I've enjoyed every character I've used. While you can button mash and get the mission done, you'll feel more accomplished understanding and executing the move set, which compared to current fighting games, these move lists are a piece of cake. Another great thing is that there are two ways which can deal double damage, burst's and lock-on's, you can only lock on to one person, but the burst makes you deal double damage to everything. The great thing is that they stack, bursting on a lock on target does x4 damage. MP system is great in that each melee attack gain's MP, bursting and certain special attacks use MP (and most attacks magic users have use MP) This is really great for pick up and play style, even for story mode. Each mission has a cutscene before and after the gameplay, and each mission lasts roughly 5 minutes, shorter if things go well for you. You can redo past story missions with all characters that you have picked up so far. Overview: Code of Princess is excellent for those who just have 5-10 minutes every once in awhile. Not requiring huge chunks of time. Setting, theme, music, story, and voice acting has been great. If you can look past the static animations, the gameplay is fluid and easy to pick up. It's easily a great pick up, and being an Atlus game I could see this being rare quickly. (I should of just done a swapnote about this, much easier =P)
  11. I couldn't finish the 40 minute preview, I didn't want to spoil myself from finding the AWESOME new stuff. Also in other news, Code Princess is coming up this week! Who's ready for some 4 player beat-em-up? Cinnamon Jihad and I are gonna team up, anyone want to join us?
  12. Then why the mail DUCK are you posting here?! This is for those that are HYPE for animal crossing! I AM THE MOST HYPE FOR THIS GAME! Seriously, I've thought about it and I haven't been this hype for a game in a long, LONG time. And the reasoning is the best I've ever heard: You can be the Mayor! You can wear boots!! YOU. CAN. SWIM.
  13. You don't need BL1 story, but that thing about Willhelm beating the last vault hunters? Absolute bull, my Brick would NOT of lost to that pile of garbage resembling a robot.
  14. I think I've yet to give my thoughts about the Wii U. I think this looks like the home console version of the DS. And that was the best damn handheld ever.
  15. Hit the punching bag 87 times for some nightmare fuel.
  16. Well I'm gonna say I've loved both the music and the game itself. Got it for free via PS Plus, but it's the game that finally makes me a fan of WayFoward (I've grabbed some of their past games, I felt they were good but nothing amazing.) Loved the comedy, and the song at the end sang by the final boss was great. Combat is fun and the stances give an easy way to mix up the way you fight. The only thing that gets on my nerves is the dodge attack, it dodges med-high attacks but low attacks will get you, and only experience will let you know if to dodge it or just back off. Overall I recomend this game to anyone looking for a good beat-em-up.
  17. So I switched to Hyperion SMG's for a while and switched my tree over to the middle Gunzerk emphasis for awhile. It was doing pretty good, but I just wasn't feeling it. I will say though that Hyperion weapons are STUPID good for gunzerking, if you have a good aim you'll be drilling so many crit's in your target it's sickening. I switched back to the revolver skill tree but swapped from the fast swapping and auto-reload on kill to just fast reload and fire rate. It's working better for me because I don't require a kill to keep going. The biggest reason I needed accuracy is because I NEEDED a kill before all four of my guns were needing a reload. Four guns and needing to reload all 4 of them is gut wrenching, and getting a kill is tough when it's a boss or having two of my friends be snipers and picking off most of the guys I shoot up. This fire rate/reload rate method has been much less stressful, and I don't need the hipshot nearly as much. Still, I'm sad I have to ironsight, but honestly I'm just nitpicking at this point. Still a sweet game, thinking of going deception zero for my next play through, running around stabbing everything.
  18. Ditto Match is usually known as Mirror match in non-smash bros Fighting games. Speaking of fighting games: OCV - One Character Victory, used in fighting games with multiple characters (Usually 3) where the first character of one team defeats the opponents entire team. Reverse OCV - OCV but in the other direction, meaning that if you lost all but one character and your enemy has his whole team, but you still beat him with that one character. Free - term used for a player or battle that's an easy win. "This is free! I didn't even take a hit!" (Probably a better way to explain this one.) Fraud - Referring to someone not as skilled as others in a tournament but due to luck or circumstance has not been knocked out yet, usually used to mock someone "Mike Ross is a fraud!" Meter - Refering to the Super/Hyper/Focus/SP (Whatever it's called) Meter in the fighting game being played. Normal's - referring to a characters normal attack (just one button, possibly a direction added) Special - Characters moves that need special input (Ryu's Hadoken, Guile's Sonic Boom) EX Special's - Specials that are improved from the normal special but require a little bit of meter, Usually referred to as EX move name (EX Hadoken, EX Sonic Boom, ect.) Super's - Character special attack that use meter. Very powerful or quick. Cancel - Moves usually have recovery frames, some moves (Especailly supers) you can cancel into, making longer combos. Punish - The term for when a player misses or is blocked by an attack, the opponent can move in an usually get a combo in dealing a lot of damage. Drop - The term for when a combo does not go as long as it could of. "Oh he dropped the combo!" scaling - the term used for longer combos getting weaker and harder to combo as they go along. Bread and butter combo (BnB) - The term for a characters combo that is often used because of its ease of use to damage ratio. OTG - off the ground, referring to certain moves that 'pick up' enemies that are knocked down. Wallbounce - The term where an attack slams the opponent into the wall, giving a large amount of hang time to allow more combos. I'm sure I'm missing a ton of stuff, but I'll add more when I've got time.
  19. Alright, so what's been driving me nuts is hip-shooting with revolvers. I really enjoy running around in FPS's with a pistol shooting everything in the head, I've got my gunzerker set up for quick swapping guns so I don't have to reload any of my weapons (the left tree) and the first and last shot deal extra damage, so I need high damage and low clip size. The big problem is that hip shooting with my revolvers, even with a 95 accuracy, I'm lucky if I hit them much less headshot them. Sure I can ironsight, but I absolutely hate that, it's extra time to line up my shot that just makes it dull for me. I'm thinking Hyperion pistols would work, but I don't think they make revolvers. The other option I'm considering is using nothing but no scope snipers, but I don't know how reliable that will be either. Any thoughts?
  20. Bought. Loving every second of these albums. Really enjoyed Game Genie.
  21. I went with gunzerker, because I loved bezerker from the last one, but it was a big enough change to the play style to keep it fresh. I've picked Revolvers as my main gun of choice and with the quick swap set up I feel it's gonna be exicting to keep switching guns on the fly, having my off hand guns reload when I make a kill and my first and last bullet swapping will deal high damage. Just one more level and I'll no longer require reload. The only problem is that I'm gonna need 4 great revolvers instead of just 1 main one. Also the bullet regeneration in gunzerker is absolutly amazing, removes a big headache of searching for bullets all the time. That and the class mod that gives the whole team ammo, pretty much everyone has ammo to spare.
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